Fund And Cash Balances Definitions And How To Reconcile Them PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Fund and Cash Balances: Definitions and How to Reconcile Them
Fund and Cash Balances: Definitions and How to Reconcile The - presentation


March, 2015. Fund Codes and Types. A Fund identifies a particular pool of money. Coded within a fund is the source of the fund (institutional, federal, etc.) and whether that pool of money is restricted or unrestricted..



Updated 27 Oct 2005. IMPREST FUND DEFINITION. Cash fund of a fixed amount, established by an advance of funds, from an agency finance disbursing officer to a duly appointed cashier, for disbursement as needed, from time-to-time, in making payment in cash for relatively small purchases.

Fund Balances
Fund Balances - presentation


What are fund balances? . Why does _____ ISD maintain a fund balance in the General Fund?. Why is Discussion of District Fund Balances Timely?. The State Legislature Convenes on 1/11/2011. State lawmakers estimate a deficit of $18b.+.

The Revenue Cycle: Sales to Cash Collections
The Revenue Cycle: Sales to Cash Collections - presentation


Chapter 12. 12-. 1. Learning Objectives. Describe the basic business activities and related information processing operations performed in the revenue cycle.. Discuss the key decisions that need to be made in the revenue cycle, and identify the information needed to make those decisions..

Treasury Management at the Global Fund: perspectives
Treasury Management at the Global Fund: perspectives - presentation


Agenda. Introduction to the Global Fund. Challenges for the Treasury. Vision of the Global Fund’s Treasury department. Specificities . Q&A. What is the Global Fund?. High Impact Africa 1. High Impact Africa 2.

Government Cash
Government Cash - presentation


Management . Framework and Associated . . Banking Arrangements. Sailendra . Pattanayak, . FAD. Overview of presentation. Definitions of Cash Management . Outline of a modern cash management . framework and its objectives.

1 CHAPTER 7 - presentation


Appendix 7A. Cash Controls. Using Bank Accounts. Using different bank accounts for different purposes. General chequing account. Used for day-to-day activities. Imprest bank accounts. Used for specific purposes.

DMH 1 Overview of Mental Health Services Act Funding:
DMH 1 Overview of Mental Health Services Act Funding: - presentation


Collection to Expenditure. Tom Greene, Chair, Mental Health Funding and Policy Committee. Mark Heilman, Policy Advisor, Department of Mental Health. DMH. 2. What We’ll Cover. Funds at the State Level.

Petty Cash/Change Fund
Petty Cash/Change Fund - presentation


Policy & Procedures. Agenda. Purpose and Definitions. Establishing and Changing Funds. Safeguarding Funds. Using and Replenishing Funds. Closing Funds. Set guidelines for appropriate use & establish internal controls to prevent/detect the misuse of University funds.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives - presentation


© 2014 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved.. LO. 9. Establish a petty cash fund.. LO. 10. Prepare a petty cash report.. LO. 11 . Replenish a petty cash fund.. Establishing a Petty Cash Fund. An amount of cash kept on hand and used for .

Long-term Debt  Training
Long-term Debt Training - presentation


Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services. June 20, 2017. 1. 2. Agenda. Overview of Oregon Debt. Determining the Appropriate Fund Structure. Recording the Initial Debt Issuance. Recording Debt Service Payments.

GASB 54 Implementation Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Type Definitions
GASB 54 Implementation Fund Balance Reporting and Government - presentation


June 14. ,. 2011. Agenda. Review, Methodology & Examples of Fund Balance Classifications. Fund Balance Policies vs. Stabilization Policies. Restricted – Stabilization by State Statute. Review & Examples of Fund Type Classifications.

Who Will
Who Will - presentation


C. arry the . B. all on Teacher Pay? . Average Teacher Pay Comparison. Why in South Dakota?. 1. All salaries in SD not as high as other states. 2. Rural - housewives. 3. Conservative political scene.

Petty Cash Custodian Workshop
Petty Cash Custodian Workshop - presentation


Research and Department Petty Cash . Funds—from. creation to close-out. A user’s guide.. Controller’s Office. 2. Introduction. Overview. Key Components. Governance. Ramifications. INTRODUCTION.

Cash controls  at OSU What is “CASH”?
Cash controls at OSU What is “CASH”? - presentation


Currency, coin, and cash equivalents:. Checks. . Traveler’s checks. . Cashier’s checks. . Credit card records. . EFTs: ACH and wire transfers. . Items of cash value: ticket, gift cards/certificates.

Money on the Sidelines
Money on the Sidelines - pdf


: REPORT ON UNSPENT FUND BALANCES Fiscal Year 2014 Volume I - State Agencies March 2015 Government Accountability Office OFFICE OF THE STATE AUDITOR Timothy M. Keller Page 2 of 25 The Mission of t

Epiphany Annual Meeting
Epiphany Annual Meeting - presentation


2015. Feast of Epiphany January 6. th. , 2015. 100 Year Ground Breaking Celebration for . r. estoration of the Epiphany. . Campus. 2011. 2012. 2013. 2014. Baptisms. 23. 17. 24. 9. Weddings. 4. 1. 9.

Chapter 30
Chapter 30 - presentation


Bank reconciliation statements. Learning objectives. After you have studied this chapter, you should be able to:. Explain why bank reconciliations are . prepared. Reconcile cash book balances with bank statement .

Cash - presentation


Management and Business Officers. Hal Deuser . Assistant Bursar . Webster University. Cash Management – The Definition. Cash . management regulations govern a school’s management of . F. ederal Student .

Utility Accounting and Auditing
Utility Accounting and Auditing - presentation


MRWA 34. th. Annual Conference. December 11, 2014. Nick Henry, CPA. Horton, McFarland & Veysey, LLC. Ellsworth, ME 04605. 207-667-5529. Presentation Outline. PUC Accounting. PUC Chart of Accounts.

Cash and
Cash and - presentation


Internal Controls. Chapter 4 . Learning Objectives. Discuss the impact of accounting scandals and the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Identify the components, responsibilities, and limitations of internal control.



By . yashu. :. Simple approach to study BANK . RECONCILATION . STATEMENT:. Make a simple column in rough like one side written P For pass book and one side C for cash book.. Make sure with which balance are u starting like .

Accounting  Chapter 5 Cash Control Systems
Accounting Chapter 5 Cash Control Systems - presentation


Accounting. Mr. . Khatcheressian. 11/19/2013. Chapter 5 Preview. Chapter 5 describes cash control systems for a sole proprietorship. . Checking accounts, including writing checks and reconciling bank statements, are covered..

Cash controls
Cash controls - presentation


at OSU. What is “CASH”?. Currency, coin, and cash equivalents:. Checks. . Traveler’s checks. . Cashier’s checks. . Credit card records. . EFTs: ACH and wire transfers. . Items of cash value: ticket, gift cards/certificates.

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