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by:George Khoury. Causes of Urbanization in Chicago and New York. The increase in entrepreneurs that sought out for new technologies and inventions during the Industrial Revolution. The increase of population. ID: 466832 Download Presentation

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by:George Khoury


Causes of Urbanization in Chicago and New York

The increase in entrepreneurs that sought out for new technologies and inventions during the Industrial Revolution

The increase of population

1800-5 million people lived in U.S

1860-31 million people lived in U.S

Immigration accounted for one-third of this increase

Decrease in agricultural employment

1800-75% of Americans worked in agriculture

1800-56% of Americans worked in agriculture

The Industrialization of America that led to the mechanization of industries and the emergence of factories and the Factory System

New Technologies in Transportation and Communications


Population Growth


Extent and Degree of Urbanization

By 1890, the population in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia had reached over one million people

By 1900, New York was the second largest city in the world (London)

Cities grew both out and up- Skyscrapers

First one was in Chicago in 1885- ten story building

Allowed more people and places to be packed onto a small piece of land

usable because of the perfection to the electric elevator


Pictures of New York and Chicago


Importance of Immigration

During the 1880’s, more that 5 million immigrants came to America, most being Italians, Irish, German, Croats, Slovaks, Greek, or Polish They mostly took industrial jobs due to most of them being illiterateThey brought their customs to America with Hebrew schools, Polish parishes, Yiddish theatre, and Italian social clubs

Metaphor: Immigration during the late 1800’s is like a flock a birds migrating South for the winter



Why do you think so many immigrants come to America during this time period?

Do you think it was a good thing to have so many come to America?


Immigration Charts pictures



Bribery and corruption soon became a feature of city politics which lacked proper, regulated government practicesMachine Politics a political system led by "party bosses” who were professional politicians who dominated city governmentBribes were accepted from building contractors and permits were sold to operate public utilities, such as the transportation, water and power facilitiesthe political machines and the party bosses exchanged votes for helping newcomers, especially immigrants, with jobs, housing, police protection and other services Two of the most famous "party bosses" were William “Boss” Tweed and George Plunkitt

Metaphor: Politicians are like milk because the longer you have them, the more rotten they get and chunkier they get (Boss Tweed)


Problems with Urbanization

Basic services such as adequate fire and police departments were inadequate to meet the numbers of city populations

There was a lack of adequate waste disposal systems

Sanitation was a huge problem. The sewer systems were inadequate leading to high amounts of untreated waste and raw sewage.

Vast numbers of people shared just one toilet


Problems with Urbanization

Their was a lack of hospitals and medical facilities

The lack of sanitation led to contamination of the water supply triggering deadly epidemics of cholera and typhoid fever

Pollution was another major issue.

horse waste was left in the streets

the smoke that came from the factories and chimneys polluted the air



Would it be worth it for you to live in those conditions in that time?

Why do you think most people endured such bad living conditions?


Housings in urban cities

Dumbbell Tenements

7 to 8 stories

Several families crammed in each floor

air shafts that provided minimal ventilation

Windows only in the back and front of building

didn’t have fire escapes or access to light

most families were at risk from lethal cholera epidemics


Fictional Story

Journal Entry #1

I am really old. I am an man who just moved from Italy. I moved with my family for a better life. I have been many stories about people who came to America and made it big. At first, I was ecstatic about coming to America. Now after two months, I am questioning my decision. The living conditions are just terrible. Our family has to share the same bathroom as the family that lives right next to us. We all live together in a room that gets really hard to breathe in sometimes. I didn’t go to school so I had my children go get jobs. My wife says that things will get better. I am hoping she is right.


Municipal Services

Include sanitation, water, streets, schools, fire department, police,

Sanitation facilities weren’t big enough for the population in these huge cities

Most of the water in these cities were deemed unhealthy and contaminated

Schools however grew and increased in these cities

Fire departments and police stations were inadequate for the sizes of these cities


Video about Urbanization



My Wordle


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