The Bulwarks of Gods Truth FOREVER stand the bulwarks - PDF document

The Bulwarks of Gods Truth FOREVER stand the bulwarks
The Bulwarks of Gods Truth FOREVER stand the bulwarks

The Bulwarks of Gods Truth FOREVER stand the bulwarks - Description

Unswerved undaunted and unmoved foreer Gods church withstands the ravages of time And all assaults of earthly power and might Are vanquished by its glorious truth sublime Those who within his church confess his name Stand firm and brave as loyal sol ID: 64109 Download Pdf


Unswerved undaunted and unmoved

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The Bulwarks of God's Truth FOREVER stand the bulwarks of God's truth Ovid/. A. ,MALI 1.4.111,4 L1(31S A MAGAZINE OF R.F.I.,1C1AWS StMPhoto Cover Design in Two Colors A GOOD PROPOSITION FOR AGENTS! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXICXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX )EARN YOUR OWN SUBSCRIPTION The July Number il 11 Ix I 11 1 x x Send All Orders Through Your Tract Society If you don't know your Tract Society address, ask "Life and Health," Washington, D. C. FEATURES: "Safe Fourth," "Headache Powders," " Inspected Meats," JUNE EDITION EXHAUSTED BEFORE JUNE. 1 Seventy-five Articles, Well Illustrated. In this new and popular department the editor $3.00 for 5 years $2.00 for 3 years ; or $1.00 for one year. FEW ARTICLES Frontispiece, "A Victim of the Fourth." Single Bound Volumes 191:18-11, Half Leather Each, Post-paid, $1.75 X ' &#x+ xm;�m11;ḑᄑᄑĐx;&#xN111;&#xx11e;n1;&#xn111;ခᄑᆡđn;x11;&#xnn11;n1;&#xnIel;&#xnmmo;Ump;&#xp,mm;&#xUm11;ᄐ..0nn. 111111n111am111111110111111111111, Gamosaaaa [MG DO :71 (ti DE WO El al The "James Madison" and Do not fail to read and pass on to others this important number. A FEW FEATURES Cover Picture of Madison's Home. Special Offer on Ten, One Year Ten copies, one year, to one address or to ten separate addresses, only Send 10 cents for sample copy, 00000-6060:6 iz Please Order Through Your Tract Society gl If you do not know your Tract Society address, send to "Liberty," Washington, 'D. C. VOME06:0000071006 MAN Nare Better still, ---101m, ---,VP'` ''-- 'tv1tn5aZ tragi Here is the Patience of the Saints Here are they that keep the Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus." Rev. 14 : 12 VOL. 89 Philadelphia, Pa. -0- -4gives them, will be their standing before 4 The Call of God to the Young R. A. UNDERWOOD 28. 13: 34. in the conceptions of the truth, unfalter- Christ is our pea ce. Eph. 2:14. Type \t37: 20. 7 : 31: The 7:31: " The He shall carry the lambs Type Deut. 18:3: The Antitype Matt. 26 : 67; Isa. 24 : 21-23 : The third T~iE ADVENT REVIEW AND SABBATH HERALD calleth for The Peace-Offering (Concluded) N. HASKELL was another feature of the 4 Cor. 5: 8. Leavened bread liveth, and was dead; Portland, Maine. Controversial Way of Presenting H. J. ROGERS and long experience have so loved the world, that he perish, but have everlasting life." Thus we get Los Angeles, Cal. -4- trifle with truth. A lie is bad, No one can trust Selected. 6 13, 1912 rmovoongtAnwaow; !, a66afil WASHINGTON, D. C., JUNE 13, 1912 EDITOR All communications relating to the Editorial depart-and all manuscripts submitted for publication, should Editorial Department, Review and Herald, not to any indi-Editorial Stand Fast in the Faith EVERY great undertaking has its time The Hand of God in History Rise and Work of the Papacy IN the vision of the four great king-"Dee by the command of God, trans-The 12 (London), 1862. And according to the prophecy, this ec-American catholic Quar- (April, 191I), has said of tory of the Christian Church," Vol. III, 57. Id., page 323, sec. 64. The "little horn " of Daniel's pro JUNE 13, 1912 THE ADVENT REVIEW AND SABBATH HERALD Dan. 7:25. "He shall speak great words against All names which in the Scriptures are Cardinal Bellarmine, " On the All they of the West have their eyes Pope Gregory II, to the The decision of the Pope and the de-Augustinus de Ancona, On an How great a dignity God has con-St. Bernard, quoted in "Jesus Living The prophet described that " little "And shall wear out the saints of The history fills in the prophetic out- 1 The Latin text is given in the Protestant (first quarter, 1911), from which all line in colors red and terrible. In the Scapula," In the third century, Lactantius, an-of the Di-This is in accord with the teaching of 21. If any man hear my words, and be-12 : 47, 48. " My kingdom is not of this world." " fides suadenda est, non She has, and she loudly The Catholic Church, The testimony is sufficient to recall Id., page 184. And, furthermore, the "And think to change times and As the apostasy was a " falling away " says: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep By whom was it changed? Answer. By the governors of the Ques. How prove you that the 8 THE ADVENT REVIEW AND SABBATH HERALD Ans. $y the very act of changing the Ques.How prove you this? Ans. Because by keeping Sunday : was the reason why the Ans.Because our Lord fully accom-thought [italics ours] the day in which is what the prophecy said the church of The Faith The three counts of the prophecy are -0The Proper Setting for Protests IN considering the setting for the pro-their experience, have been corrupted. JUNE 13, 1912 THE ADVENT REVIEW AND SABBATH HERALD so we believe that as a tagged the third angel's message. give the third angel's mes-is now our thought Jesus Christ. Hence our protest against Ro-I. This message Testimonies for We are not carrying on an anti-Cath-Protestants Working for Catholics CRITICISM of the action of the World's Western Recorder of May 1912 : Whereas, The Edinburgh Missionary Whereas, The Lord has blessed and is That Southern Baptists, 10 Exchange IVA M. LAWSON a white robe of glory, transcend-ti This life that's eternal, I bought at the 'Milton, Fla. -0- A Visit to the Basutoland Missions E. C. SILSBEE Bloemfontein, I passed JUNE 13, 1912 (To be concluded) Meetings in South China I. H. EVANS dialect. In Amoy two schools are conducted, waiting the settle--4- -4- -4- G. W. PETTIT 12 'rifice. It has brought courage to those - I USED to think that God's gifts were Rev. F. B. Meyer. -4- -4- -4- Memories HARRIETT I. MORSE FARNUM Peterborough, Ontario. -4Camp-Meeting Rules HERE is a set of camp-meeting rules Journal for sum--4Southern Oregon Camp-Meeting THE recent camp-meeting was the best JUNE 13, 1912 THE ADVENT REVIEW AND SABBATH HERALD tary and treasurer. The members of the a Bunch. The office of vice-The Auditors' Convention IN order to give more careful consider-21-26, and following: Inventory of land, of buildings, and se- practical work for students of our these are not of general interest, only this Secretary. -4- -4Wisconsin FOR some time I have desired to write 12 to July 26. Our sanitarium work is in a prosper- 14 -4- -4- Remember June 29 JUNE 29 is the date of the next thir-1.- Experiences in Mexico WHEN traveling in Mexico, I am The Work in Virginia I HAVE now been in Virginia a little JUNE 13, 1912 -4- -4- KINGSTON, JAMAICA. On January 7, Christian Education Conducted by the Department of Education of the - Secretary Emmanuel Missionary College AT the biennial meeting of the Lake Reincorporation " In harmony with the action of the The Normal Department " At the time of the last Lake Union Equipment and Improvements " During the past two years we have new cement and cork-brick floors, swing-Industries " We have four leading industrial de-a competent manager and instructor,Lake Union Herald is done by Financial Condition " Up to the time of the last session MEMBERS OF OUR FIRST CANVASSERS' INSTITUTE TN INDIA 16 JUNE 13, 1912, able to show good gains each year. But Spiritual and Missionary Interests But what should be of greatest in-Wellspring. -*- Coleridge. The Publishing Work Conducted by the Publishing Department of the N. Z. Tows - Secretary Earning Scholarships in England Now that the disastrous coal strike is 202 or-211 orders JOYCE. Literature Work in India CONCERNING the encouraging progress Signs of the It sells for one-half cent a copy. JUNE 13, 1912 Pacific Press Notes DURING the last two or three weeks copies of Coming King,' Spanish, the Christian Liberty Reports, Notes, and Comments Pertaining to W. W. PRESCOTT - Secretary S. B. HORTON Corresponding Secretary Religious Liberty Convention TOPIC No. 5, " The Education and De-the message which relates to religious Liberty and the Protestant in Re-Mississippi. Correspondence followed work that needs to be done and how to do it. Such subjects as those planned Protestant and Liberty, and 18 Gospel Workers' Their divine calling, qualification, and prepara-Council of City Evangelists T he Scriptures Their Value, Place, and ONE of the questions that received very the sub- News and Miscellany delegates at the Republican national JUNE 13, 5912 of the discussion we have given proper presentation of the great gospel message, basis of authority and appeal; and we know that we can not effectually " I. That we, as laborers, should give whole, as well as the special truths of 'opened the Book,' and when he place where it was writ-read the word to the people; and reverential reading of proof-texts in support of the closely, devoutly directed to Chairman: THADD,'EUS Ll?.G(i, Secretary. Elections have been held in thirty-$125,000,000 in improve-$200,- A railway accident of an unusual grows a 25 and 26, when tile hostile Moors, who $100,000,000, and the loss of is to be, he announces, 'the 200,000 tons of sugar last year, 520 miles of rail- 20 13, 1912 p/^t AND PROINTMENTS Camp-Meetings for 1912 ATLANTIC UNION CONFERENCE Southern New England, Westerly, R. I. 21 to Sept. CANADIAN UNION CONFERENCE Ontario, Whitby CENTRAL UNION CONFERENCE Wyoming, Scotts Bluff, Nebr. COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE Eastern Pennsylvania, Allentown, Pa..... LAKE UNION CONFERENCE North Michigan, Bark River 26 to Sept. I NORTHERN UNION CONFERENCE North Dakota, Carrington NORTH PACIFIC UNION CONFERENCE Western Washington, South Tacoma.... PACIFIC UNION CONFERENCE California, Santa Rosa SOUTHEASTERN UNION South Carolina, Columbia 1-II North Carolina SOUTHERN UNION CONFERENCE Kentucky (colored) 4. Louisiana, Baton Rouge 22 to Sept. I SOUTHWESTERN UNION CONFERENCE Arkansas, Hiwasse 11-16 South Texas, San Antonio...June 27 to July 7 WESTERN CANADIAN UNION CONFERENCE British Columbia, Kamloops 6-16 Alberta, Strathcona -*- NOTICE is hereby given to the constituency M., Tuesday, June 25, 1912, at Em-W. H. HECKMAN, President. -4- -4- Eastern Pennsylvania Conference THE eighth annual meeting of the Eastern HECKMAN, President; S. D. HARTWELL, Secretary. -4- -4- Western New York Conference THE annual meeting of the constituents of CARR, President; F. H. HICKS, Secretary. -4- Western New York Conference THE sixth annual session of the Western A. H., June 22. Each H. W. CARR, President; MRS. H. W. CARR, Secretary. -4- NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of BURMAN, President; U. WISSNER, Secretary. The Manitoba Conference THE ninth annual session of the Manitoba I, at 9 A. M. It is desired that SANDNES, President; B. L. GRUNDSET, Secretary. -*- THE thirty-second annual session of the 27 to July 7. Officers for the ensuing TANNER, President; DARWIN DINGMAN, Secretary. -- -4- -*- THE Montana Conference Association of M., Friday, June 28, 1912, for the purpose FOSTER, President; V. Secretary. --- -4- -4- THE fifth annual session of the New Jersey A. M., June 28. SANDBORN, President; W. B. WALTERS, Secretary. -4- -4- **- THE tenth annual session of the New Jersey 27 to July 7, SANDBORN, President; W. WALTERS, Secretary. -4- -4- -*- THE South Texas camp-meeting is to be J. I. TAYLOR. JUNE 13, 1912 THE ADVENT REVIEW AND SABBATH HERALD South Texas Conference Association THE South Texas Conference Association of President; E. L. NEFF, Secretary. -*- THE annual meeting of the South Dakota President; G. W. STILSON, Secretary. Medical Missionary and Benevolent THE annual session of the Medical Mis-25, at President; P. L. LARSON, Secretary. -*- -*- THE annual session of the Wisconsin Con-Wisconsin Conference, June 20-3o, 1912. The President; C. MeREvnotns, Secretary. Wisconsin Conference THE forty-second annual session of the Wis-President; C. MCREYNOLDS, Secretary. South Carolina Conference THE South Carolina Conference session will President; ELIZA WARNER, Secretary. Louisiana Conference THE annual conference and camp-meeting of 191z, at Baton President. -4- Louisiana Conference Association THE regular annual meeting of the Louisiana President. -*- Annual Meeting of the Michigan San- Benevolent Association THE regular annual meeting of the Mich-Secretary. -4- --- -4- Give Attention THIS is to notify our brethren and sisters To the Absent Members of the Los AN earnest effort is now being made by the -*- THE summer's campaign certainly opened Watchman, vividly portraying on "Is Our Ship of State Watchman and dispose of them gratis or Watchman. She sells several hun- this sister are without num- Watchman will be our best. -4- -4- -4- Business Notices This department is conducted especially for enterprises, will be printed in him "known" to the managers, nor min-or from the elder of a Seventh-day in of forty, will cost five cents. IF you need a plain, washable, durable, All sizes. Latest methods. Full information News Bldg., Chat- 22 DOCTOR WANTED. Must be Seventh-day 25 lbs., $2.25. B. Coleman, South Capitol and Obituaries BELL. Died at Oceanpark, Cal., April 14, 4 : 6-8. 2 Tim. 4: 7. Shall Wipe All Tears ARTHUR W. SPAULDING his hand, shall wipe away all Attalla, Ala.. -4- -4,-- JUNE 13, 1912 FACE. Mabel Minnie Garlock was born of Flint, Mich., comfort being spoken from James 4: 14. illness, but bore sisters are 22 years, I month, and 22 days. Martin of Sunday labor. For the last Y. Brother was one of the charter members Mr. Fernando Life-giver. Words of comfort 26, 1912, 16; Rev. 14: 13. suf-he was always hopeful, amiable, and as those who have no hope. Sister Kiehnhoff Ps. 116: 15. of his death, which occurred May 16, observance of the Sabbath, and a little later for eight years after com-Atinntt Erutini i3riniteb to Or Proclamation of " thlk ISSUED EACH THURSDAY BY THE Review & Herald Publishing Association General Church Paper of the Adventists Terms: in Advance 90 Three Months No extra postage is charged to countries within the WASHINGTON, D. C., post-office (not Takoma Park Sta-[Entered as second-class matter, August 14, 24 JUNE 13, 1912 D. C., JUNE 13, 1912 CONTENTS GENERAL ARTICLES Overcoming Prejudice, Mrs. E. G. White 3 The Call of God to the Young, R. A. 4 The Peace-Offering, S. N. Haskell 5 H. J. Rogers 5 No. 12 The Proper THE WORLD-WIDE FIELD 17 17, GOSPEL WORKERS' DEPARTMENT ELDER N. Z. TOWN left Washington Western Canadian representing the Western Ca-Post gives the following summary of inter-

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