Group 8 members Presenters of stress
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Group 8 members Presenters of stress

1.Nadhiru . Nassor. . . Introduction. &Areas. affected by stress. 2.Janeth Thomas. . . Types and causes of stress. 3.Amani . Luoga. . . Effects&stress. reaction. 4.Swaibu . Nuhu. .

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Group 8 members Presenters of stress

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Group 8 members

Presenters of stress

1.Nadhiru Nassor. Introduction&Areas affected by stress2.Janeth Thomas Types and causes of stress3.Amani Luoga Effects&stress reaction4.Swaibu Nuhu Treatment of stress5.Amulike Mwakitalu Prevention of stress

Presenters of coping

1.Irene Thadeo Coping and coping strategies2.Vicent Coping theory 1&23.Bahati Mrikarika Macroanalytic,Trait oriented theory4.Kelvin Maliki Macroanalytic,State oriented Theories5.Sarah Magoma Summary & conclusion


Stress And Coping


Kairuki Memorial UniversityDepartment of Behaviour ScienceGroup 8 presentation15 th,February 2016.




Areas affected by stress Types of stress Causes of stress Stress reaction Effects and Treatment and prevention of stress CopingGroup 8 presentation3

Stress and coping


Learning Objectives

Understand meaning of stress and coping

Understand types,causes,effects,reactions, prevention of stressTo know clinical diagnosis of stressTo uderstand coping strategies and Theories of coping.Group 8 presentationStress and Coping 4




- Is a physical , mental or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension(by Merriam Webster) From A.C.P Sims&WI Hule stress was defined into three categories a)Stimulus based definition -Is any factor that threatens the health of the body or has an adverse effect on its function eg.injury,diseases

or worry

Group 8 presentation5Stress and coping



b)Response based definition

- Is the non specific response towards any demand made up on it eg.Alarm reactionC)Interaction definition - A relationship between the person and his or her environment eg. Hijacking and bereavementGroup 8 presentation6

Stress and coping


Areas affected by Stress

Group 8 presentation

7Stress and coping


Types of stress


- From illness or medical procedure2.External - From the environment ,physiological social situationCauses of stress1.Personal problem - your health eg. Heart diseases - Emotional problems eg.anger

- Major life changes eg.moving

to new cityGroup 8 presentation8Stress and coping


Causes of stress…

2.Social and job issues

- Your surrounding eg.over crouding - Your social situation eg. Can be of money,discrimination etc3.If you have faced a life threatening or bad event eg. Being rapedStress reaction-It has divided into four..1.Behavioral stress -Changes on how people look,act or talkGroup 8 presentation

Stress and coping



Stress reaction….

2.Physical stress response

-Alarm stage -Resistance stage -Exhaustion stage3.Emotional stress response eg.fear,anger,irritability or talk(facial expression)4.Cognitive stress responses - Poor concentration,distorted things and forgetfulness

Group 8 presentationstress and coping



Effects of stress


a)Heart diseases(b)High blood pressure(c)Diabetes(d)ObesityTreatment of stress-Take some deep sleep-Talk to some one you trust-Make time for things you enjoy-Exercise-Have a health check with your doctor-Try to avoid smoking,alcohol and caffein Group 8 presentation


stress and coping


Prevention of stress

-Engage socially

eg.have lunch or coffee with a friend-Avoid unneccessary stress-Adopt a healthly lifestyle-Make time for fun and relaxation-Accept things you cant change-Adapt to the stressor eg.have positive paspectives

of the stress for situation-Alter the situation

eg.manage your time better,be willing to compromise-Get moving eg.involve in physical activities Group 8 presentation12 stress and coping



-is the expand conscious efforts to solve personal and interpersonal problems and seeking to minimize stress

(Weiton & Lloy M.A 2008 )Coping strategies 1.Problem focused strategy. This relies on using active ways to directly tackle the situation that caused the stress. (a)Analyse

the situation

attention (b)work harder eg.stay up all to study for an exam (c)Apply what you have already learned to your daily life Group 8 presentation13

stress and coping


Coping strategies….

2.Emotional focused strategies

. This is used to handle feeling of distress rather than the act problem situation you focus on your emotions (a)Brood eg.accept new tasks instead of saying “no” (b)Imagine /magic thinking dream about better financial (c)Blame

blame yourself or others for the situation (d)

Social talk to your best friend about your problems Group 8 presentation14 stress and coping


Coping theories

1.Trait versus State-oriented Theories

Trait oriented Theories. focus on the early recognition of a persons resources and tendencies related coping State oriented Theories.Emphasize the actual coping of an individual and the outcome of the application of coping methods or strategies2.Microanalytic versus Macroanalytic Approach


approach. Study a wide variety of specific and concrete coping strategy Macroanalytic approach.concentrate on fundamental and abstract coping methodology Group 8 presentation


stress and coping


Macroanalytic,Trait-oriented coping Theories

(a)Repression sensitization. State that There is a bipolar dimension in which a person copes with the stress in only one of two opposite poles repression or sensitization(b)Monitoring and building. According to Miller, Is a construct that is based on the repression-sensitization theory due to their similarity in their nature as cognitive informational style.(c)Model of coping modes. Originates from the monitoring-blunting construct and also related to repression-sensitization conception, but expands concepts of vigilance and cognitive avoidance. Group 8 presentation


Stress and coping


Macroanlytic,State-Oriented Theories

The defense mechanism constructs by Sigmund Freud in 1926 is one of the few macroanalytic- State oriented theories of coping. a number of coping mechanism were basically related to interlectualization and repression. Richard Lazarus and Suzan Folkman, proposed yet another theory concentrating on the coping strategies that are focused on emotion or on the problem itself,as well as the function related to them.Group 8 presentation


Stress and coping



Stress is a

physical,mental or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension which has divided into internal and external and can be caused by personal problems like anger. There are stress reactions like physical, emotional,behavioural and cognitive.Diabetes and obesity are the effects of stress which can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle.Coping refers to the thouts and actions we use to deal with a threating situation.There are different coping strategies like problem…

Group 8 presentation

18 stress and coping



…focused and Emotional

strategies.Trait- oriented Theories versus State oriented Theories and Microanalytic versus Macroanalytic approach are two parameters of coping Theories.ConclusionStress is an unavoidable reality of life in todays world.You can not beat it entirely and you can not live without it.The goal of managing stress isnt

be completely without stress.After all, some stress is

healthly for you.Group 8 presentation stress and coping19



-A.C.P.Sims&W.I.Hume Lecture notes on Behaviour science-Theories of coping Sarah Mae Sincero(2012)-Mind health connect stress (2015)-Antnovsky,A(1929).Health,Stress and forum.comGroup 8 presentationStress and coping