Teaching the Junior & Leaving Certificate courses in Mu

Teaching the Junior & Leaving Certificate courses in Mu Teaching the Junior & Leaving Certificate courses in Mu - Start

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Teaching the Junior & Leaving Certificate courses in Mu

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Teaching the Junior & Leaving Certificate courses in Music

Kim Fallen Bailey BMusEd


Kim Fallen Bailey

Teach Junior & Leaving Certificate course in Music to 2


, 3


, 5


& 6


years in the Royal Irish Academy of Music

Teach in a Special School for Students with Emotional & Behavioural difficulties as well as MGLD (mild general learning disabilities)

Teach Piano and Theory in my own Music school in Donabate, Co. Dublin


Interesting Points to note when teaching students with educational issues

If you have students with ADHD or ADD or any MGLD

Clean tidy classroom or environment

No clutter

Change task every 10 minutes

Keep lesson task focused

Use various Teaching Methodologies

Use a Traffic Light System




or stress balls ready

Have a good supply of chewing gum!

Can have calming instrumental music in the background


Music Technology Tips!Useful tools that you can download for free to help with classes




writing music/ scores/ themes/ dictations


recording students/ shortening pieces of music into themes etc.


Hunter 6

take picture of score/ theme to embed into PowerPoints

DVD Video soft

download videos from YouTube to use in class without internet

Photo story 3

upload pictures and music to make slide show for class


interactive presentation but needs internet access

Van Basco’s Karaoke

to find backing tracks for practical's


Junior Certificate course (until 2017)

3 years long

400 marks

100 for Practical + 300 for Terminal Written Paper

Rotational courses Set A, B & C change each year

Divided into the three core areas of music – Listening, Composition, Practical


QuestionsTypeTopicMarksQ1ListeningSet Songs x830 marksQ2ListeningSet Works x330 marksQ3ListeningIrish Music40 marksQ4ListeningDictation40 marksQ5ListeningChoice songs/ works & Unseen Q40 marksQ6CompositionTriad Q20 marksQ7CompositionMelody 35 marksQ8CompositionHarmony45 marksQ9CompositionFree composition100 marksQ10ProjectGeneral Study20 marks



Set songsStudy 8 – 4 on examName & composerType & explanationRhythmic/ Melodic featuresFormSet WorksStudy 3 large works – 1 on examName piece, movement, composerType, section & explanationTextureFormRhythmic/ Melodic featuresIdentification of InstrumentsCompare & contrast QMood & how it is created musicallyTonality & Time/ Tempo

Irish MusicDance identification, form, time & rhythmSean Nos & featuresFusion of stylesTraditional & Non Traditional featuresInstrument IdentificationUnseen QuestionInstrument identificationTime/ TempoTonalityRhythmic/ Melodic featuresInstrumental featuresFormTexture & changesMood & how it is created musicallyVoice identification Compare & contrast Q

Junior Certificate Listening sections typical questions


Melody questionOption of 3 questions- only choose 14 bar melody to word rhythmAdd 3 bars to the opening 1 barAdd 4 bar answering phrase to opening 4 barsHarmony questionOption of 3 questions- only choose 1Add in treble and bass notes to a two part score for certain cadences namedAdd SATB to a four part score for certain cadences namedAdd chords to chord boxes above an 8-16 bar melody with two cadence pointsFree composition Q9 is an optional question – you do NOT do Q6,7&8 if you do 9General Study ProjectName the projectWhat style of music is it fromName two pieces studied and either performer or composer of themName three musical features on the songs you have studied and write a paragraph on each giving specific musical detail – approx 4-5 good strong points

Composition section


Junior cert Practical = 100 marks = 25% of the course

You must perform 4 pieces on one instrument


2 pieces on 2 separate instruments


You can perform in a group with harmony – 2 people on each harmony line

You must also do an unseen test at the end –

Best answered = sight reading (


grade2 standard) or sight singing

singing from memory or clapping from memory

for guitar or percussion players – improvisation


Leaving Certificate Music course

2 years long

400 marks

200 marks for practical 50%

200 marks for Terminal written paper 50%

Rotational course every three years – Set A runs for a consecutive 3 years and then Set B runs for the next consecutive 3 years

Uses the three core areas – Listening, Composition, Performance


Questions SectionMarksQ1Set Works25 marksQ2Set Works10 marksQ3Set Works10 marksQ4Set Works10 marksQ5Irish Music25 marksQ6Unseen Q20 marks

QuestionsSectionMarksQ1 (Ans 1, 2 or 3)Melody with Moduation40 marksQ2Melody with lyrics40 marksQ3Melody in style of dance40 marksQ4 (Ans 4, 5 or 6)Harmony chords given60 marksQ5Harmony add chords & bass60 marksQ6Harmony add chords & descant60 marks

PAPER 1LISTENING100 marks25%

PAPER 2COMPOSING100 marks25%


Set works questionsName piece, section, themeTonalityTime/ tempoInstrument identificationTextureRhythmic/ Melodic featuresExplain any features namedInstrumental techniquesCompositional techniquesAccompanimentPossible dictation of any themeName and explain formWhat happens next in piece

Irish Music – Listening & EssayName dance, time, rhythm, formIdentify sean nos & 4 featuresIdentify folk style singingIdentify ballad style singingIdentify slow air/ lamentIdentify instrumentsTraditional & non traditional featuresDescribe the performanceName the styles & fusionAnswer one question of 4 and write a short essay

Unseen Aural Question- can be 1 piece or 3 excerpts of 3 pieces or 3 versions of same pieceTonality, tempo, time, form, textureInstrument identification, features, techniquesCompositional techniques, accompaniment/ harmonies etcPossibly connect the piece with one of the set works & give 2 reasons



Composing paper


You must choose ONE question to do on Melody – Q1 OR 2 or 3

Melody must have a modulation to a related key (dominant if major)

Usually upbeat

Can be 6/8,3/4, 4/4

Must add adequate phrasing over 16 bars

Must add dynamics that are musical

Must choose a suitable instrument


Must choose ONE question to do on Harmony – Q4 OR 5 OR 6

Harmony in Q4 you are given chords and must add the melody &


Harmony in Q5 you are given the melody and must add the chords &


Harmony in Q6 you are given the melody and must add the chords & descant


Practical 50 %

Divided into two sections = 25% performance is mandatory which is 4 pieces on one instrument

The other 25% is an Elective – you must choose to do further study on listening or composition or performance

In order to achieve the best marks choosing the Performance elective is the best option

Performance Elective = 50%

6 pieces on one instrument (approx. grade 5 standard) 25 minutes max

8 pieces = 4+4 on two instruments of similar standard 25 minutes max

Must do an unseen test – best is sight reading or sight clapping

You can opt to do

25% Performance – 4 pieces on one instrument + unseen test


25% Music Technology – write out a 16 bar 4 part score and make 3 musical edits to it on the day of the examination

Total of 25 minutes max


When teaching the Junior and Leaving Certificate course

Typical Exam Questions

Typical Answers

Rhythmic features

Syncopation, dotted


Melodic features

Sequence, triadic leaps


monophonic, homophonic or polyphonic


major, minor, modal

Instrumental techniques

glissando, trill, pizzicato

Compositional techniques

canon, augmentation


AABB, AABA, Sonata form or Rondo form



Compare & contrast

refer to both excerpts in answer



bass, sustained notes, pedal notes

Instrument identification



Berlioz – Movement 2 Un Ball

Waltz Theme = Subject 1

A major

Sigh Motif



Thank you for ListeningAny questions?

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