Ground Rules PowerPoint Presentation

Ground Rules PowerPoint Presentation

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We are working with Dummy data. We are working such that the happy path use case goes through. . This means that we are not stopping and throwing catch blocks to catch errors. Our mantra is iterate, iterate, iterate. ID: 524759

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Ground Rules

We are working with Dummy data

We are working such that the happy path use case goes through

This means that we are not stopping and throwing catch blocks to catch errors

Our mantra is iterate, iterate, iterate

So we need to get something out, this need not be perfect

We are working with LEAN model – this means extreme agile and not waterfall

I encourage

us to

have 2 channels of thought

1. What can be implemented right away

2. What can be a vision for the long term


needs to be done fast and done right (approximately)

We will learn and work on this together


MOST importantly Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Over e-mail, calls. We will sync everyday, even if it is for 15



Redirected from anywhere

Travel alert on app

Email signup

F connect

Search for hotels

Search for deals

Filters applicable

Search for reviews

Search for advents (adventure deals)

Home page

A blurb on what we do

A 10 second pitch

Reviews by the community

1st person reviews

Reliable and brief

Pitfalls and Pleasures (Avoid) (Go-to)

Highlighted deals

Timing of deals

Adventure trips

Custom itinerary

Group deals

Go where your friends go!

Feature Set


Book the deal

Cash on delivery


Share experience

(f/flickr)Photos and updates (w00t)

Share the deal (f/t


Send the itinerary to friends

Reviews and recommendations


Feature Set

This is not a wireframe. It is a list of the features in priority order

Normal Database/search

Adventure events sorted by location and interest

Flash sales and packages

Search for tickets/destinations

Social Sharing

Share Deals on Facebook

Community Reviews

Group It*


Adventure events/events

These are specific events and adventure deals. Store them in a database. The fields are


Type – Adventure or Events




Review (free text storage)

These should be sortable by all the fields. Use filters to enable sorting.

Sorting is a priority 2 feature











Flash Sales

These are specific sales and package deals. A variety of things can prompt this. Some of them include – introduction of a new airline, special last minute deals in hotels, going out of business deals. As always, Store them in a database. The fields are


Type – Stand alone or package deals – Stand alone means only one deal on airplanes/hotels. Package includes two or more (rental car deals for example)




Review (free text storage)

Keep a blurb to denote what sort of a deal this is. Plane for airplane, Hotel for hotel deals and a gift pack for package deals

These should be sortable by all the fields. Use filters to enable sorting.

Sorting is a priority 2 feature



Standard search architecture for booking flights. The code is open source and has been shared with you in another mail. All we need to do is to implement that and make it look pretty.


Share deals on FB

This is pretty standard. So after booking, you should be able to share deals on FB/twitter and within the site as well. All that needs to be done is to implement a share button snippet from FB

Currently the payment system is a dummy system. We will not hook into anything yet except store contact details of the person making the bookings.


Community reviews

Any community member can write reviews on any of our deals/sales/destinations. There is plenty of code lying around on the internet for this. Just take and tweak

This will later be refined to a person only being able to write reviews for a place that this person has visited. (Priority 2)


Group It

This is our key differentiator. So I want us to implement this perfectly.

Concept –

If I book a deal, my friend also wants to book that deal. I will share that deal and he will book the same deal.

Implementation –

The deal that a person books should be shared. Another community member will look at that deal and book the same deal. If the deal is different in any feature (not the same airline, not the same hotel) then the person will be notified. Even if there is a difference in the prices of the bookings, the person must be notified. If there is no difference, the same booking must go through. So there must be a way to store the operations of a booking. Since, at this moment this involves just hotels and airlines, this operation will only involve storing these 2 data points in the database.

Since we are working with Dummy Data, the complex use cases that must have occurred to all of you will not be surfacing.

I cannot stress enough how this is central to our business idea. Implement this as a Priority 1 feature


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