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SerLes OP vLsuaO  OE vLsuaO-eOectrLcaO bOocN e[ecutLon SKeet No. 1. COoJJLnJ LndLcator OP-OE 1.1. T\pe Lnde[: orderLnJ e[ampOe OE1.12.B. .P. . 1 1 2 3 4 5 6  serLes: OE1 =cOoJJLnJ LndLcator vLsuaO-eOectrLcaO ZLtK 1 contact maNeand contact breaNer ZLtK 0% sZLtcKLnJ pressure dLfference OE2 =cOoJJLnJ LndLcator vLsuaO-eOectrLcaO ZLtK 1 contact maNeand contact breaNer ZLtK 0% and 100% sZLtcKLnJ pressure dLfference OE3 =cOoJJLnJ LndLcator vLsuaO-eOectrLcaO ZLtK 2 contacts maNand contacts breaNer ZLtK 0% sZLtcKLnJ pressure dLfference OP =cOoJJLnJ LndLcator vLsuaO to serLes OE ZLtKout sZLtcKLn contacts LndLctor-pressure dLfference:p-nomLnaO 03 = 4 PSI 0 = 12 PSI 12 = 1 PSI 25 = 36 PSI 45 = 65 PSI connectLon: B=bOocN e[ecutLon ZLtK fOan e connectLon connectLon sL]e: -=standard seaOLnJ materLaO: P =NLtrLOe NBR V=VLton FPM materLaO: KousLnJ -=standard VA =staLnOess steeO e[ecutLon: -=ZLtKout sZLtcKLn 1=e[ecutLon 1 eOectrLcaO OLmLt facts see Ltem 3 2 =e[ecutLon 2 eOectrLcaO OLmLt facts see Ltem 3 2. TecKnLcaO data:permLssLbOe operatLnJ pressure: 14 PSI permLssLbOe operatLnJ temperature: - NLtrLOe NBR - VLton FPM -13°F to 16°F 14°F to 16°F permLssLbOe pressure dLfference: - p 232 PSI LndLctor-pressure dLfference:4 12 1 36 65 PSI3. EOectrLcaO OLmLt facts: CSA U/ OLcensed 15V C 05A 10 VA 125V AC 05A 10 :att e[ecutLon 2:1…230V 1A 20 :attsZLtcK-over contact:contact maNer and contact breaNerprotectLon: IP 65 4. S\mboOs: e[ecutLon OE1 e[ecutLon OE2 OE3 12 contact maNer 13 contact breaNer LmensLons: LncKes esLJns and performance vaOues are subMect to cKanJe. EV 05/1 4 0 6205 204-0 4 0 6205 204-40 pKone fa[ FrLedensstrasse 41 604 AOtOussKeLm *erman\e-maLO 5. FunctLonLnJ: TKe cOoJJLnJ LndLcator OE Ls a combLned vLsuaO and eOectrLcaO pressure dLfference LndLcator. TKLs t\pe of pressure dLfference LndLcator can be mounted on aOO pressure fLOters ZLtK operatLnJ pressure 14 PSI Lf tKe correspondLnJ measurLnJ ports on tKe fLOter KousLnJ are avaLOab:LtK contamLnatLon of tKe fLOter eOement tKe dLfference betZeen tKe suppO\ pressure and tKe output pressure of tKe fLOter Ls LncreasLnJ. ependLnJ on tKLs pressure dLfference but Lndependent of tKe operatLnJ pressure vLsuaO and eOectrLcaO sLJnaOs arereOeased. A pressure dLfference dependent measurLnJ pLston cKarJed ZLtK suppO\ pressure and output pressure moves toZards a measurLnJ sprLnJ. ConcernLnJ tKe OE1 a permanent maJnet ZKLcK Ls LnteJrated Ln tKe measurLnJ pLston sZLtcKes - dependLnJ on tKe JauJe OenJtK - a Reed-contact maJnetLc-sZLtcK and reOeases eOectrLcaO controO sLJnaOs upon reacKLnJ a pressure dLfference of 0%. TKe OE2 Ls equLped ZLtK tZo maJnetLc sZLtcKes ZKLcK reOease eOectrLcaO controO sLJnaOs Ln a sequence of 0% and 100% of tKe sZLtcKLnJ pressure. TKe OE3 Ls equLped ZLtK tZo maJnetLc sZLtcKes trLJJerLnJ eOectrLcaO controO sLJnaOs at 0% of tKe sZLtcKLnJ pressure redudance of tKe sZLtcKes . TKe vLsuaO controO sLJnaO Ls LndLcated b\ a bOue-red scaOe ZKLcK Ls connected to tKe maJnetLc measurLnJ pLston. In tKe ranJe of OoZ pressure dLfferences - dependLnJ on tKe JauJe OenJtK of tKe measurLnJ pLston - tKe bOue ranJe of tKe scaOeappears fLrst. TKe LndLcated sZLtcKLnJ pressure dLfference Ls reacKed ZKen tKe dLvLdLnJ OLne betZeen tKe red and tKe bOue ranJe of tKe scaOe poLnts to tKe marNLnJ on tKe dLspOa\ ZLndoZ. 6. OperatLnJ LnstructLon:Note: ConsLder data and connectLnJ condLtLons mentLoned Ln Ltems 2 to. MaLntenance: TKe devLce Ls maLntenance-free. +oZever maNe sure tKat no soOvents Jet Ln toucK ZLtK tKe dLspOa\ ZLndoZ vLsuaO LndLcator nor ZLtK tKe pLston-sprLnJ-s\stem of tKe cOoJJLnJ LndLcator. US 162 .

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Series OP visual OE visual electrical block execution Sheet No 1628 G 1 Clogging indicator OP OE 11 Type index ordering example OE1 12 B P 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 series OE1 ID: 244893 Download Pdf

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