Downsizing So You Can Grow

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Downsizing So You Can Grow

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Downsizing So You Can Grow

Welcome!Thank you for being A forward thinkerWho wants to create the effectAnd not be at the affect.Your school will be of the ones that thrive in 2020

Rich Odell  (231) 313-1100 







How many in the room are confident your school can maintain or increase enrollment over the next 5 years?What is the size of your school and grades served?How many of you have seen your enrollment drop in the last 5 years?How many adjusted their budget down once the school year started?



What if I told you….

To be financially viable in 2020 you must downsize your operation by 20-30%

Designing and managing a new normal

Being Proactive not Reactive


What does this title mean?

Downsizing So You Can Grow


Birth Rate in US: Down from 2.4 to 1.6 Education gap has narrowed: public, private, online, home school, charter, for profits.We are no longer 30% ahead of other options

Why should you be thinking about it?


The have and have-nots: Middle class cannot afford us anymore Must make $100,000 per year to afford us and even those now get significant financial aid I-Phone Do kids need schools as we have known them?

Why should you be thinking about it?


Parental expectations “If you don’t get straight A’s you are a failure”Now the “you” is us not the child & only 250 universities are acceptable Percent of kids who have been diagnosed with a learning difference is up

Why should you be thinking about it?


A 21st century library is called a Starbucksand don’t for one minute think Starbucks isn’t considering how to be a school of the future

Why should you be thinking about it?


Where Do You Start?


Where Do You Start?

Discussion with Board Chair

Discussion with Executive Committee

Discussion with Senior Administrative Team

Select task force comprised of a group from:

Executive Board & Senior Administrative Team

Decide scope of task


Where Do You Start?

Create a List of Functions

(you could/should consider outsourcing)

Housekeeping Substitute Teachers

Maintenance Some Online Courses

Food Service Transportation

Health Services Purchasing

College Placement Snow Plowing

Business Office Marketing

Grounds Keeping Fundraising & Alumni Mgmt.

IT Data Management


Where Do You Start?

Create a List of Critical Questions

to ask when considering each opportunity

Create a matrix-spreadsheet for purposes of

prioritizing outcomes

Consider each outsourcing opportunity

Prioritize the opportunities

Develop a plan and timeline for implementation


Internal Cost Cutting Opportunities

Better use of space Better use of staff time-consolidation of staff functions Fewer faculty &/or administration Better use of available class hours Fewer textbooks Benefit plans Housing options if a boarding school


Internal Cost Cutting Opportunities

4 Days per week

Administrative perks

Professional development shift

Reduce curriculum options

End traditional academic school at 10



Sell or lease some of school’s property


Growth Considerations

Late afternoon, evening, & weekend classes for

enrollees & public

Offer a choice: morning or afternoon school

Create partnerships with businesses, other schools, and


Create professional learning pathways

Have multiple school Admissions packages


Growth Considerations

Offer multiple diplomas

Create new “short” professional programs

Become “think” centers

Become “whole person” development centers

Have “specialization” that you are known for


Looking Beyond 2020


Looking Beyond 2020

Places to learn won’t be called schools as they will be

out of vogue

Teacher training & college education programs will not

look as they do today

Growth of the mind will not involve taking tests to see

what you remember

Plagiarism will go the way of liquor & pot


Looking Beyond 2020

Apprenticeships will be required in non-vocational


Youth experiential growth center will not need many


Private schools will in large part be owned by

Universities and businesses

Growth incubators will be where kids who know what

they want to do for the next 3-5 years hang out


Looking Beyond 2020

Cell phones, computers, T.V.’s, and radios will be gone

Dinner will be prepared by a communication prompt

and ready when you arrive

Newspapers, magazines, and most books will not exist

Cursive writing will be gone

Sports and Arts will be at the center of youth


GPA’s will not exist


Those Who Dally Die…

Those Who Energize Thrive


Contact InformationRich Odell(231) Heads Up Educational Consulting


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