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Your Spiritual Health. College Students Report Interest in. Attaining inner harmony. Developing a meaningful philosophy of life. Seeking beauty in life. Becoming a more loving person. What Is Spirituality?. ID: 668609 Download Presentation

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FOCUS ON Your Spiritual Health

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Your Spiritual Health


Your Spiritual Health

College Students Report Interest in

Attaining inner harmony

Developing a meaningful philosophy of life

Seeking beauty in life

Becoming a more loving person


What Is Spirituality?


Individual’s sense of purpose and meaning in life, beyond material values

The personal quest for understanding answers to ultimate questions about life, meaning, and our relationship with the sacred or transcendent


What Is Spirituality?

Religion and Spirituality Are Distinct Concepts


may or may not lead to participation in organized religion.


—a system of beliefs, practices, rituals, and symbols designed to facilitate closeness to the sacred or transcendent

Most Americans consider spirituality to be important in their lives, but not necessarily in the form of religion.

Perennial philosophy

—the universal ideas that underlie all spiritual experience


Characteristics of Distinguishing Spirituality and Religion


What Is Spirituality?

Healthy relationships


treating ourselves and others with respect, honesty, integrity, and love, are a sign of spiritual well-being.


are our principles—not only the things we say we care about, but also the things that cause us to behave the way we do.

People who are spiritually healthy are able to articulate their

purpose in life

, and make choices that manifest that purpose.

Spirituality Integrates Three Facets


What Is Spirituality?

Spiritual Intelligence Is an Inner Wisdom

Physicist and philosopher Danah Zohar defines spiritual intelligence (SI) as “the intelligence that makes us whole, that gives us our integrity. It is the soul’s intelligence, the intelligence of the deep self.”


What Are the Benefits of Focusing on Your Spiritual Health?

Spiritual Health Contributes to Physical Health

Can improve immune function, cardiovascular function, and/or other physiological changes.

Americans who attend religious services regularly live many years longer, on average, than those who do not.

People who are more spiritually healthy exhibit greater self-control.

Those who are spiritually healthy may also be more disciplined about getting adequate exercise and sleep.


What Are the Benefits of Focusing on Your Spiritual Health?

Spiritual or Religious Well-Being Improves Quality of Life

By decreasing anxiety, depression, anger, discomfort, and feelings of isolation

By decreasing alcohol and drug abuse

By decreasing blood pressure and the risk of heart disease

By increasing the ability to cope with the effects of illness and with medical treatments

By increasing feelings of hope, optimism, freedom from regret, satisfaction with life, and inner peace


What Are the Benefits of Focusing on Your Spiritual Health?

Spiritual Health Contributes to Psychosocial Health

Current research suggests spiritual health reduces levels of anxiety and depression.

Yoga, deep meditation, and prayer can positively affect brain chemistry.

Charitable organizations and social gatherings can help members avoid isolation and find support in a spiritual community.


What Are the Benefits of Focusing on Your Spiritual Health?

Spiritual Health Contributes to Reduced Stress

Stress reduction is one probable mechanism among spiritually healthy people for improved health and longevity, and for coping more effectively with illness.

Positive religious coping supports effective stress management.

Increasing mindfulness through meditation reduces stress levels not only in people with physical and mental disorders, but in healthy people as well.


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?

Train Your Body


Kundalini yoga

Hatha yoga

Ashtanga yoga

To transform any exercise session into a spiritual workout

begin by acknowledging gratitude for your body’s strength and speed

throughout the session, try to maintain mindfulness of your breathing


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?

Expand Your Mind

Therapy helps you to let go of the hurts of the past; accept your limitations; reduce stress, anger, anxiety, and depression; and take control of your life.

Another way to expand your mind is to study the sacred texts of the world’s major religions.

Exploring on-campus meditation groups or religious organizations and exploring churches in your neighborhood can also expand your spiritual awareness.


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?

Tune In to Yourself and Your Surroundings


Refers to a practice of concentrating the mind on

a spiritual or ethical question or subject

a view of the natural world

an icon

other images representative of divinity

Helpful to keep a journal to record any insights that arise


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?


The ability to be fully present in the moment

Living mindfully means making your ordinary moments notable and noteworthy.

Pursuing almost any endeavor that requires close concentration can help develop mindfulness.

Cultivate mindfulness by paying attention to how our choices affect our world.


Developing Environmental Mindfulness

To Be Mindfully Green, Contemplate These Questions

How can I investigate the nature of desire?

How can I challenge its allure for me, as a consumer?

What do I actually need?

What is my fair share?

How do my choices influence the resources available to others?

Can I both practice restraint and cultivate contentment?

Am I willing to witness suffering?


Developing Environmental Mindfulness

How can I work to reduce environmental harm?

How can I cultivate kindness toward birds, trees, waters, and lands?

Can I acknowledge my responsibility to inflict no unnecessary harm?

How shall I respond to the harm inflicted by others?

How can I recognize my interdependence with all living organisms?


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?


A practice of emptying the mind, of cultivating stillness

The fundamental task is to quiet the mind’s noise.

Achieving periods of meditative stillness each day enhances spiritual health.

Researchers have found that experienced meditators show a significantly increased level of empathy.

A recent study found that meditation increased the capacity for forgiveness among college students.

Meditation improves the brain’s ability to process information, reduces stress, improves sleep, and relieves chronic pain.


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?

Types of Meditation

Mantra meditation

Breath meditation

Color meditation

Object meditation

Loving-kindness meditation


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?


An individual focuses the mind in communication with a transcendent presence.

For many, prayer begins with



Adoration is often followed by

petition and intercession

(sharing concerns and promising to be open to guidance).

Prayer traditionally concludes with thanksgiving (expression of gratitude).


What Steps Can You Take to Focus on Your

Spiritual Health?

Reach Out to Others


Giving of oneself out of genuine concern for others

Volunteering to help others; choosing to work for a not-for-profit organization; and donating time, money, or resources all can enhance your own spiritual heath.

Environmental stewardship

The responsibility for environmental quality shared by all those whose actions affect the environment

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