Where Do I Start? What  D Where Do I Start? What  D

Where Do I Start? What D - PowerPoint Presentation

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Where Do I Start? What D - PPT Presentation

o I A utomate Melissa Henley Director of Marketing Communications Is This How You Think of Automation Or This 4 Steps to Getting Started Step 1 Establish Ownership Step 2 Secure BuyIn ID: 660230

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Where Do I Start?

What Do I Automate?

Melissa Henley

Director of Marketing CommunicationsSlide2

Is This How You Think of Automation?Slide3

Or This?Slide4

4 Steps to Getting Started

Step 1: Establish OwnershipStep 2: Secure Buy-InStep 3: Gather RequirementsStep 4: Map the ProcessSlide5

What Could You Change?

Eliminating unnecessary steps from a processChanging inefficient proceduresRedesigning formsImproving communication between departmentsIntroducing process efficiencies through small process changesSlide6

Our Example: HR

HR employees are storing all documents as paper or scanning to shared drives as PDFs.All employee information is already stored in a database.Retention policies are not being followed as closely as they should be. Hard copies may be requested by employees or managers whenever necessary.Slide7

Project Owner vs. Project Champion

Project Owner:

handles daily operations

Project Champion:

shares the vision of automation with stakeholders and gathers supportSlide9

Our Example: HR

Who might be the Project Owner?Who might be the Project Champion?Slide10

People Need a Reason to ChangeSlide12

Our Example: HR

What ways could our Project Champion get buy-in for this automation initiative?Slide13

AnalysisWhat is the desired outcome?

What is the beginning? The end?Who does what when, where and why?What information needs to be passed on?How will I know if my project is a success?Slide15

Back to Our Example …

HR documents scanned and archived in proper records seriesAutomatic folder creation with metadata automatically applied from HR databaseRetention schedules automatically appliedViewing shortcuts for authorized departmental managersWhat is the desired outcome?Slide16

Start and End PointsThe Beginning

– when document is received from employeeThe End – when scanned document is destroyed in accordance to retention policyWhat is the beginning? The end?Slide17

Activities Performed

Documents are received by HR staffFiled in file cabinet or scanned onto network drive Manually indexed Record entry added to master entry logDestroyed when longest retention period ends

Who does what, when, where and why?Slide18

Knowledge Transfer

Employee nameDate of BirthHire DateSSNDepartmentSupervisor/ManagerWhat information needs to be exchanged?Slide19

Begin With the End in Mind

How Will I Know if My Project is a Success?BudgetTiming ScopeQualityCustomer satisfactionSlide20

Why Map the Process?Slide22

Our Example: Initial ProcessSlide23

Our Example: Proposed ProcessSlide24

Solution ConfigurationQuick Fields

: scan/capture on steroidsWorkflow: powerful automationForms: data collection, basic routing and approvalRecords Management Edition: automate retentionSlide25

Beware …Slide26

And If You’d Like to Learn More …Slide27

Online CertificationSlide28

Online CertificationSlide29

ECM Blog

“What is Business Process Automation?”“5 Bad Pieces of Advice About Business Process Automation”And more!Slide30


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