GEARS August  elcome back to QA Weve gathered a few more questions that have come through the ATRA Technical Department and wanted to share the answers with you
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GEARS August elcome back to QA Weve gathered a few more questions that have come through the ATRA Technical Department and wanted to share the answers with you

Once again the names and towns have been changed to protect the innocent 4R44E5R55E Converter Clutch Slip Hi my name is Chris and Im a rebuilder from Mooresville North Carolina Weve been fighting a TCC slip code in a 1995 Ford Ranger with a 4R44E We

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GEARS August elcome back to QA Weve gathered a few more questions that have come through the ATRA Technical Department and wanted to share the answers with you

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32 GEARS August 2005 elcome back to Q&A: We’ve gathered a few more questions that have come through the ATRA Technical Department and wanted to share the answers with you. Once again, the names and towns have been changed to protect the innocent. 4R44E/5R55E: Converter Clutch Slip Hi, my name is Chris and I’m a rebuilder from Mooresville, North Carolina. We’ve been fighting a TCC slip code in a 1995 Ford Ranger with a 4R44E. We’ve installed two different used valve bodies, a new solenoid, and three rebuilt torque converters. We also installed a new pump from the local Ford

dealer and the input shaft looks great. I read your Q&A article in the July 2004 issue of GEARS Magazine and was impressed by the information that was written about the F4E-III lock- up system. Is there anything else that I can do to improve lockup in the 4R55E/5R55E and get rid of this code? Well, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t ask how line pressure looked. For now, I’m going to assume it’s good. With that said, there are only a few things you didn’t mention. First, make sure you have the cor- rect TCC solenoid installed (figure 1). 95-96 models must use part # F5TZ- 7F037-AA; 97-up models

must use part # ZL2Z-7G136-AA. Electrically, these solenoids appear to be the same. But hydraulically they respond differently to the duty cycle signal the computer sends during lockup. For example, if you install a late TCC solenoid in a ‘95 Ranger, the pressure the TCC solenoid produces won’t ramp up quickly enough to engage the converter clutch properly. This is because the ‘95 Ranger computer signals are calibrated for the by Larry Frash Figure 1 97-Up Models Part# ZL2Z-7G136-AA Always use assembly grease in the spring pocket to prevent the spring from popping out during assembly.

Converter clutch modulator valve. 95-96 Models Part# F5TZ-7F037-AA Figure 2 frash-Q-A.qxd 7/22/05 2:17 PM Page 32
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early designed TCC solenoids and not the late style. During lock- up, converter clutch release oil must be exhausted. The problem with this transmission is the converter clutch release pres- sure exhausts through the spring- loaded cooler limit valve. This pre- vents release pressure from dropping completely to zero like most other transmissions. Here’s a very simple modification that will improve lockup: Remove the converter clutch mod- ulator valve (figure 2).

Drill a 0.062” exhaust hole in the converter release passage of the valve body casting (figure 3). Plug the small bypass hole in the plate (figure 4). This will completely exhaust the converter release circuit when the con- verter clutch modulator valve is in the lockup position. Don’t forget to plug the small bypass hole in the plate. Failing to do so will create a converter drainback condition. When you reinstall the converter clutch modulator valve, make sure you put some assembly grease in the spring pocket of the valve. If the spring pops out during assembly, it willl cock in the bore and

prevent the valve from mov- ing. This modification is a quick, easy way to improve lockup and can be used as a rebuild procedure on all 4R44E/5R55E transmissions. R4AEL: Falls Out of Overdrive My name is Eddie, and I’m from the Atlanta area. I’m working on a 1990 Mazda MPV with an R4AEL transmission that downshifts to third gear when I let off of the accelerator. Line pressure was good and th apply pressure dropped to zero during the downshift, so I thought it was a control problem. I monitored the shift solenoid signals and found that, when I was cruising in th gear at about 60 MPH, solenoid

A was on and sole- noid B was off. When I let off the accelerator, nothing changed. But then I noticed the overrun solenoid was cycling on and off with the accelerator pedal. When the GEARS August 2005 33 Drill a 0.062" exhaust hole in this circuit. The hole should protrude through the outside of the casting. When doing this modification, always plug this hole. TCM Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 1990 MPV Inhibitor Switch Circuit Please visit us at booth #727 frash-Q-A.qxd 7/22/05 2:17 PM Page 33
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overrun solenoid was on, I had 4 th gear. Can this cause this transmission to fall out

of 4 th gear, and is this nor- mal? I also noticed that the hold mode indicator light doesn’t work. Eddie, so far you’ve done a fantas- tic job diagnosing this problem and it led you in exactly the right direction. The overrun solenoid must be on to have 4 th gear. At light throttle, the over- run solenoid controls the overrun clutch control valve, which can inhibit 4 th gear and apply the overrun clutch. The overrun solenoid should stay on when you lift your foot off the accelerator. Three weeks ago I had a similar call. What was causing these two symp- toms was no voltage to the inhibitor

switch. The computer strategy won’t allow Hold Mode to work in park, neu- tral or reverse, so believe it or not, the Hold Mode indicator not working was a bigger clue than you may have thought. The inhibitor switch supplies 12 volts to individual pins on the comput- er, one for each gear , depending on what gear you select (figure 5). For example, in reverse, the computer reverse indicator pin would receive 12 volts from the inhibitor switch and all other pins from the switch would receive zero volts. Apparently, when none of these pins have power, there’s a computer strategy that allows the

transmission to work normally unless you let off the throttle in 4 th gear or request the Hold Mode function. Check for power to the inhibitor switch. If you have power to it, backprobe the computer using the com- puter pin chart (figure 6) to see if the inhibitor switch is working properly. CD4E Repeat Converter Failure Hi, my name is Roger; I’m working on a 1998 Ford Contour with a CD4E transmission. This car keeps coming back with “converter slip” codes. So far I’ve had the converter rebuilt four times. I’ve installed a brand new valve body, new solenoid pack, new pump, new stator sup-

port, and checked the input shaft. I’ve also verified the computer is correct and the transmission has the correct ratios. I can’t see anything wrong with this transmission. Please help. Roger, sometimes the answer is in places that a transmission rebuilder sim- ply can’t see. Whether you’re having lockup problems or not, always check converter turbine pressure (figure 7). With the transmission hot, the pressure should be at least 70 PSI while the trans- mission is in lockup. Low converter turbine pressure will cause converter slip. While most converter rebuild companies are very good,

sometimes they may overlook things like a cracked piston. It’s common for these converters to have cracks in the apply pistons (figure 8). The transmission that this converter came out of had good tur- bine pressure until the transmission got hot. When the transmission temperature reached about 150 F, the turbine pres- sure dropped to 25 PSI in lockup. Replacing the converter cured both the pressure problem and lockup problem. Have the converter rebuilder cut your converter open and check the apply pis- ton yourself for small cracks. If you or anyone in your shop have technical

questions or have a fix of your own, send them in… we’d love to hear from you! 34 GEARS August 2005 Q&A: 3 Hot Tech Problems and Answers Figure 6 Figure 7 Converter Turbine Pressure CD4E converter clutch apply pistons usually crack in this location. Figure 8
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