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Dairy Products

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Dairy Products


Dairy Products

Essential as beverages as well as key ingredients in many dishesCheese is an important food served by itself or as a component


Storing Dairy Products

Should be stored in a refrigerator at 41°F(5°C) or lower in a tightly sealed containerCheck the expiration date!



Naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and proteinCalcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin ANaturally contains cholesterolMyPyramid recommends 3 cups of dairy per day




Milk Products

Milk can be purchased:Whole liquidDryEvaporatedCondensedAll of these forms are pasteurizedPasteurized: heated to destroy harmful bacteriaMay also be homogenizedHomogenized: treated so that milkfat appears uniformly throughout the product


Milk is classified according to its percentage of fat and milk solidsCream is the fatty component of milkTwo kinds:Heavy or whippingLight

Milk Products


Butter and Margarine

Butter is made by mixing cream that contains between 30% and 45% milkfat at a high speedSweet butter is made only from sweet creamButter is often clarifiedClarified: heated to remove milk solids and waterBetter for many cooking processes because the milk solids burn easily and the water can thin a food’s consistency


Margarine may look and taste like butter, but it contains no milk productsMade of various vegetable and animal fats and oils with added flavors, emulsifiers, colors, preservatives and added vitaminsNot much lower in fat than butter

Butter and Margarine


Cheese is one of the most varied kinds of foods available todayEach type of cheese has its own distinct color, flavor and textureCheeses may be made from many different types of milk, such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milkCheese is also nutritious, containing protein and calcium




Can be unripened or freshExamples include cream cheese, cottage cheese, and mozzarellaOthers are ripened by external molds (Brie, bleu) and internal bacteria (Swiss, Harvarti)




: process by which healthful bacteria and mold change the texture and flavor of


As cheeses are ripened, they are stored in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment

Ripening can occur from the surface of the cheese to the inside or from the inside of the cheese outward



Processed cheese is pasteurized to prevent it from agingProcessed cheese is a combination of ripened and unripened cheese.The type of milk used determines the cheese’s flavor and texture


Fresh (unripened) cheeseNot ripened, or aged, after it is formed into a final shapeCottage, ricotta, cream, mozzarella, fetaSemi-soft cheeseSmooth and easy to sliceEdam, fontina, muenster, brick



Soft cheeseThin skin and creamy centerHigh in butterfatRich flavorsSurrounded by a rind that bulges out when the cheese is ready to be cutBrie, Limburger, Savarin, Brillat



Some of these cheeses are made by a process called cheddaring, in which slabs of cheese are stacked and turnedThis process squeezes out the whey and gives the hard cheeses their special textureWhey: liquid portion of coagulated milk; pressed out during the cheddaring processExamples: Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Swiss, gouda, provolone

Hard Cheese



Blue-veined cheeseVeins of mold run through these cheesesThe mold is put into the cheese during ripeningThe mold is not harmful, but rather gives the cheese its unique flavorRoquefort, Gorgonzola, bleu, Stilton



Grating cheesePopular hard cheesesCarefully ripened for an extended timeExtra aging enhances their flavorParmesan, RomanoGoat cheeseAlso can have a variety of textures, aromas and tastesPyrmide, chevre

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