Creating and implementing an effective Student Leader Train PowerPoint Presentation

Creating and implementing an effective Student Leader Train PowerPoint Presentation

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MACUHO 2011 Annual Conference. Session Outline &. Objectives. . We will Discuss:. Brief History of Student Staff Trainings. Things to think about when re-working your current training. Practical Applications for future staff training. ID: 277715

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Presentations text content in Creating and implementing an effective Student Leader Train


Creating and implementing an effective Student Leader Training

MACUHO 2011 Annual Conference


Session Outline & Objectives

We will Discuss:

Brief History of Student Staff Trainings

Things to think about when re-working your current training

Practical Applications for future staff training


Individuals will learn new techniques which they can implement into their student leadership training programs

Individuals will be able to identify common trends in student leader training, and begin to break down the process of re-working their student training

Individuals will be able to identify specific factors which can be implemented into student training that have been successful in other programs.


Presenter Introductions

Matt Kerch –

Assistant Director of Residence Life Lehigh University

Shippensburg University

Dickinson College & Lehigh University



– Assistant Director of Residence Life Lehigh University




University & Lehigh University

Brandon Morris

– Assistant Director of Residence Life Lehigh University

University of Delaware

University of Delaware & Lehigh University


Historical Context for Student Leader Training


- Planned by deans, 2 to 3 days in length, lecture format. Main components were duty and facility training.


– Planned by student affairs administrators, 5 to 7 days in length, lecture and team building activities. Main components were duty, facilities, and social programming.


– Planned by student affairs administrators, 7 to 10 days in length, Duty/Crisis, policy enforcement, facilities, building relationships, community building programming.


–Planned by new professionals, 7 to 14 days, team building, lectures, scenarios, intense. Main components are relationship building, community building, programming, policy, leadership, health, crisis intervention, facilities.


– same format as the 70’s, eating disorders, and diversity initiatives take form during the 80’s.


– same as the 80’s, emergence of multiculturalism, race, LGBT, & Gender take form.


– 10 to 14 days, exhausting, LGBTQIA, Socio-economic class, standing is also seen in training.


Common Trends in the 2010’s

Planned by new professional or Grad Student

Typically 7 to 14 days

Team building, scenarios,

lectures, intensive,

& exhausting.


covered in training:














Race, ethnicity, Gender, LGBTQIA, Ability, Veteran, Gender Expression, Socio-Economic Status

Social Justice




of community policies and procedures





Re-designing your current training


your current training model

Are staff members satisfied by the training?

Is it too exhausting or intensive for your staff members?

Are presentations time effective?

Are presentations engaging and relevant to their positions?

Are you conducting assessments of your training?

Focus Groups?




“This year’s training was the best I have been a part of. I think it allowed for more free time to complete tasks as well as time to breathe and take in information from the sessions. “- 4th year Gryphon

“As a returning Gryphon I really appreciated this years training because it was condensed and I still learned all I needed for my job. “- 2nd year Gryphon

“Training was great this year because it allowed me to get to know my staff members better because we had more time to hang out that wasn’t forced.”

- 2nd year Gryphon



“This year was my 1st year of being a Gryphon and I wouldn’t change anything about training. I feel that I had a lot of time with my staff as well as the entire group.”- 1st year Gryphon

“This years training rocked because it was organized better than before, and I liked the concept of the theme, and liked working around that theme throughout training.”- 2nd year Gryphon

“I liked how each Head Gryphon was given materials similar to the professional staff so we were all on the same page, and could assist Gryphons when they needed help.”

- 2nd year Head Gryphon


Re-designing Training

Begin to re-design your training by creating a list of MUST-HAVES:

Examples can include: interactive training sessions, limit to session length (30


), handouts, rotating sessions to keep students moving, shorter days, increased group interaction, shorter training length.

Begin to work out your schedule.

Rotating small group sessions keep groups small, and get more presentations into the schedule.

Try the option of a resource fair for those offices not directly related to the students job responsibilities

Allow enough time between sessions/travel

Social Media Integration


Training should be fun!

Theme for training

Free giveaways each day


Staff challenge or competition

Banner Contest

Door Decoration contest

Bulletin Board Contest

Spirit Award

Lip Sync

Social Media


Begin to re-create your training

Go through previous training and see if there are sessions you can eliminate, condense, or allow to be part of a resource fair.

Group sessions of similar topics together

Integration of institutions developmental competencies infused into training

All sessions limited to either 30 or 45 minute sessions. (Special exception for 2 – 60 min sessions – in our training)

Presenters are asked to be engaging, energetic, and interactive.

Increase in-hall time and individual staff time

Free day in the middle of training

Total of 6 day training, 3 days shorter than last year


Training Break Down


Training Schedule Example

  Friday, August 19th  * 8:00 AM –8:45 AMBreakfastRathbone * 9:00 AM - 9:30 AMOpening remarks from ORL & DOSPackard 466Jenn, John, Sharon, Allison, T&D* 9:30 AM - 12:20 PMMorning Skill Building Sessions (30 mins each) 1) HUB/Coursesite 2) RHA 3) Gryphon Paperwork 4) Programming (New Gryphon or Returning Gryphon Session) 5) Counseling Center - what to look for this year Packard 360 Packard 416 Packard 466 Packard 208/508 Packard 258 Matt Kitchie & Brandon Lauren/Shan/Chelsea Kate/Becky Kerri/Matt Counseling Center* 12:20 PM –1:30 PMLunchRathbone * 1:30 PM –1:45 PM Overview of afternoonPackard 466T &D1:45 PM - 5:00 PMSkill Sessions Afternoon (45 mins each) 1) Sexual Assault Protocol 2) Residential Services—RCF’s 3) Residential Services— Gryphon Manual Overview 4) Residential Services—Fire SafetyPackard 416 Packard 466 Packard 208 Packard 258 Brooke Kari & Danielle Chris Mike & New AD * 5:15 PM –6:15 PMDinner (AD Meeting at Dinner)Rathbone * 6:30 PM –8:15 PMIn-Hall Time (Schedule provided in back)In-Hall 8:15 PM ->Free Time  

  Saturday, August 20th  * 8:00 AM –8:45 AMBreakfastRathbone * 9:00 AM –9:15 AMDaily OverviewPackard 466 9:15 AM –12:30 PMBreak Out Sessions (60 minute): 1) Social Expectation Discussion with Jenn Scaia 2) OMA Diversity Training Program Break Out Sessions (30-minute): 1) Hawk's Oath Training 2) Bias Related Incidents Packard 466 Packard 416 ————— Packard 208 Packard 258 Jenn Tyrone/Courtney ------------------------ Matt/Brandon/Kerri Allison * 12:30 PM –1:30 PMLunchRathbone * 1:30 PM –1:45 PMReconvene/review of tonight in-hall sessionsPackard 466 * 1:45 pm –2:30 pmLUPD presentation/open burn/drug paraphernaliaPackard 466LUPD* 2:30 PM –3:30 PMBystander Awareness/Greek Overview Packard 466Tim/Veronica3:45 PM -4:00 PMTrue Life: I'm on Duty (Part 1) PracticeBrodheadBrandon* 3:45 PM –5:45 PMTrue Life: I'm on Duty (Part 1)BrodheadAll AD's* 5:45 PM - 6:45 PMDinner (AD meeting at dinner) (Head Gryphon/RHC Meeting during dinner)Rathbone * 6:50 PM - 8:50 PMIn Hall timeIn-Hall 8:50 PM ->Free Time  

Example of Small Group Session Schedule

Example of Large/Small Group schedule structure


Final Conclusions

Assessments of training this year concluded:

Students enjoyed the condensed training structure

Students felt they had more time to interact as a whole as well as individual staffs

Students felt adequately prepared for students to arrive

Students were not exhausted at the end of training, but were energized

Students stayed actively engaged during training

Team building activities/competitions/prizes helped keep student interest

Some training sessions can be combined next year or integrated into in-hall trainings

Session structure and overall schedule will stay close to current model to maximize student engagement

The re-design of the training model was a success


Matt, Kerri, & Brandon are

available to help assist you & your office in re-envisioning and re-purposing your student staff trainingEmail us Contact us if you have any questions or need help with your student staff training!





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