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The ‘Fiscal Cliff’:
The ‘Fiscal Cliff’: - presentation


A Primer for Socialists. Socialist Education Program, Fall 2012. Boston Democratic Socialists of America/Young Democratic Socialists. Source: Phillips, Matthew. “Fiscal Cliff Will Drive the U.S. Into Recession,” Bloomberg .

Daniel De Leon
Daniel De Leon - pdf



Group of the Progressive Alliance of
Group of the Progressive Alliance of - pdf


Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament European Parliament Rue Wiertz 60 B - 1047 Bruxelles T +32 2 284 2111 F +32 2 230 6664 8 July 2015 S&D Group president,

The Growth of the  American
The Growth of the American - presentation


Labor Movement. Ms. Susan M. Pojer. Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY. The Socialists. Eugene V. Debs. International Workers of the World . (. “Wobblies”. ). “Big Bill” Haywood of the. IWW. Violence was justified to overthrow capitalism..

Progressive - presentation


Era. 1898-1917. The people speak. The progressive era. Small farmers. “. Raise more hell, and less corn.”. Tax the rich, not land. Graduated Income tax. Eastern bankers held all of the money. William Jennings Bryan.

Opposition to Liberalism
Opposition to Liberalism - presentation


Why did ideologies develop in opposition to classical liberalism?. http://. careful with this video WARNING. http://.

19 th
19 th - presentation


Century Responses to Liberalism. Utopian Socialism, Socialism and Karl Marx (Marxism). Socialist Ideologies. An ideology based on collectivist values. Specifics. Resources should be controlled by the public for the benefit of everyone in society and not by private interests and not for the benefit of the individual.

Labor Unions
Labor Unions - presentation


The Failure to Gain Public Acceptance. Factory System. Factory workers cut corners to maximize profits. The employee is no longer a primary concern. Long hours. Low pay. Rigid timetables. Strict discipline.

Early Socialist Thought
Early Socialist Thought - presentation


Udayan. Roy. Utopian Socialists. Henri Comte de Saint-Simon (1760-1825). Charles Fourier (1772-1837). Simonde. de Sismondi (1773-1842). Robert Owen (1771-1858). Historical Background.

Mussolini & Italian Fascism
Mussolini & Italian Fascism - presentation


Fascist Fallout from WWI. Young Mussolini. Strong Italian nationalist, wanted Italy in WWI.. Fought in WWI, outraged at Versailles treaty (Italians snubbed).. 1919—Organizes his first paramilitary organization..

Introduction to Democratic Socialism
Introduction to Democratic Socialism - presentation


Chicago Democratic Socialists of America. Outline of this Session. Inequality: The Walk. What Is Socialism?. What Is Capitalism?. Historical Periods of Capitalism. Goals of Socialists and How to Get There.

Italian Expansion (P1) and
Italian Expansion (P1) and - presentation


Authoritarian States (P2) – Mussolini . How did the political and economic conditions in Italy before 1914 contribute to the emergence of an authoritarian regime? . Italy was the first state anywhere in the world in which a Fascist Party developed, and the first to have a fascist dictator, .

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