Applicant Profile ® G.A.T.E. PowerPoint Presentation

Applicant Profile ® G.A.T.E. PowerPoint Presentation

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® . Test Administration . Training. UPS MAPP. Test Administration Overview. Your Role as a Test Administrator. Generate User IDs and PINs for applicants using the web system. Administer the test to applicants as they are scheduled at your location. ID: 730072

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Presentations text content in Applicant Profile ® G.A.T.E.


Applicant Profile®


® Test Administration Training



Test Administration OverviewYour Role as a Test Administrator

Generate User IDs and PINs for applicants using the web systemAdminister the test to applicants as they are scheduled at your locationCreate a secure testing environment

Review test results and provide next steps to relevant personnel (e.g., hiring manager, HR, applicant)The Test is Online, so why Proctor the Assessment?It is important that every applicant has an equal opportunity to perform to the best of their ability on the testKeep the test items secure

Data integrity – discourages cheating

Ensure successful completion of the test in case something happens while testing

This Training Manual

Keep it with you as a reference for all test sessions

Read it carefully – contains details on test security, registration, administration, and obtaining reports

a quick reference guide and FAQs are also provided


Test Security IssuesThis is the final set of items to be used by UPS and other Aon Hewitt clients; items that will help UPS find the most qualified applicants for the job.Ways to reduce test security breaches include:

Limiting access to the web siteKeeping your Admin ID and Password confidentialKeeping User IDs and PINs secure after generation

Administering the assessment in a controlled, secure environmentMaking sure printers are not available on the computers used for test administrationProviding a reasonable level of monitoring while applicants take the test Test security breaches weaken the measurement accuracy and legal defensibility of the test

Some applicants may have an advantage over others if they have access to information about the test that will help them to score better

Test scores may no longer accurately reflect applicants’ abilities and thus the degree that applicants are qualified for the job


Test Security Issues (continued)To the extent that measurement accuracy is compromised, your organization:

Will not necessarily be able to select the best applicants for the jobHas an increased vulnerability to legal challenges based on the use of the testTo ensure a fair, valid, and reliable selection process, test security MUST be maintained at all times


Administrator Site


Administrator Site OverviewClose down all other programs that might be running

Start Internet ExplorerEnter website address: Hewitt will issue all Test Administrators (TAs)

a username and password for the G.A.T.E. Administrator's site


When entering the site, TAs will land on the Dashboard tab, which welcomes TAs to the test administrator site.TAs will use the Candidate tab to register candidates, review applicant status, and review applicant test results.

Administrator Site Overview (continued)


Registering ApplicantsPrior to every test session, you need to create a User ID and PIN for each applicant.Click on the ‘Candidate’ link (previous screen)

Click on the ‘Register Candidate’ button (see below)


Registering Applicants (continued)Enter the background information related to the applicant

You must enter information for all required fieldsRecord the User ID and PIN codes on an index card or registration sheet.Click the ‘Continue’ button to register the applicant


Registering Applicants (continued)Next, select the range of test dates when the test can be taken (if different than the default), job title, and the region/district of the position for which the candidate is testing, and click ‘Apply Filter’


Registering Applicants (continued)Next, click “Register” next to the correct Job/Location/Process.

The application process is now complete, and you will be returned to the main Candidate search screen, with the message ‘Application Saved.’


Reviewing Applicant Status/Results

After applicants complete the test, you must find their results:

From the ‘Candidate’ screen, select ‘Candidate Search’Use the search fields to narrow down the list of candidates who show up on the group report

You can search by

User ID , Employee ID, name


or test

completion date


Click “Search” to bring up the report


Once search parameters have been set, the group report will displayYou can sort, group, and order the report using the drop down boxesThe report can be exported to Microsoft Excel by clicking “Copy to Excel”

“Summary” should always be selected for “Display Results As:”Follow HR process for notifying candidates who pass the test and move to the next step in the process

Reviewing Applicant Status/Results (continued)


To review the individual reports, follow these steps:Click on “View Details” next to the candidate you wish to view reports on

Select the report you wish to viewThen click “View/Save/Print”

Reviewing Applicant Status/Results (continued)

The only demographics collected for candidates are Employee ID, First and Last Name.

All of those can be found on the Summary report so there is no need to use the View Candidate Demographics link.


The report opens on screenIt can be saved, printed or emailed as a PDF

Reviewing Applicant Status/Results


To email the report to the candidate, click on the email button and enter their email address.


Adding a RegistrationTo add a registration to someone who has taken the test before follow these steps:

Search for the candidate.Click on “View Details”.Click on Create New registration in the upper

right hand corner.


Adding a Registration (continued)Select the position, location, apply filter, register, just as you would normally.


Accommodation CandidateTo provide an accommodation for a candidate, follow these steps:Register the candidate following the normal steps. (or look up the existing candidate).

Click on “View Details”.Check the box next to Accommodation Candidate.The system will cycle and indicate Accommodation Candidate in the top in yellow.

This will allow the candidate to test without any timer.


Administering the On-line Test


Administering the Test

Set-up Process

Be sure all other programs are closedStart Internet ExplorerEnter website address:

Candidate enters the User ID and PIN you have given them

After this is entered, click “Submit” to proceed to the welcome screen.

Secure site that requires the User ID and PIN


Test Welcome ScreenApplicant reads through the welcome screen and then clicks on “Continue” to proceed to the demographics collection screen.

This screen also provides the option to change the language in which the test is administered. If a language other than English is needed, the candidate can change the language from the drop-down.


Demographic ScreenThe next screen displayed is a demographic data collection screen where the applicant will verify what you enteredInstruct the applicant to verify the requested

data at this time and click on the “continue” button


Test InstructionsThe next screens displayed will be the instructions screens:


Test Completion

After clicking “Next” following the final item of the test, the applicant will reach the Test Complete screen. On this screen, the applicants are able to:Return to the previous item

Review skipped items (number skipped is indicated in parentheses)Finish the test

Applicants must always click on I am finished to continue to the status screen or the logoff screen.


Test Final Log Off When applicants complete the test they will see the screen below

Make sure applicants click on “Please close your browser” when they have completed the test.


Quick Reference Guide

Go to



Set up the testing room – make sure to have a dedicated room and computer for testing

Applicant takes the test

At end of the test, make sure applicant clicks

I am finished

(this triggers scoring and reporting)

Step 2: Testing the Applicant

Go to

Enter Admin ID and Password

Click Sign In

Click on Candidate

Click on Register Candidate to register an applicant

Enter background info requested for the applicant

(Employee ID, Name)

Obtain the User ID and PIN for the Applicant

Click Save

Select dates test log-in will be

viable, job title,

and location

Click Apply Filter

Select the job being applied for

Step 1: Registering the Applicant


Quick Reference Guide (continued)

Go to

Enter Admin ID/Password and Click Sign In

Click on Candidate

Input search filters (e.g.,

Employee ID Name,


Click Submit Search

Sort or group as desired (default is to Group by Location and Sort by Last Name)

View report online or print

Step 3: Get a Summary Report


TroubleshootingHelpful Contacts at Aon Hewitt:

Client Support Desk (for technical help): 1-800-596-2859My Admin ID/Password doesn’t workAre you at the correct URL?

Admin Site - Site – applicant cannot loginReminder, the User ID is 8 letters/characters, the PIN is 4 numbers – check for zero “o”, and 1 and “L” or “i” changes

Is the registration expired?

Was the User ID and PIN given to someone else in error?

Applicant completed the test, but I can’t find the results

Reduce the filters you are using on the search screen. – Try using the date completed only, or the applicant ID

Did the applicant click on “I am finished”? - Use the applicants screen to locate the record and check for a date in the tested column… if there isn’t a date – it isn’t scored.

Click on the Registered Date, verify responses are complete, save and score the test.

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