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Spring Break Math Practice - PPT Presentation

Buckle Down Lessons 5 6 9 11 amp 13 Lesson 5 Ratio amp Proportion Ratios can be written in the following ways 6 to 7 67 67 What is the ratio of butterflies to flowers Proportion ID: 776316

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Spring Break Math Practice

Buckle Down Lessons 5, 6, 9, 11, & 13


Lesson 5: Ratio & Proportion

Ratios can be written in the following ways…6 to 7 6:7 6/7What is the ratio of butterflies to flowers?



A proportion compares two different ratios and shows that they are equal. 8 2 12 3You can use cross products to determine if they are equal.


A proportion can be used to find the missing value in a problem-solving situation. A variable is a letter that can be used to represent the missing value.Pencils are on sale, 3 for 36 cents. How much money does Elysa need to buy 6 pencils?Set up proportion using pencils:moneyMultiply cross productsSolve equation.


Lesson 6: Estimation & Problem Solving


Rounding Whole Numbers & Decimals

Look at the digit to the RIGHT of the place to which you are rounding.If the digit is 5 or more, increase the rounding digit by 1If the digit is less than 5, leave the rounding digit the sameChange all digits to the right to zerosRound 7,152 to the following places:Nearest ten:Nearest hundred:Nearest thousand:


Rounding Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Round the following to the nearest whole number!


Solve Problems using Estimation—Use Reading Strategies!!

Agnes and Malcom just moved into a new apartment. They bought a sofa for $826.75, a recliner for $372.54, and a TV for $1,089.67. About how much money did they spend altogether?


Lesson 9: Geometric Figures

Please refer to the examples in your packet!


Lesson 11: Measurement Systems


Measuring with Standard Units

What is the measure of the line segment to the nearest fraction of an inch?


Estimating with Standard Units

What is the measure of the line segment to the nearest centimeter?What is the exact measure of the line segment?


Converting Units of WeightCustomary System

144 oz =____lb 5 T = ______lb2.5 lb = ____ oz1lb = 16 oz 1T = 2,000 lbs





Convert Units of WeightMetric System

Kg hg dag g dg cg mg4 g = ___ mg 3.5 kg = ____mg2,500mg = ____g 500g = ____kg


Measure of Central Tendency

Mean: The sum of the numbers in a data set divided by how many numbers there are in the set.A bookcase has 5 shelves with 38, 42, 47, 36, and 37 books on them. What is the mean number of books per shelf?


Measure of Central Tendency

Median: The middle number in a data set arranged from least to greatest.The following list shows the number of customers who ordered pie at Ma and Pa’s Diner each day last week. 8, 11, 7, 20, 13, 7, 10What is the median number of customers who ordered pies?


Measure of Central Tendency

Mode: The number that appears most often in a data set.Steve played nine holes of golf and shot the following scores: 4, 5, 4, 6, 3, 7, 4, 5, 4What is the mode of the scores?



Sample: A set of data taken from a population (large group) and used to make predictions about the data as a whole.Random Sample: Represents as close as possible the characteristics of the entire population.Biased Sample: Does not represent the entire population.

Biased is Bad!


An automotive company wants to find out what feature would lead people to buy a car. Which of the following samples would best represent the entire population?Survey people that are not interested in buying a new car.Survey 4 students in each 8th grade math class at a middle school.Survey every 5th customer that exits a grocery store.Survey every 10th customer that just bought a new car.