The Aztec Social Hierarchy The Aztec Social Hierarchy

The Aztec Social Hierarchy - PowerPoint Presentation

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The Aztec Social Hierarchy - PPT Presentation

Social Hierarchy Pyramid The Emperor Nobles were in the next highest position underneath the emperor They made up about 1015 of the population They held most of the political power and wealth even though the emperor made the final choice ID: 602379

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The Aztec Social HierarchySlide2

Social Hierarchy PyramidSlide3

The EmperorSlide4

Nobles were in the next highest position underneath the emperor.

They made up about 10-15% of the population.

They held most of the political power and wealth even though the emperor made the final choice.

Nobles worked as scribes, government officials, and teachers.



Nobles could become priests.

They studied reading, which was their training.

The priests helped the Emperor in religious ceremonies, like sacrifice.Slide6



Merchants were very important to the Aztec community because they earned money for the society.

Went on trading expeditions

Brought back luxuries, goods, and acted as spies

Sold goods in markets

Paid taxes based on their profitsSlide8


The Artisans were also known as Artists in the Aztec time.

Provided clothes, art, gold & jewellery

Mask makers, goldsmiths, and feather workers

Quetzal birds were in high demand

Only members of nobility could wear feathers



The Aztec soldiers fought in their wars

Men were the soldiers and went to war at age 15.

Main job was to capture enemies for human sacrifice.

If a soldier captured 4 prisoners, they could move up in the hierarchy, to nobilitySlide10


Were skilled hunters & Fishers, as well as grew crops:

One of the more important individuals because they paid taxes.

They sold what they caught to earn money for income for their families.

The Aztec farmers also grew their crops for the society and shared their produce. Slide11


Women were not part of politics, but stilled received a good education.

Women got married at 16 and taught their own children, until the children were old enough to go to school.

They could be priestesses, doctors and healers in war, matchmakers and midwifes. Slide12


The slaves served the Nobles, and the Emperor by doing many different tasks for them.

The slaves performed much necessary works.

The slaves had to run to the Emperors palace from the market, to earn their freedom.

They performed tasks like chores, and gardening.

It was NOT shameful to be a slave.Slide13

Important Points

Society was based on family clans called Calpolli (see page 174). The emperor was seen as God-like

The Aztecs did not see slaves as “bad” but that was just their job. Anyone who wasn’t a Noble belong to the Commoner ClassSlide14

Hierarchy HeadbandsMove around the room, asking only yes or no questions from your classmates and try to guess which member of the Aztec Social Hierarchy you belong to