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and Roman Goddesses Roman Religion Before Christianity the Romans prayed to hundreds of different gods Everyone made sacrifices in the temple or their home to keep the gods happy Each god looked after one aspect of peoples lives ID: 510829 Download Presentation


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Roman Gods


Roman GoddessesSlide2

Roman Religion

Before Christianity, the Romans

prayed to hundreds of different gods. Everyone made sacrifices in the temple or their home to keep the gods happy. Each god looked after one aspect of people’s lives. They adopted many of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and based their beliefs on a series of mythsOther gods important in the home were the family spirits (lares) and domestic spirits (penates).The Lararium altar is the sacred place of the home where offerings and prayers were made to the gods everyday.The main Lararium altar was usually in the Atrium -front reception room, near the front door or located near the hearth.Slide3


Roman Name: JupiterGreek Name: ZeusDomain: Supreme god of Roman pantheon; god of thunder and skyCharacteristics: Short temper, many affairs, feared his wife (Juno) above allSymbols: Eagle, thunderbolt, bull, oakSlide4


Roman Name: Juno

Greek Name: HeraDomain: Queen of the Gods, goddess of women and marriageCharacteristics: Jealousy of husband, anger and revengeSymbols: Peacock, cowSlide5


Roman Name: Neptune

Greek Name: PoseidonDomain: God of the sea and earthquakesCharacteristics: Terrifying to sailors, powerful, attractive, always movingSymbols: Trident, dolphins, horsesSlide6


Roman Name: Minerva

Greek Name: AthenaDomain: Goddess of wisdom, warfare, medicine and craftsCharacteristics: Born of Jupiter’s brain and his favorite daughter, wiseSymbols: OwlSlide7


Roman Name: Mars

Greek Name: AresDomain: God of war and bloodshedCharacteristics: Handsome, strong, arrogant, troublesome, avoided by other deitiesSymbols: Vulture, burning torch, spear and shield Slide8


Roman Name: Venus

Greek Name: AphroditeDomain: Goddess of love and beautyCharacteristics: Could be kind but also harsh, vain, caused havoc if angeredSymbols: doves, sparrows, swansSlide9


Roman Name: Apollo

Greek Name: ApolloDomain: God of music, sun, truth, prophecy and artsCharacteristics: Twin to Diana, protective of mother Latona, gentle and warm, flew sun across the sky Symbols: Lyre, bow and arrow, sun, laurelsSlide10


Roman Name: Diana

Greek Name: ArtemisDomain: Goddess of the moon, hunting, virginity Characteristics: Twin to Apollo, cold and pitilessSymbols: Bow and arrow, cypress tree, deerSlide11


Roman Name: Vesta

Greek Name: HestiaDomain: Goddess of hearth, home and familyCharacteristics: Guardian of women, watched over domestic tasks, Vestal Virgins guarded her flameSymbols: Sacred flame, plain wooden throneSlide12


Roman Name: Mercury

Greek Name: HermesDomain: Messenger God of commerce, athletes and travelersCharacteristics: Mischievous, quick and clever, loyal, good negotiatorSymbols: Winged sandals and hat, caduceusSlide13


Roman Name: Vulcan

Greek Name: HephaestusDomain: God of fire, volcanoes, blacksmiths and craftsmenCharacteristics: Created Jupiter’s thunderbolts, cast off of Olympus by Juno because he was born uglySymbols: Hammer, anvil, tongs, fireSlide14


Roman Name: Pluto

Greek Name: HadesDomain: God of the Underworld, judge of the deadCharacteristics: brother to Jupiter and Neptune, married to ProserpinaSymbols: scepter, Cerebrus

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