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EDUC8631 - presentation


Approaches to Research . Professor Helen Wildy. Dean, Faculty of Education . Session 1 Introduction. Session outline. What is research?. Why do educational research at all?. Where do research questions come from?.

Regression Analysis
Regression Analysis - presentation


In regression analysis we analyze the . relationship. . between . two or more. variables.. The relationship between two or more variables could be . linear or non linear. .. This week . first talk .

Last lecture summary
Last lecture summary - presentation


Confidnce interval. confidence interval of the mean. Confidence level 95%, what does it mean?. How is the interval constructed?. what is . ?. Z-value on the standard normal distribution t. n-1. -value on t-distribution.

03760491 ระเบียบวิธีวิจัย
03760491 ระเบียบวิธีวิจัย - presentation


สมบูรณ์ . สารพัด. เติม. ศักดิ์ สุขวิบูลย์. คณะ. วิทยาการจัดการ. Research Methods in Accounting.

01132491 ระเบียบวิธีวิจัย
01132491 ระเบียบวิธีวิจัย - presentation


เติมศักดิ์ สุขวิบูลย์. คณะวิทยาการจัดการ. Basic Research Methods in Business. 7 . : . . 29 ต.ค. 58. เนื้อหา.

The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences
The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences - presentation


Fourth Edition. Chapter . 3: . Relationships:. . Scatterplots . and correlation. Copyright © 2018 W. H. Freeman and . Company. Objectives. Relationships: Scatterplots and . correlation. Bivariate data.

Correlation & Regression
Correlation & Regression - presentation


Chapter 10. Outline . Section 10-1 Introduction. Section 10-2 Scatter Plots. Section 10-3 Correlation. Section 10-4 Regression. Section 10-5 Coefficient of Determination and Standard Error of the Estimate.

Analysing correlated data
Analysing correlated data - presentation


Maureen Meadows. Senior Lecturer in Management,. Open University Business School. Discuss different forms of dependency and correlation that we might find in our datasets. Explore why it might sometimes be problematic to get a good measure of correlation.

Correlations - presentation


Psychological Investigations . Suzie’s goldfish lives in a tank on her desk. The more fizzy drinks she consumes, the more her fish swims around.. Can we say there is cause and effect?. Goldfish and Fizzy Drinks...

3. Relationships   Scatterplots
3. Relationships Scatterplots - presentation


and correlation. The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences. Third Edition. © . 2014 . W.H. Freeman and Company. Objectives (. PSLS . Chapter . 3). Relationships: . Scatterplots. and . correlation.

Association for
Association for - presentation


Interval Level Variables. Chapter 15. Introduction. When referring to interval-ratio variables a commonly used synonym for association is correlation. We will be looking for the existence, strength, and direction of the relationship.

Investigating Bivariate Measurement Data using
Investigating Bivariate Measurement Data using - presentation


iNZight. Statistics Teachers’ Day. 22 November 2012. Ross Parsonage. New AS 3.9 versus Old AS 3.5. Much less emphasis on calculations. More emphasis on:. Visual aspects. Linking statistical knowledge to the context.

Basic guidelines regarding statistical tests (Chi-Square)
Basic guidelines regarding statistical tests (Chi-Square) - presentation


If you want to know if there’s a relationship between two categorical variables (with two of more levels each) the appropriate test is a chi-square.. Examples:. Is there a relationship between gender and hair color?.

Infidelity in Heterosexual Couples:
Infidelity in Heterosexual Couples: - presentation


Demographic, Interpersonal, and Personality-Related Predictors of . Extradyadic. Sex. . Kristen P. Mark, M.Sc.,. 1. Erick Janssen, . Ph.D.,. 2. &. Robin R. . Milhausen. , . Ph.D.. 3. 1. Department of Applied Health Science, Indiana University; .

Post hoc tests
Post hoc tests - presentation


F-test in ANOVA is the so-called . omnibus test. . It tests the means globally. It says nothing about which particular means are different.. post hoc tests. , . multiple comparison tests. .. Tukey . Honestly Significant .

SW388R7 - presentation


Data Analysis & Computers II. Slide . 1. Multiple Regression – Basic Relationships. Purpose of multiple regression. Different types of multiple regression. Standard multiple regression. Hierarchical multiple regression.

C onfounders
C onfounders - presentation


and . Interactions: An Introduction. Manoranjan. Pal. Indian Statistical Institute. Kolkata, India. . . 1. An Example. Data were collected from some students in department of an university on the following variables:.

summary ANOVA What is it?
summary ANOVA What is it? - presentation


How does it work? . What is an F-ratio?. What is a grand mean?. What are the degrees of freedom for the F-ratio?. k-1, N-k. Post hoc tests. F-test in ANOVA is the so-called . omnibus test. . It tests the means globally. It says nothing about which particular means are different..

SPSS Session 2:
SPSS Session 2: - presentation


Hypothesis Testing and . p. -Values. Learning Objectives. Review Lectures 8 and 9. Understand and develop research hypotheses and know difference between them and the null hypothesis. Define independent and dependent variables for a .

1. Nominal Measures of Association
1. Nominal Measures of Association - presentation


2. Ordinal Measure s of . Association. . ASSOCIATION. Association. The strength of relationship between 2 variables. Knowing how much variables are related may enable you to predict the value of 1 variable when you know the value of another.

State vs Trait
State vs Trait - presentation


Constructs. Project question 4. Does your test measure a state or a trait?. Criterion vs Norm referenced. Criterion reference = compares to established standard, well defined objectives. Norm referenced = compares each score to other scores, relative.

PADM 692 | Data Analysis II
PADM 692 | Data Analysis II - presentation


Session III. Dummy Variable, Interaction Variable, and Functional Form. April 1, 2012. University of La Verne. Soomi Lee, PhD. Copyright © by Soomi Lee. Do not copy . . or distribute without permission.

Bi- Variate
Bi- Variate - presentation


Data. PPDAC. Types of data. We are looking for a set of data that is affected by the other data sets in our spreadsheet.. This variable is called dependent because its values are affected by the other data sets.

Statistical Fundamentals
Statistical Fundamentals - presentation


: . Using Microsoft Excel for . Univariate. and Bivariate Analysis. Alfred P. Rovai. Pearson Product-Moment . Correlation Test. PowerPoint Prepared by . Alfred P. Rovai. Presentation . © . 2015 . by Alfred P. Rovai.

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