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Reconstruction Reconstruction Vocabulary
Reconstruction Reconstruction Vocabulary

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Reconstruction Vocabulary


th Amendmentgrandfather clause14th AmendmentJim Crow15th AmendmentKu Klux Clan16th Amendmentliteracy testAbraham Lincolnmartial lawAndrew Johnsonpoll taxassassinationReconstructionblack codesresurgencecarpetbaggerscalawagdisenfranchisesharecroppingFreedman’s Bureautenant farming

Use the definitions from the


study set to complete the vocabulary chart in your notebook on the following words:Slide3

Take a look at the landscape of the South at the end of the war…Slide4

Needless to say, when soldiers returned home, there was not much to return home to…Slide5

Society / Culture

After the Civil War, the South was at a precipice (turning point).

Millions of former slaves were now called Freedmen.Former slave-holders were stripped of their “property” and power.Former confederate soldiers (poor whites) were angry and bitter about fighting the “rich man’s war” and that they would now be in competition with freedmen for jobs.Slide6

Politics / Government / Leadership

“The Great Emancipator” was dead.

Andrew Johnson (the former VP) was put on the presidential ticket in 1864 to win over border states due to his sympathy for slave holders.This did not sit very well for the Radical Republicans in Congress.They wanted to punish the South for starting the Civil War.They also wanted to re-shape the government to include freedmen as equal citizens.Slide7

Politics / Government / Leadership

Former slave-holders were stripped of their power.

They watched as carpet baggers, scalawags, and freedmen took over positions of power.Slide8

Constitutional Amendments


th Amendment – made slavery illegalSouthern delegates were not allowed their seat in Congress until their state had ratified this amendmentSlide9

Constitutional Amendments


th Amendment – said that if you were born in the United States, you are a citizenThis amendment was designed to make sure all former slaves could not be denied rights as a citizen.Slide10

Constitutional Amendments


th Amendment – said that you cannot be denied the right to vote based on raceBecause the 14th Amendment did not say anything about voting rights…the 15th Amendment was added.Slide11

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson was not supportive of freedmen gaining citizenship rights.

He fought against Congress’s reconstruction efforts.Because of the conflict between Johnson and Congress:He was impeached because he fired his Secretary of War without the approval of Congress.He was the first president to be impeached in U.S. history.Slide12

Andrew Johnson

What impact did the conflict between President Johnson and Congress have on the Reconstruction of the South?

What happens when leadership in the White House and Congress is not willing to work together?What effect does that have on the nation?Slide13


True/False – Andrew Johnson supported congress during Reconstruction.

The 13th amendment made what illegal in the U.S.?The 15th amendment says that you cannot be denied the right to vote on the basis of ________________.After the Civil War, they moved down South from the North.scalawagscarpetbaggersfreedmenSlide14


The grandfather clause said that you can __________ as long as your grandfather did.

What group of people were deliberately disenfranchised with poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause?Who assassinated President Lincoln?What is the period after the Civil War called?What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau?Slide15


/ Culture

Politics / Gov’tBothWord Bankliteracy testsFreedmen’s Bureaudisenfranchising black / Republican voterssharecroppers / tenant farmersblack codesku klux klanPresident Johnson15th amendmentgrandfather clause“the Old South”carpetbaggerscompromise of 1877Which category do the words in the word bank belong to – society, politics, or both?Slide16

Answer in your notebook…

Give an example of how black voters were disenfranchised during Reconstruction.

Lincoln said, “We must not look to the South as our enemies, but welcome them back to the Union.” How would President Lincoln dealt with the southern states differently than President Johnson did during Reconstruction?Slide17

Answer in your notebook…

Name at least 3 ways that the South changed after the Civil War.Slide18

Ways that the South continued to resist the changes that Reconstruction brought…

Disenfranchising black voters so African Americans and Republicans were not in office.

Turning to the klan to intimidate and murder black and Republican leaders in the south.Re-establishing “the old south” with the tenant farming/sharecropping system and the black codes.Slide19

Literacy Tests

Literacy tests were a requirement to be able to vote.

However, the tests were not given to anyone whose grandfather could vote.Why did the grandfather clause make it so that only the freedmen had to take the literacy test?Slide20

Disenfranchisement and Intimidation

The Ku Klux Klan disguised themselves in white robes and used violence to scare people into submission.

Unfortunately, they were often successful.President Grant used his authority as the enforcer of federal law to pass the Anti-Klan bill and crack down on the Klan in southern states.Slide21

Sharecropping / Tenant Farming

a system of working someone else’s land

After the Civil War, there was a huge gap in the supply of cheap labor and the demand to keep up cotton production to the levels before the war.Plantation owners began to “hire” back former slaves to work the same land they did as slaves.They also hired poor whites as well.Slide22

Sharecropping Cycle of PovertySlide23

Problems with Sharecropping / Tenant Farming

It forced freedmen to go back to work for their former masters.

It created a cycle of debt for the tenant farmer that was nearly impossible to escape.Slide24

Contract System

an alternative to sharecropping

Under the contract system…Freedmen would sign a contract to work for a given number of years.During that time, landowners (former slave owners) treated them in the same way as when they were slaves.It was illegal for contract workers to leave the farm.If they ran, they could be caught and brought back to the farm.This was part of “the black codes.”Slide25

Southern Black Codes

passage of laws restricting freedoms of African Americans

prohibited interracial marriagesrestrictions were placed upon the property they were allowed to ownrequired them to enter into annual labor contracts with a provision for punishment in case of violation (including forced labor)Slide26

Lasting Effects of Reconstruction

It re-built the south.

It allowed African Americans to run for office and participate in the electoral process…in the beginning.Many historians argue…because of the failure of Reconstruction, the south suffered for the next 100 yearsSlide27

Economic Changes in North Carolina

In 1873, a panic happened that resulted in an economic depression.

This was because of banks making loans that were defaulted on by their clients on a large scale.President Grant was blamed for the poor economy, and people were more worried about the economy than re-building the south.Slide28

The South’s economy was supported by agriculture and the use of tenant farming to replace the slave labor.Slide29

Economic Changes in North Carolina

The south was expanding their economy through the development of the following industries:


R.J. Reynolds

manufactured the first pre-rolled cigaretteSlide32

James Buchanan Duke

also manufactured some of the first pre-rolled tobacco

By 1890, his company had a monopoly on the tobacco industry Slide33

Pepsi Cola was first introduced as “Brad’s drink” in 1893 by Caleb


in New Bern, North Carolina.Slide34

The major technological accomplishment of the era was the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.Slide35

How did the Reconstruction Era end?Slide36

It ended with the Compromise of 1877.

This compromise agreed to remove the soldiers from the South in return for putting a Republican in the White House.

The election of 1876 had been too close to call between the candidates.a “back room deal” was madeSlide37

The consequence for African Americans in the south was that their rights were not protected any longer.

They had no protection from violent groups.

It also introduced the period of segregation in the Southern states called the “Jim Crow Era.”Slide38

Examples of Black Codes

Louisiana: Any black person found drunk, had to pay a fine of $5 and suffer corporeal punishment.

No black person was permitted to preach, or go to church without special permission in writing from the chief of police.Every black person was required to be in the regular employment of some white person.No black person can rent or keep a house in certain neighborhoods.No white person was allowed to give or lend a black person a knife, gun, or alcohol.Slide39

No marriage of black and white people.

Black people must make annual contracts for their labor, if they run away, they forfeit their wages for a year.

Homeless black people can be hired out to serviceSlide40

Jim Crow Laws

All passenger seats must be segregated in any form of public transportation

All schools, hospitals, restrooms, colleges must be segregatedNo black or white people can marry, date or live togetherBlack and white people cannot eat in the same restaurantBlack and white people must play on their own baseball fields.No one can print/write any article about social equality for black people.Slide41

Black and white students cannot interchange textbooks. The books must always be sued by the first race who used them.

The library must have a separate room for black people.

Black and white people must have separate pools.All movie theaters must be segregated.

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