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Let’s Talk About Menopause
Let’s Talk About Menopause - presentation


Joanna Wilson, D.O.. Board-Certified Internal Medicine. North American Menopause Society Certified Practitioner. Proportion of average female lifespan spent in menopause years: 1/3 to 1/2. Menopause Update 2012.

HIV and Menopause
HIV and Menopause - presentation


Ruanne Barnabas, . MBChB. , DPhil. Assistant Professor. Departments of Global Health, Medicine and Epidemiology. Date: 9/3/15. Women living with HIV face all the challenges that the general population faces when growing older .

 Menopause Dr  MinalKadamJadhav
Menopause Dr MinalKadamJadhav - presentation


DEFINATION. MENOPASE : . Is a point in time when permanent cessation of menstruation occurs following the loss of ovarian activity ( loss of menses for >12 months). Greek word: men –month & pausis- cessation.

Holistically Survive Menopause
Holistically Survive Menopause - presentation


Presented by Kelly . Haywiser. , LMT. Women’s Holistic Lifestyle Coach/ Integrative Nutrition Coach. What is Menopause?. Menopause is a normal condition that all women experience as they age. The term “menopause" can describe any of the changes a woman goes through either just before or after she stops menstruating, marking the end of her reproductive period..

& Menopause in the News
& Menopause in the News - presentation


Rebecca C. Brightman, MD, . member of . The North American Menopause Society, . located at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. . - Cites . The North American Menopause Society. . & Menopause in the News.

Menopause and Mood Health
Menopause and Mood Health - presentation


Dr. Holly . German, ND. 11. /4/2015. Please do not reproduce without permission. Intro. Dr. Holly German. Naturopathic Primary Care. Specialties: Women’s health, holistic pediatrics, digestive health, mental/emotional health.

Menopause - presentation


Define menopause and . perimenopause. Objectives. Appropriately assess women presenting with menopause-like symptoms. Review common symptoms and discuss management options. 2. A 45-year-old woman Veteran presents at your clinic complaining of severe and frequent hot flushes. She’s also noticed several months of irregular menstrual cycles. .

Menopause and the
Menopause and the - presentation


Brain:. Lifting the Fog. Majid Fotuhi, MD . PhD. New Discoveries. 2. . “This . book may be the most important you’ll ever read. Certainly, what Dr. Fotuhi teaches in this book . has . changed . my.

Menopause - presentation


Phil Thirkell. Define the menopause [2 marks]. No menstrual periods for 12 months. What happens at the menopause?. End of Ovulation. End of Menstrual cycle. Stabilising of hormones. What . 3. classical symptoms are associated with the menopause?.

Menopause 2014
Menopause 2014 - presentation


Dr. Elizabeth Farrell . AM Hon LLD FRANZCOG FRCOG. Head, Menopause Unit, . Monash. Health. Acting Medical Director, Jean . Hailes. Medical Centre. Disclosure . Statement. Speakers bureau, research, travel & educational grant funding in last 5 .

Treating Women Transitioning to Menopause and Beyond
Treating Women Transitioning to Menopause and Beyond - presentation


Gloria Richard-Davis, MD, FACOG. Professor and Division Director, . Fertility and Reproductive Services. Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Disclosure. Pfizer Advisory Board and Consultant. Objectives.

Menopause and the  Brain:
Menopause and the Brain: - presentation


Lifting the Fog. Majid Fotuhi, MD . PhD. New Discoveries. 2. . “This . book may be the most important you’ll ever read. Certainly, what Dr. Fotuhi teaches in this book . has . changed . my. . life.”.

Prevention of Diseases after Menopause
Prevention of Diseases after Menopause - presentation


2014. World Menopause Day . 2014. Prevention of Diseases . after . Menopause. Prevention of Diseases after Menopause. 2014. Rationale for Prevention. Millions of women world-wide are entering Menopause.

ARTICLES Menopause Adaptation or Epiphenomenon JOCELYN
ARTICLES Menopause Adaptation or Epiphenomenon JOCELYN - pdf


As such menopause can al ways be considered an adaptation At the same time it is also recognized that an adaptation is always morpho logically physiologically and devel opmentally constrained by an organ isms phylogenetic heritage 18 The question of

Menopause and Bone Health in HIV infected Women
Menopause and Bone Health in HIV infected Women - presentation


Marcia M. Holstad, PhD, RN, FAANP, FAAN. Associate Professor and Marcia Stanhope Professor in Public Health, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Assistant Director for Clinical and Social Science Integration, Emory Center for AIDS Research.

Menopause:TheJournalofTheNorthAmericanMenopauseSocietyVol.20 - pdf


ReceivedJune17,2013;revisedandacceptedJune17,2013. Menopause,Vol.20,No.9,2013 satisfied.AmongUSwomen(n=500),63%associatedvaginalsymptomswithmenopause,andonly41%ofrespondentsbelievedthatenoughinformati

Menopause scenarios
Menopause scenarios - presentation


Anita 44yrs, 1 daughter age 6, . trying to conceive for 2 years.. Periods now irregular, every 6-10/52. Says she’s is under ‘pressure’ from her husband who wants a son. Does . she. want another child?.

Trina Seligman, N.D.,
Trina Seligman, N.D., - presentation


L.Ac. Bio-identical Hormones: . The Treatment of Menopause. Naturopathic Medicine. Family practice. 15 years of practice. Bellevue. Specializing in natural medicine : nutrition, herbs, bio-.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy - presentation


Dr Belinda Magnus. Menopause - Background. Vasomotor symptoms affect around 80% women during the menopause – severe in 20%. Median symptom duration 4 years – up to 12 years in 10%. . NB Diagnosis is usually clinical based on typical symptoms - 1yr amenorrhoea > 50yo, 2 .

Andrew M. Kaunitz  MD, FACOG, NCMP
Andrew M. Kaunitz MD, FACOG, NCMP - presentation


University of Florida Research Foundation . Professor and Associate Chairman. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville. Medical Director, and Director of Menopause & GYN Ultrasound Services.



PATTI BALLER, RN, CNM, MSN. APRIL 24, 2015. OBJECTIVES. Define . perimenopause. , menopause, and . postmenopause. .. Discuss updated findings of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).. Discuss management options for the treatment of hot flashes and night sweats..

Danforth's - presentation


Obstetrics and Gynecology, 10th Edition. Dr . Afsar. . tabatabai. Menopause. Introduction. Human follicles begin their development during the fourth gestational month.. Approximately 1,000 to 2,000 germ cells migrate to the .

How to Stay Cool, Calm, Happy and Thin
How to Stay Cool, Calm, Happy and Thin - presentation


With Master Coordinators: Barbara Lagoni. Suzanne Chaney. Dr Steve Chaney. Without. Medicine. Menopause Defined -- . Natural biological event, . Signals the end of childbearing years. . Several years prior to menopause a time of transition — ovaries produce less of reproductive hormones, estrogen, & progesterone..

4 Essential Stages of Female Reproduction
4 Essential Stages of Female Reproduction - presentation


Wellness 9. Puberty in Females. Puberty. – the stage of growth and development when both the male and female body become capable of producing offspring.. When a female is around 8 years old, the pituitary gland increases its production of a hormone called FSH. FSH travels through the bloodstream to the ovaries and causes them to secrete estrogen..

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