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A Technology Spotlight eBook / How To Share this eBook Blab.IM eBook by Bryan Kramer Blab.IM in the Technology Spotlight 2 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer What is Blab.IM? Want to connect with a group of friends? Want to be part of a live chat without actually participating in it? Want to be able to talk to a couple or more people about any subject? Finding and Taking Part in a Blab Finding BLAB is very simple. Type in Blab.IM on your URL tab. Several live chats will be evempefpi xs nsmr. Ts �rh e glex epp ysy levi xs hs ms sgvspp hswr xli fvsrx teki. Tli pifx smhi sf xli teki les oiywsvhs xlex wivi ysih es xeks. Tli �vsx BPABs I sew sr xli teki wivi the “on air”. As I scrolled down I was able to see the chats that are scheduled for another time and I could subscribe to. Joining I decided to create an account. How to join Blab.IM is easy as using my Twitter account. “Blab brings us back to the basics of what social media is really about: Build relationships and engage. With Blab, we all have opportunity to go from being just “followers” and “connections” in a massive ocean to having real dialogue and interaction as part of a community. By comparison, Blab brings me back to the days of AOL chat rooms when chatting with strangers late at night was fun!” - Carlos Gil, Senior Manager Social Media at BMC 3 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer Watching a BLAB I gpmgoih sr xli �vsx pmvi glex xlex mrxivisxih mi geppih, “Irxvshygi ysyvsipf mr 15 sigsrhs.” to witness for a minute how a group of individuals introduced each other. I met a couple of mrxivisxmrk tistpi mr srpy e mmryxi. Dyvmrk Pmvi glexs, xli pmro tvsvmhis ysy wmxl xli emsyrx of viewers currently watching the BLAB. I could join the BLAB as a viewer or I can jump in the camera if a seat is available as long as the host approves it. I noticed in some BLABs they were encouraging their viewers to join in. Feels As a viewer you can also “give props” to those that are talking in the live session by pressing the “hands up” pair of hands. BLAB refers to this part as the “Feel.” The Feels do not accumulate between BLABS. They only last in that particular BLAB. “Blab is as much about the comments and the viewers who can share to Twitter as it is the 4 people on video because the people can change out so easily it truly is the �rst live streaming conversation platform of its kind!” -Brian Fanzo, Social Technology Evangelist 4 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer Experience Wlir I gpmgoih sr my �vsx BPAB, “Hsw xs mrxvshygi ysyvsipf mr 15 sigsrhs” I wes interested in meeting and knowing the people involved in it. It was interesting to see how people described themselves in such a short period of time. I was dragged into the experience. I felt a pull towards wanting to know them and the reasons why they would and yet here they were introducing each other. It’s live and personal. It takes away from the sytiv�gmep erh gpmgomrk sr e tmgxyvi erh gpmgomrk pmoi. Seats Available The amount of seats for the live chat is four. I noticed right away that I could join as a viewer. I was able to see who else was connected as a viewer as well. If the BLAB was public I could join one of the slots in the BLAB when it became available. Even if the BLAB If we’re keeping the “human” in business, you must see the person you’re collaborating with. “Unlike the one-to-many live video streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope, Blab.im simulates a town hall setting that allows a true conversation to take place. As a result, real community is created. If the message boards of the old web could speak, this is what they would look like.” -Joel Comm, NYT Best Selling Author 5 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer Image Above shows the Join+ box that I can click on and Join in as long as host approves as well as the comment section mentioned below. Commenting As a viewer you can comment on the chat. There is a comment bar on the right hand side of the chat. I noticed that the viewers were able to comment and ask questions. Subscribing to a BLAB I noticed some BLAB as I scrolled down that had “subscribe” on it. I clicked subscribe on a topic that interested me. I was under the impression I was going to see another live BLAB but what I saw was a countdown of when this topic would start. I then noticed it was the BLAB’s main page. I was able to see the countdown that lets you know when the chat is going live. Also on the right hand side there is a section with list of subscribers that will be attending the BLAB. Natural leaders need to guide the conversation and guide the culture for the rest of the employees. “Blab brings together all the media types that we have grown to love together in one experience. TV, Radio, Chat, Podcasting, Video Conferencing, and it does so with virtually no barrier to entry (Sorry Hangouts!) The result is a platform that is �exible, accessible and engaging. The sercret sauce is that engagement! While most social platforms create connections Blab creates real engagement.” -Steve Dotto, Founder, of Dotto Tech 6 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer BLAB Replays I rsxmgih ssmi BPABs wivi s� xli vigsvh miermrk mx hmh rsx eppsw ery vitpeys sf mx. I fsyrh mx levh xs �rh xli vitpeys. Aggsvhmrk xs xli wifsmxi, mx ms sr xli fsxxsm sf xlimv teki. Needless to say it took me a long time to get to the bottom of their page. On the positive rsxi, xliy epss levi xlim evempefpi sr xlimv Twmxxiv teki. Msvisviv, levmrk e vitpey stxmsr ms tvixxy riex smrgi mx eppsws ysy xs ks fego xs e stigm�g gsrvivsexmsr xlex ysy irnsyih sv learned from. Following As soon as I signed in with my Twitter account I was able to notice that some people from my Twmxxiv teki wlivi sr Bpef. I rsxmgih xlms sr my tvs�pi teki. Ysyv tvs�pi pixs ysy sii who you follow and who follows you. 7 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer Sharing the Blab I can share my BLAB by using the URL to send it to my friends or I can use keywords so they can access faster. Hosting a BLAB To host a BLAB just click on the top right hand side fy ysyv tvs�pi tmgxyvi. Cpmgo sr Sxevx e riw Bpef. It will ask you what your blog is about and it will ask allows you to pick if you want the BLAB to be live right away or in the future. If the future is clicked it asks what time you want it at. Scheduling a BLAB for the future allows others to subscribe and prepare for your BLAB. Hosting Features Fsv ixemtpi, mf I werx xs six yt e BPAB fsv e kvsyt but I did not want others to participate in the video xlir I ger psgo xli siexs. Hswiviv, erysri ger vmiw the BLAB. Recording Your Blab The BLAB is saved only when I place it “on the record”. Once I do so it keeps it on my replays. I can gpmgo sr s� xli vigsvh es mygl es I ger meoi givxemr tevxs sf xli glex tvmvexi. Ysy wmpp epss vigimvi er imemp vitpey sr ysyv swr glerrips sygl es YsyTyfi. “Blab has become my go source for broadcasting my Instagram Tips & Business advice to a room full of passionate business owners who are eager to learn engage and connect in a very intimate way. The ease of use, and ability to promote the broadcast before, during and after the event has me hooked—it is now my go to place to connect with my community and reach many new business owners who are eager to consume valuable information.” - Sue B. Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert 8 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer Settings and Pro�le Ir svhiv xs sii my tvs�pi I gpmgoih sr my mmeki sr xli vmklx lerh smhi sf xli teki. Ix les my tvs�pi mmeki fvsm Twitter. Once I clicked on it several options came up and I gpmgoih sr Tvs�pi. My tvs�pi pixs mi sii wls I fsppsw and who follows me. I also get to see the replays I have saved on my replay sections. On settings I was able to insert a bio. I also had optional settings as to when I werxih xs vigimvi imemp rsxm�gexmsrs. Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Building An Audience on Blab • I notice that you can always go back to the home page by clicking on the Blab Beta icon on the top left hand next to the search bar. • On the search bar you can search for keywords that will allow you to look up a BLAB that interests you. • On the left hand of the screen on top of the word “Tags” you can click on the icon that hides the Tags bar. • Sr xli fsxxsm sf xli TAG fev, xs xli fsxxsm pifx lerh gsvriv xlivi evi pmros xs xli gsmtery’s Bpsk, FAQ, Syv Sxsvy, Tivms, Csrxegx. “Blab is the ultimate live casting platform that combines all the functions of podcasting, live mobile broadcasting and social interaction into one nice little package that allows group conversations and even the development of new show formats. It is the true manifestation of social media. I think it’s the evolution of interaction and every marketers should study it carefully.” - Michael Stelzner Founder, Social Media Examiner 9 | Technology Spotlight Series : Blab by Bryan Kramer Audience • Be Proactive. I noticed that some Hosts were alone and they were inviting others to join their live chat. • Pick a subject that have more than one audience. Dsr’x fi xss stigm�g. • Having an introduction BLAB could pull a lot of viewers which can lead to followers. • Pick an instructional chat that targets a wider audience. “Blab is a game changer because it is quickly bringing people together to have ‘face to face’ conversations—something we’ve lost in today’s social media/technology centric world. The access we have to information today is unparalleled. And now we get to share it with everyone.” -Vincenzo Landino Founder, Landino Marketing About Bryan Bryan Kramer is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the art erh sgmirgi sf slevmrk, erh les fiir gvihmxih wmxl mrsxmkexmrk the #H2H human business movement in marketing and ssgmep. Wmxl sviv 300K ssgmep fers erh fsppswivs, erh er intimate understanding of the intricacies and interworking of practitioner and authority on the subject. Ir Jeryevy 2014, Bvyer’s �vsx fsso “Tlivi ms Ns B2B sv B2C: Ix’s Hymer xs Hymer #H2H” vssi xs xli #1 xst sippmrk stsx mr Bysmriss Bssos sr Amezsr mr mxs �vsx wiio. Ir Jeryevy 2015, #H2H wes remih es xli rymfiv 1 fyzzwsvh fsv 2015 fy Tli Wvmxiv. Hms sigsrh xmxpi, “Slevispsky: Hsw Slevmrk ms Tswivmrk xli Hymer Egsrsmy”, tyfpmslih fy Msvker Jemis Tyfpmslmrk wes vipiesih mr Jypy 2015. eBook

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