History of the Toilet
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History of the Toilet

By. Kiara. Robinson 2/18/14. Going inside . The . Harappan. city dwellers built the earliest known indoor toilets.. The toilets did not flush and emptied into a brick-lined sewer system. Royal Flush .

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History of the Toilet

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History of the Toilet

ByKiara Robinson 2/18/14


Going inside

The Harappan city dwellers built the earliest known indoor toilets.The toilets did not flush and emptied into a brick-lined sewer system


Royal Flush

Plumbers on the Greek island Crete install the world's first flush toilet in the queen's bathroom

Unfortunately an earthquake destroys the royal house around


Really Public Bathrooms

Construction of Cloaca Maxima, a sewer system that uses public toilets, takes place 11,000 seats are lined up in rectangular roomsThere's one sponge on the end of a stick.


This Job is the Pits

Europeans built outhouses tiny sheds with a seat built over a deep hole in the ground.An English outhouse-cleaner, Richard, falls through the rotted wood floor and drowns "monstrously in his own excrement."


Heads Up

Dwellers relieve themselves indoors in chamber potsWhen the pot is full, they toss the contents out the window, shouting "Gardy-loo!” to warn anybody unlucky enough to be walking below


A Charmin’ Idea

Joseph Gayetty of New York introduces toilet paper. Before this, people used whatever they could find, including dried corncobs and pages from catalogs


Bathroom Reading

Devoted readers buy a fancy chamber pot disguised as a stack of booksIt’s one of the most popular models of chamber pots in France


Stop Making Scents

An English watchmaker named Alexander Cummings patents a device known as the S-trap

The S-trap is a valve that keeps the bowl filled with water

it allows poop to go down without letting smells come up.


Sculptured Seats

Englishman Thomas Twyford introduces the Unitas, the first one-Piece, all-ceramic toilet These ceramic toilets catch on quickly; many are covered with elaborate decorations or molded into the shapes of animals.


Minding Your Business

The Matsushita Electronic Industrial Company of Japan previews a toilet that's smarter than you are. The high-tech bowl measures your weight and body-fat con¬tent, and chemical sensors inside analyze your output for information about your health.


Luxury Toilets in Manhattan

A New York firm wants to charge people $8 a day to use “luxury” toilet complexes.Passes cost $24 for three days, $8 per day, along with a $15 annual sign-up fee. 10 days at $60.Kids under 18 are free with an adult