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Promoting Canadian Agrifood Exports; Soybean Seed to NepalBy- Chris WatlingSlide2

- Nepal is a small country that lies between India and China, where most of it’s people depend on agriculture to make a living.

- Around 66% of the population relies on agriculture for employment and accounts for 39% of the country’s GDP. However, Nepalese crops are sometimes devastated by droughts and pests which significantly affect the yield of their

crops. -Because of this, Nepalese farmers struggle to get by and many of them cannot even grow enough to provide their families with food for the entire year.

Introduction to Nepal






My solution to the problem that Nepalese farmers face is to grow high yield GMO soybeans from a Canadian company such as F

irstline seeds, a company based out of Guelph Ontario that specializes in soybeans.

Firstline Seeds provides GMO soybeans that have been specifically bred to produce more pods per plant which contain more seeds per pod to significantly increase yields compared to the conventional soybean. Firstline seeds are also partnered with Monsanto which means these soybeans are also roundup ready herbicide

resistant and will aid in pest control.

Export idea- Export GMO Soybean Seed






About the Soybean

The soybean is an oilseed that is native to East Asia and is grown around the world for it’s numerous usesSoybeans are approximately 36% protein, and 20% fat which makes the soybean prized for it’s nutritional value

The soybean meal is a cheap source of protein that is widely used in livestock feedsThe main food product produced from the soybean, is the soybean vegetable oil.

Other various food products produced from soybeans include soy milk, soy sauce, tofu,


, and tempeh to name a few.





Benefits of Growing Soybeans in NepalSoybean has been grown in the lower altitude, low fertility soils in Nepal before, but there is need for genetic improvement

and better practices for larger yields.

Soybeans contain a very high fat content as well as a high amounts of protein which makes soybeans and the

oil that can be extracted

from the soybeans an excellent food source and would provide many meals for farmers and their families throughout the year

.Nepal also has many types of livestock such as cattle, poultry, goats and more so the excess soybean or soybean meal is an excellent way to feed these animals.







Benefits to Canada from Exporting Soybean SeedFirstline Seeds is a Canadian company partnered with Monsanto and is based out of Guelph Ontario where their research center is located

.The increased sales that would result from exporting this product would require higher production of soybean seed which would create more jobs for





By- Chris Watling University of Guelph in parnership

with IDRC, CIFSRF, and DFAIT.Faculty Sponsor; Prof. Manish Raizada

( presentation time ( 4 minutes 15 seconds )References-



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