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REPORTS OF INTERNATIONAL ARBITRAL AWARDS RECUEIL DES SENTENCES ARBITRALES The Eagle Star and British Dominions Insurance Company (Ltd.) and Excess Insurance Company (Ltd.) (Great Britain) v. United Mexican States 23 April 1931 V pp. 139-142 VOLUME NATIONS UNIES - UNITED NATIONS Copyright (c) 2006
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DECISION 13 WEBSTE WELBANK (GREA BRITAIN v. UNITE MEXICA STATE (Decision No. 29, April 10, 1931, majority decision, not concurred in by Mexican Commissioner. Pages 28-29.) CONSULA CERTIFICAT A PROO O NATIONALITY Consula certificat an declaratio o claimant' siste a t

Britis nationalit held sufficien evidenc nationality (Text of decision omitted). H HENDERSO (GREA BRITAIN v. UNITE MEXICA STATE (Decision No. 30. Apiil 23, 1931. Pages 30-31.) EVIDENC BEFOR INTERNATIONA TRIBUNALS. CLAI I REPRESENTATIV CAPACITY Certifie cop o wil held sufficien evidenc o capacit a hei an executrix PROCEDURE DEMURRER Demurre overruled whe ground asserte therefo di no affec entir claim (Text oj decision omitted.) TH EAGL STA AN BRITIS DOMINION INSURANC COM PAN (LIMITED AN EXCES INSURANC COMPAN (LIMITED (GREA BRITAIN v. UNITE MEXICA STATE (Decision No. 31, April 23, 1931. Pages

32-36.) NATIONA CHARACTE O CLAIM. INSURER A CLAIMANTS Britis insurer o Mexica firm held no entitle t clai fo losse sustaine b insure an pai b insurers Insurers b virtu o thei professiona character ar no b viewe a othe claimants Cross-ieference : Annua Digest 1931-1932 p 216 Comments: G Godfre Phillips "Th Anglo-Mexica Specia Claim Com mission" La Q. Rev. Vol 49 1933 p 22 a 233 Th Memoria set ou tha o th 21s April 1920 th Exces Insuranc Compan (Ltd. insure i favou o Messrs Fernand Dosa y Compani 1,00 bag o granulate suga a 35,00 peso Mexica gold Th bag o suga wer locate o car N.T 303 an 324 o

th Nationa Railway fo th journe fro Unio Hidalg t Mexic City
Page 3
14 GREA BRITAIN/MEXIC th 26t April 1920 th Eagl Sta an Britis Dominion Insuranc Compan (Ltd. an th Exces Insuranc Compan (Ltd.) eac Compan takin hal o th risk insure i favou o Messrs Fernand Dosa y Compafii 1,30 case o cub suga value a 51,00 peso Mexica gold fo th journe fro Sa Jerônim t Mexic City Th case wer loade int car N.T 331 an 331 o th Nationa Railways th 26t April 1920 th Eagl Sta an Britis Dominion Insuranc Compan (Ltd. insure i favou o Messrs Fernand Dosa y Compafii 50 bag o granulate suga value a 21,25

peso Mexica gold fo th journe fro Unio Hidalg t Mexic City Th bag wer loade o ca N.T 3450 th 4t May 1920 car Nos 3240 3300 331 (o 3112 wer lef a th Railwa Statio a Tierr Blanc i th Stat o Veracruz Th garriso o th tow ha bee withdrawn Takin advantag o thi fact a bod o unknow arme me entere th statio and assiste b severa loca inhabitants loote th content o th cars th 3r May 1920 ca No 354 wa completel loote i th Railwa Statio a Trè Vallè i th Stat o Veracruz Th Agent o th claimants afte makin th necessar investigation wer satisfie tha th los o th suga ha bee sustained an pai t Messrs Fernand

Dosa y Compafii o th 15t June 1920 th su o 89,51 peso Mexica gold O thi su 42,88 peso Mexica gol wer fo th accoun th Exces Insuranc Compan (Ltd.) an 46,63 peso Mexica gol wer fo th accoun o th Eagl Sta an Britis Dominion Insuranc Compan (Ltd.) Th forme amoun i claime o behal o th Exces Insuranc Compan (Ltd.) an th latte o behal o th Eagl Sta an Britis Dominion Insuranc Compan (Ltd.) bein a tota o 89,51 peso Mexica gold Th Mexica Agen ha lodge a motio t dismis o th followin ground : (a) Th Memoria contain tw differen claims an eac on o th claim th tw Insuranc Companie i mad unde severa differen

heads A articl 3 o th Rule o Procedur provide tha eac clai shal constitut a separat cas befor th Commissio an shal b registere a such thi provisio ha bee infringed (b) A th Britis Agen ha onl sen a lis o th document i hi posses sio an neithe th original no copies h ha infringe articl 6 o th Rule Procedure whic provide tha th Memoria shal b accompanie b al document i suppor o th clai tha ma b i th possessio o th Britis Agent an als articl 4 o th sam Rules whic provide tha five copie eac on o th sai document shal b filed (c) Th righ t file th clai belonge originall t th owner o th goods Messrs

Fernand Dosa y Compafiia an sai righ wa a a resul o th paymen o th insurance an accordin t th Mexica law transferre t th Insuranc Companies Th righ o th Insure i no a original bu a derive right h i subrogate t th righ o th Insured an hi los i no direc bu indirect Moreover h ha receive a premiu fo th ris h under took an h certainl di no suffe th entir loss A th part originall entitle t file th clai wa a Mexica company th clai di no aris a a Britis claim an th Commissio wa fo tha reaso no competen t tak cognizanc o it Th Britis Agen replie a regard (a), tha i wa tru tha th Rule Procedur provide

tha eac clai shoul constitut a separat case bu
Page 4
DECISION 14 no tha eac clai shoul b deal wit i a separat Memorial Articl 3 ha bee complie wit a th claim ha bee registere separately Th tw claim whic aros ou o th sam subjec matte wer include i on Memo ria solel fo th convenienc o th Commission regard (b), tha i wa incorrec t stat tha h ha filed onl a lis o documents becaus th annexe t th Memoria ha bee filed wit th Join Secretarie i Jul 1929 regard (c), that althoug th insure cargoe belonge t a Mexica firm, th losse fel entirel upo th insurers Th Agent' vie wa that accordin t th

term o th Convention th claimant wer full entitle t compensation a the wer Britis Companie havin suffere losse i conse quenc o revolutionar events Th Commission a regard (a) an (b), concur i th vie tha th Rule o Procedur hav no bee infringed becaus (a) th claim hav bee filed an registere separately an (b) th annexe t th Memoria hav bee filed i du for an i du time Th principa questio dividin th tw Agent i a t whethe th insurer ar entitle t clai befor th Commissio fo insuranc mone pai b the t insure parties eve i thos parties i.e. th origina sufferers di no posses Britis nationality Th Commissio

see a grea differenc betwee th positio o Insurer an tha o othe claimants althoug the ar i a simila positio i s fa th losse suffere b bot o the ca b trace t certai events Bu tha wher th similarit ends Othe claimants—assumin tha I h fact ar proved—hav suffere losse directly unexpectedl an unwillingly Insurer suffe losse indirectl a a consequenc o a contract int whic the hav entere voluntarily profes sionally i th norma an ordinar cours o thei busines an i considera tio o certai payments The suffe losse no i th first plac an jus becaus certai event hav occurred bu because i thei legitimat

desir t subserv thei ow financial interests the hav undertake t ru th ris thos events seem difficul t loo a Insurer i th sam ligh a a othe claimants The who a a professiona ac an wit a vie t mak profit undertak risks t whic othe person ar exposed wh i orde t cove thos risks stipulat fo th paymen o certai sum o money balance i th cours o a lon experienc i proportio t th exten o th dange incurred wh direc entir organizatio base o th existenc o risks whic woul b useles th cas o thei absence an wh ar finally abl t assum suc chance an t calculat suc premium a wil ultimatel resul i a profi o th whol

volum o thei transactions canno b regarde a entitle t compensa tio o th sam footin a person t who th occurrence whic gav ris th clai wer a unforesee calamity Th professiona character i whic Insurer appl fo compensation make i mor difficul t determin th amoun o th los tha i th cas o othe claimants Ver ofte thi amoun wil no b equa t th amoun pai the t th insure party becaus i wil b dependen upo th premium received I wil als b dependen upo anothe circumstance I i universall know tha Insurer ar workin o a vas syste o reinsurance b whic they o th on hand tak ove par o th risks insure b othe

Companies while o th othe hand the ced par o thei ow contract t thos othe Companies A a consequenc o thi syste th surfac ove whic th risks ar reall sprea i ofte ver extensive I ma no b confine t th Com
Page 5
14 GREA BRITAIN/MEXIC panie o on country bu ma b international Fo thi reaso i i quit possibl that althoug th insuranc contrac wa signe an th amoun pai a Britis Company th ultimat los wa divide ove man corporations whic on o mor ma hav anothe nationality Consequentl th decisio th nationalit o th clai fro it inceptio unti no doe no depen solel upo th nationalit o th Insure

claiming bu woul als requir a investigatio o th reinsuranc contracts subdividin th profit an losse fro th origina insurance Th vie ma b taken—a i lai dow i severa codes—tha th Insure is b th paymen o th insuranc money subrogate t th righ o th Insured an tha h i entitle t suc compensatio a wa du t th latter bu a th sam tim i i eviden tha h ca neve exer an right tha di no belon t th Insured th cas no unde consideration th Insure part wa a Mexica firm no entitle t clai compensatio fro thei Governmen unde th term o th Claim Convention B declarin themselve competen t adjudi cat upo thi claim th

Commissio woul gran t th Insuranc Companie righ whic th firm tha suffere th los di no have Ther woul b lai upo th Mexica Governmen a liabilit toward anothe Government whic woul no hav arise ou o th event ha no th sai firm entere int a contrac t whic th Mexica Governmen wer no a party Th Commissio canno believ tha thi woul b a jus o eve a reason abl applicatio o th Convention Th motio t dismis i allowed ANNI BELL GRAHA KID (GREA BRITAIN v. UNITE MEXICA STATE (Decision jVo 32 April 23, 1931. Pages 36-39. See also decision No. 3.) RESPONSIBILIT FO ACT O BANDITS. FAILUR T SUPPRES O PUNISH Whe

Mexica authorities upo bein informe o killin o claimant' husband b bandits too promp an energeti actio resultin i arres an executio o si o eigh men clai disallowed. Thi i a clai fo compensatio fo th murde o Willia Alfre Kid E Carrizal nea Zitâcuaro Th Memoria set ou tha o th 8t October 1916 betwee 1 an 1 th morning Mrs Kid wa i he hous a E Carriza Camp Eigh o te men wh appeare t b o th Mexica Army bu migh hav bee revolu tionaries arrive an starte shooting Mrs Kid wen ou t se wha wa happening an thes me demande tha the b give arm an horses Mrs Kid replie tha ther wer tw horses bu n arms Th me

the aske fo Mr Kidd an o learnin tha sh di no kno wher h wa the too he int th hous an commence t searc fo arms Abou thi tim Mr Kid arrived an wit hi wif gav thes me som food Afte tni certai member o th ban bega t disperse whil a fe remaine i th room On o th ban ordere Mr an Mrs Kid an Davi Kidd Mr W A Kidd' brother t stan u fo execution O bein aske wh the insiste o killin them th leade replie tha h wa anxiou tha nothin shoul happen

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