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Welcome to World Literature!

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Welcome to World Literature!



Mrs. Bristow

Room 503


Welcome to Our Class!

Happy first day of the new semester, everyone! Let’s start today off by getting to know each other with a little game called…

Truth or Fiction?


Truth or Fiction?

Here’s how we play!

Everyone will come up with THREE statements about themselves.

TWO statements should be TRUE.

ONE statement should be a LIE.



will try and figure out which statement is the fictional one!


Mrs. Bristow


just had a baby boy last semester. His name is Jack and he surprised me by arriving early! He is 7 weeks old now.


is my 10


year teaching at Osborne!

I have four pets – three cats and a dog – and a toddler

and a newborn and my husband

at home. My house is always full of energy!


Mr. Carlson


Let’s pause for a video!








If you are absent, the first thing you want to ask is “Did we do anything yesterday?”

All class materials will be posted on the class blog – the daily video, any PowerPoints or worksheets, and any other important information.

Yep, I blog every day. Get ready to have “osborne10thlit.com!” pounded into your heads!


Classroom Rules

Be respectful and courteous of your teachers, your classmates, and yourself.

Be prepared each day when you come to class. That means having something to write with, paper, and any work you will need.

Be ready to actively participate in class. I will promise not to lecture and make you take notes all the time if you promise to respectfully participate when we do other things.



Students who fail to comply with the classroom rules will be given consequences!


Phone call home!

English Department Detention!


after school from


Administrative referral (and whatever punishment comes with it! ISS, OSS…)

For major offenses, I will skip straight ahead to a write up!


The Bell

There are times during class when I will give you freedom to talk or interact with your tablemates or sometimes the whole class. We have a lot of freedom in here; that’s just how I roll.

However, at those times I will need to call you back to attention for additional instruction or because you’re starting to get way too loud.

When that happens, I’ll ring this bell here, and you all will quiet down when you hear it.

Let’s try it now…


Phone Policy

New for 2015-2016! OHS now has a school-wide phone (and other electronic) policy!

If the


is displayed

on the whiteboard, you

may not use your phone, headphones, or any other electronic device.

If the


is displayed on the whiteboard,

go ahead and RESPECTFULLY

(that means keep the volume low enough I can’t hear it and don’t cause a disruption)

use your phone or other electronic.

Spoiler alert: I love my iPhone. Expect that card to be on green more often than red! BUT if it is on red, please be respectful and

put it away



Any more questions?

Can I go to the bathroom? Do you have a


? Can I eat in class? Why do we have assigned seats? What are we reading this semester? How will we be graded in your class? Can I transfer out? Can I change my schedule? Can I take this call? Can I phone a friend? Do we have an EOCT? What am I doing here? Can I transfer to honors? Do I need this class to graduate? What if I didn’t pass 9


lit? Can we like, watch a movie or something? What was your name again? How can I contact you? How will you contact me? Do we have a lot of homework? Do we write essays all the time? Are you a mean teacher? Do we ever do fun stuff? What’s your favorite color? Do you stay after school? What if I miss a day? What if I miss an important day? Which days are important? Where am I? Where do we go next? Do you have the bell schedule? Who are

these people?

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