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Shame PowerPoint Presentation

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What is it?. Found out for being a worse person . Losing your dignity in front of others. The guilt of hurting someone. Losing your . self-respect. Match the pictures to the labels as best you can. What is shame, in general?. ID: 559435

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ShameWhat is it?

Found out for being a worse person

Losing your dignity in front of others

The guilt of hurting someone

Losing your


Match the pictures to the labels as best you can. What is shame, in general?

Write down your definition of shame.


Looking different, including dressing wrong or strangely.Being personally rejected as a friend or from a group for your personality or style.Failing at somethingShowing up your true feelings to someone who doesn’t careBeing tricked or used by someone to do somethingBeing criticised or told off in publicAfter lying, stealing, or hurting someoneNot controlling a bodily function eg being caught farting/ picking your nose/ wetting yourselfKnowing that you have a bad habit you try to hideBeing seen naked by someone you don’t mean toBeing betrayed by someone you loveNot being brave enough to do something others want you to doNot being independent eg relying on someone else to do things for you

Mark the situations that you would find shameful.

Order them to find what the 3 most shameful are.

Explain what the most shameful situations are for you & why.

Explain in your own words what makes something shameful for you.

(bodily, emotional, social, to do with your ability, own expectations)

**Is there anything else you would add to the list?


No Shame

1. In Genesis, “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” They lived “as one flesh” . They were confident in each other’s love. Being naked in front of each other was not a problem, because they completely loved and trusted each other. Living in God’s presence, they knew only goodness.

2. When they disobeyed God, ate the fruit, and fell away from God, “their eyes were opened, and they saw that they were naked”. They realised that they, and their love, could be selfish. They realised that they could use each other for themselves, not in a self-giving and life-giving way. This awareness made them feel ashamed, and afraid of being misused. Trust was broken.

Why did Adam & Eve feel no shame in the beginning?Explain what changed after they fell away from God.Why is shame actually a good thing?**Do you think the insights in this story are true? Is this how things have become between men and women?

3. Their shame was actually a good thing. If you have no shame, you have no self-respect to lose, and you do hurtful things to yourself and to others without caring. Most people have some degree of shame, and this protects them from doing things they shouldn’t.



Shame is…

Naked people feel shame because..

Shame is a good thing because…


What sort of person would say this? Why?


Sometimes other people make us feel ashamed, by making us feel worthless, not because we have actually done something wrong. Why would the following make someone feel ashamed?

"You'll never amount to anything!“"What would (so-&-so) think of you if they knew...?“"You are worthless!“"I wish you were never born!“"You look ridiculous!““How could you even think you would be good enough to do that ?”

Write up a letter to such a person, to help them escape from such feelings of shame.

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