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Sassoon. Biography and context:. Born on September 8. th. . 1886 in Kent, England.. Sassoon was well educated, and studied law and history at university. However, he left before graduating to pursue a career in poetry..

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Siegfried Sassoon. Background. Siegfried Sassoon was born on 8th September 1886 at . Weirleigh. , near Paddock Wood in Kent. After . Marlborough College. he went to Clare College, . Cambridge. , but left without a degree. For the next eight years lived the life of a country gentleman. He spent his time hunting, playing sports and writing poetry. Published privately, Sassoon's poetry made very little impact on the critics or the book buying public..

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DREAMERS. By Siegfried. Sassoon. http. :// http://.

Siegfried Sassoon Attack
Siegfried Sassoon Attack - presentation


Context. One of the most famous of all the war poets. He joined the army initially with enthusiasm as an infantry officer, fighting on the Western Front. The bravery he displayed in the trenches earned him the nickname “Mad Jack” and the Military Cross in 1916..

Upper limb muscle strength  endurance in chronic obstr
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J Medical College Sassoon General Hospitals Chest Research Foundation Pune India Received June 3 2013 Background objectives There are very few studies that have investigated the muscle strength and endurance of upper limbs UL in chronic obstructi

“Dreamers”- Siegfried Sassoon
“Dreamers”- Siegfried Sassoon - presentation


Context. World War I marked the end of an era for Europe. After Napoleon's surrender in 1815, the continent had entered a century of relative peace, with conflicts taken up abroad by small-scale, professional armies. The renewal of conflict in 1914 was met with confidence and nationalism on all sides..

If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath,
If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath, - presentation


I’d live with scarlet Majors at the Base,. And speed glum heroes up the line to death.. You’d see me with my puffy petulant face,. Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel,. Reading the Roll of Honour. ‘Poor young chap,’.

Car crash: a post-mortem
Car crash: a post-mortem - presentation


Part 1: the lead. As a breaking news story, this is pretty straightforward. But do we simply want to say:. Two cars collided at an intersection near Hong Kong University this morning.. Topic lead alert!.

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Three phases. What is poetry?. 'Poetry', Wordsworth reminds us, 'is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings', and there can be no area of human experience that has generated a wider range of powerful feelings than war: hope and fear; exhilaration and humiliation; hatred – not only for the enemy, but also for generals, politicians, and war-profiteers; love – for fellow soldiers, for women and children left behind, for country (often) and cause (occasionally)..

Madness in Regeneration
Madness in Regeneration - presentation


AS Coursework. Madness. Madness is a key idea in Regeneration. Madness is exhibited through symptoms such as . mutism. , fear of blood, and Sassoon's angry anti-war declaration. Because such behaviour is deemed unacceptable Sassoon is given the label "shell-shocked" to discredit his views. .

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History Versus Fiction. Split into Two Groups. You have 5 minutes to prepare your arguments to support the following statements….. GROUP A. Regeneration should be regarded as a historical document..

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