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Digital Photography

R090. Learning objective 1. LO1: . Understand the features and settings of digital photographic equipment.. Learning objective 1. Task 1. Task 2. Talk about the features and setting of equipment.. Capabilities and limitations of different equipment..

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Digital Photography

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Digital Photography


Learning objective 1


Understand the features and settings of digital photographic equipment.Slide3

Learning objective 1

Task 1

Task 2

Talk about the features and setting of equipment.

Capabilities and limitations of different equipment.

Talk about the suitability of different equipment in different settings.

Make a slide for each different rule of photography and composition.Slide4

Settings of digital cameras

Automatic Mode

Portrait Mode

Macro Mode

Landscape Mode

Sports Mode

Night Mode

Movie ModeAperture Priority Mode (A or AV)

Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV)

Manual ModeSlide5

Features of digital cameras

Megapixels and digital camera resolution


reproduction, noise and distorsion



digital zoom

Shutter delayViewfinder vs LCD screen

Manual focusing

Image stabilisation


White balance

Battery lifeSlide6

Features and settings of digital cameras

On the last two slides is an list features and setting of digital cameras.

For the lowest mark pick four from each list and describe what they are.

For highest mark pick six from each and describe what they are.Slide7

Different Ways To Take Pictures

They are lots of different ways to pictures

Can you name any?Slide8

Using an iPads

for taking digital photos

LM – 4 different products

HM – 6 different products going over all details of the product





Find an image

of the product


down in sentence what the product is able to do in taking images.

Good features and settings.


down in sentence what the product is

not so good at when

taking pictures.


features, why they bad.

Where is good to use this product.

Where best not to use.Slide10

The Rules Of Photography

Rule of Thirds

Balancing Elements

Leading Lines

Symmetry and Patterns



DepthFramingCroppingExperimentationThe golden ratioRule of OddsFill the FrameColourSlide11

The Rules Of Photography And Composition

On the last slide is an list different rules of photography and composition.

For the lowest mark pick four from each list and describe what they are and find two examples

For highest mark pick eight from each and describe what they are and

find two


Even better mark find your own rules.Slide12

Learning Objective 2


Be able to plan a photo-shoot


Learning objective 2

Task 1

Task 2

Look at the brief and come up with idea photo shoot.

Make a list target audience and what they need

Make a mind map of different ideas

Make a work plan

List equipment would will need.

Talk about the law around taking pictures.Slide14


You have been asked by your local tourist information centre to produce a portfolio of digital photographs for a display on the theme of ‘My Local Area’ to attract visitors and businesses

You will take a series of digital photographs and select the best.

The photographic portfolio should be based on a suitable theme such as the urban landscape, architecture, people, sports or the natural environment. Visitors will include tourists and shoppers. The tourist information centre has requested that your photographs are


changed significantly by using image editing tools and techniques. Slide15

Gathering ideas

Using tag galaxy find different images that would attract tourists.

Write down what kind of tourists they would attract.

Write a paragraph on what ideas this have given them to meet the brief.Slide16

This picture is a image of a waterfall which is at the end of a walk. This would attract walkers and people with dogs.

This made me think that for my own photos I could go to



Photo researchSlide17

Target Audience

Make a mind map of all the different types of tourist the theme you have pick would attract.

Of each type of tourist write down what they are looking for in the pictures.Slide18

Mind Map of ideas

Make a mind map of all the picture you would like to take that fit your theme. Add in the rules of photography you might take them in.Slide20

Work Plan







to different locations

Choosing models


models ready

You now need to complete a work plan.

Each one is going to be very different as it is for your photo shoot.

Think through all the thing you will need to do to get all the photos you want.

Put them in to order.Slide21

List of resources

Fill in this table with everything that you will need to use and why you are going to use that piece of equipment/ software over different ones.






Legislation On Photographs

Can you be stopped taking pictures in a public place?

Can you sell any picture you take?

Are you allowed to take pictures if you are on private land?

Can you take pictures on trains or planes?

Can you take pictures of random people?

Can you take pictures of the police?

Can the police ask you to delete a photo?

Now write a slide about legislation on photographsSlide23

Learning objective 3


Be able to take and display digital photographs


Learning objective 3

Take pictures

Create and store portfolios

Uses as many features and settings on the digital camera.

Using as many rules of photography and composition.

Save work with appropriate names and formats

Choose the best images to display.Slide25

When out taking pictures!!

Take lots of pictures (at least 50)

Take picture in Landscape and Portrait

Use different rule of photography

(LM – 4, HM – 8


Use different settings on the camera

(LM – 4, HM – 8)Slide26

Transferring pictures

Transfer the picture in to your area

Save them into your LO3 folder in your R090 Folder.

Save them with a sensible name.Slide27

Displaying pictures

Only pick ½ of photos to display.

Edit your photos if they need it. (crop, sepia)

Display them on PowerPoint

Pick background that suits your pictures

Make the PowerPoint auto runSlide28

Learning Objective 4


Be able to review digital photographs


Learning objective 4

Write a review of your work

What went well with your pictures

What did not work well in your pictures

Why did you pick the picture you did

Areas where your pictures could improves

Areas that you can develop