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Meditation and the Benefits for Calming the Mind


What is meditation?

Meditation provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

It is as integral as yoga is to well-being

Meditation allows one to become acutely aware of what is going on around them

With meditation one tunes into their senses rather than tuning out

Learning to tame the mind so energy can be focused to the needed areas of one’s well-being


Physical Benefits of Meditation

Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system

Clears your mind for better sleep

Can improve focus for athletes by refining ability to reach a goal by

using visualization


Boosts immune system


Mental and Emotional Benefits of Meditation

Reduces anxiety and depression and body regulates the neurochemical system

Improves critical thinking

Breaks unhealthy habits by detaching emotions associated with said habit

Improves self talk and self communication and gives control to self

Helps one stay in the here and now in the present moment


Mental Health Implications

Helps with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD.

There are currently over 600 research studies on one form of meditation, Transcendental Meditation, which is where a mantra (a word or sound) is repeated silently over and over again while sitting in a comfortable position

(Mental Health America)




Side Effects

Meditation can be difficult for individuals with anxiety or stress

Those individuals that are experiencing either auditory or visual hallucinations need to be cautious before participating because this could exacerbate those hallucinations

Even if those individuals who are having hallucinations may not do guided meditation, they can do deep breathing techniques

(Human Kinetics)


Active Meditation Techniques

Try to commit to meditating at least 10 minutes each day and more if possible

Try to set aside a room or an area in the house or at your workplace that is quiet and has little or no distractions

Set an alarm so that you are not checking your watch constantly

Have a chair or pillows to sit on for comfort


Active Meditation Techniques

Whether in a chair, on pillows, or on the floor, try to sit up straight and comfortably.

Not being comfortable can result in being distracted

Surround yourself with candles or incense

Play soft music without words but that has softly playing instruments

(Human Kinetics)


Active Meditation Techniques

Relaxation breathing technique: sitting upright with a neutral spine relax your abdomen and breathe quietly without forcing exhalations. Make inhales and exhales the same length

Make sure that you are wearing clothes that are not restrictive while sitting in meditation

(Human Kinetics)


Active Meditation Techniques

Choose your mantra: “I am calm”, “I am focused”,


Visualize an object or a place that gives and brings you peace and focus on that throughout

If prepping for a goal, visualize success

With guided meditation, relax and listen to each word that is said throughout the script

Invest in some mala beads. These are strands of 108 beads that can be used in conjunction with repeating your mantra and deep breathing for relaxation and meditation


Some good links for meditation…

You Tube has excellent selections, simply type in “guided meditation” or “transcendental meditation” and you will have several options come up


Media has many options for guided meditation CD’s.

And Google search can bring up many selections for each interest that one may have

Just remember to consider those with hallucinations when planning your meditation sessions




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Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine




Saunders Elsevier: St. Louis, MO

Mental Health America

Human Kinetics: Meditation provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits

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