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Freshman English Sentence Introduction A sentence is a word or group of words that contains a subject and a verb and that expresses a complete thought He smiles Autumn leaves twirled gently to the ground ID: 512499 Download Presentation


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Grammar Basics

Freshman EnglishSlide2

Sentence Introduction

A sentence is a word, or group of words that contains a subject and a verb and that expresses a complete thought

He smiles.

Autumn leaves twirled gently to the ground.

The park district will open an outdoor ice skating rink in November.Slide3

There are 2 parts to all sentences:

The subject part tells Who or what?

The predicate part tells us what about it?Slide4

Look at the first sentence you wrote.





yourself “Who?” or “What?”)=




yourself “what about it “he.” )=



Now look at the next sentence.

Autumn leaves twirled gently to the ground

Find the subject and the predicate.Slide5

Now do the last one on your own- Underline the subject once and the predicate twice.


park district will open an outdoor ice skating rink in November


End of Day 1Slide6

Sometimes subject and predicate parts can be sneaky-

Understood subjects


can sometimes be understood even if they are not actually seen in the sentence.

Ex. Go to the library.

Understood subject = You

Predicate= go to the LibrarySlide7

Subjects at the end of a


Some sentences begin with a clause and end with the subject. If you ask yourself “Who or What is the sentence about,” you will easily find the subject.

ex. Under the cabinet is toilet paper.

Because they were deeply in love, the couple decided to marry.

End of day 2 notesSlide8

Identifying Predicate parts of a sentence can be tricky too-

You must find the verb, BUT there are 3 types of verbs:

Action (easiest b/c it is doing something)

Linking (links the subject to the rest of the sentence…not as easy)

Helping (words that are added before another verb and the “HELP” make a verb phraseSlide9

3 verb types




Ex. climb




Ex. am




Ex. do


Joseph climbs to the top of the stairs.The coach appears very angry.Sissy is being grumpy this morning.

End of day 3- practice Simple subjects and simple predicatesSlide10

What is a clause?

Every properly constructed English sentence contains at least one clause. 



is a section, or a part of a sentence, which includes a subject and some kind of description. Sentences can contain one or more clauses.    Slide11

For example:

The leaves in the tree turned yellow, caused by the changing of the seasons.

There are two clauses in this sentence:


The leaves in the tree turned yellow


caused by the changing of the


Independent vs. Dependent clauses

The independent clause

is the dominant, main clause of the sentence


Dependent clauses

only serve to modify (describe, or provide information about) independent clauses.  Unlike independent clauses, dependent clauses cannot exist by themselves.  Slide13

After he graduated from college, Daniel got a job in a bank.

1. Underline the subject- Who or what?

2. Underline the predicate twice- what about it?

3. Is it a complete thought?


=independent clause

Does any thing describe this but can’t stand on its own?=dependent clause Slide14


ndependent clause=

Subject + Predicate + Complete thought

Dependent clause= Can not stand on it’s own.

(it is a bike basket, not the wheels or frame)Slide15

“I do”


take the bus everyday to school, but I missed it yesterday because I woke up too


Independent Clause

Dependent Clause


“we do”

As soon as it stopped raining, we saw a double rainbow.

Frank, who works part-time, will be your guide.

I have tickets for the Justin


concert, which is in November.Last of Day 3

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