Chapter 10 “I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus” - PowerPoint Presentation

Chapter 10  “I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus”
Chapter 10  “I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus”

Chapter 10 “I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus” - Description

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan vocabulary hyperventilating to breathe more heavily and faster than normal vulnerable can be hurt easily generate make create obscures blocks interpret to give or provide a meaning of ID: 387802 Download Presentation


draw percy bus chapter percy draw chapter bus multiple meanings give furies ancient activity gabe grover vocabulary annabeth item

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Chapter 10 “I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus”

The Lightning Thief

by Rick RiordanSlide2


hyperventilating- to breathe more heavily and faster than normal

vulnerable- can be hurt easily

generate- make, createobscures- blocksinterpret- to give or provide a meaning ofpropaganda- the deliberate spreading of information, rumors, etc. to help a group or causemelancholy- sad, depressedendure- to put up with

*irritated- bothered, upset

repulsively- so horrible it drives others away

withered- dried or shriveled up

*gnarled- twisted out of shape

quivering- shaking all over

shriveled- got smaller and wrinkled up

*impulsive- to do something without thinking first

*eternal- forever

plunged- dived intoSlide3


Many of the campers at Camp Half-Blood have their own magic item. Clarisse has an electric spear. Annabeth has a baseball cap that turns her invisible. What magic item would make sense for Percy, as the son of the Sea God? Design your own magic item.

Percy gets to try his hand at driving a bus in this chapter. Defend or attack this proposition: “The national driving age should be lowered to 13.” Can you think of any reasons that might actually convince Congress to pass such a law?Slide4

Multiple Meanings


____1. I always

assume that Grover is worried about getting teased.A. to take onB. to seizeC. to suppose ____2. After Gabe was so rude to me, Eddie, the super of the building, looked at mewith a twinge of sympathy


A. to feel pity or compassion

B. to share feelings

C. a mutual liking or understanding


____3. I watched Gabe


back to his apartment building.

A. timber sawed into boards

B. discarded household furniture

C. to move heavily and noisilySlide5

Multiple Meanings(2)

____4. My mom used a


voice and talked to me in tone she had never used before.A. the rear end of a shipB. strict, severeC. never gives up ____5. My head slammed into the tree and the impact nearly knocked myteeth out.

A. to have an effect on

B. to hit with force

C. to force tightly together


____6. The last thing I remembered, I


into a chair on the porch.

A. to break down suddenly

B. to fold together

C. to fall downSlide6

Multiple Meanings (3)



shoulders got tense, “You know about the summer solstice?”A. any form of a verb that shows actionsB. undergoing tensionC. stretched tight; taunt ____8. Chiron took great offense

to the comment I made about Poseidon.

A. a hurt, angry feeling

B. the act of attacking

C. a sin or crime


____9. “She didn’t stay dead long,” I said, trying not to let my voice


A. a case holding arrows

B. to tremble

C. to shake tremendously


____10. We


into the woods as the rain poured down leaving the burning bus

behind us.

A. to throw suddenly

B. to dive or fall

C. to violently move forward or downwardSlide7

Write a sentence

11. Use the word gnarled (to make knotted or twisted out of shape) correctly in a


  12. Use the word impulsive (to do something without thinking first) correctly in asentenceSlide8


• Give vocabulary for Ch. 10-13

• Complete “Multiple Meanings”

• Have the student complete a graphic organizer (like Ch. 2, see sample)• Have them draw a picture of what they think a Fury would look likeSlide9


Using the description provided in this chapter (page 163), draw the three Furies as they prepare to attack Percy on the bus.


Draw Your Own Fury


Ancient Greeks had many different ideas about what the Three Furies looked like. Below are some depictions from Ancient Greek pottery. Draw your own updated

version of what modern Furies might look like. Use the attached worksheet to see how the Ancient Greeks envisioned the Furies. Then draw your own updated version.Slide11



Point of ViewSlide15

Method of NarrationSlide16



Important QuotesSlide19

Study Questions

Who is Argus and why can he never be surprised?

What gift does Luke give to Percy? Why can’t Percy use them?

What special properties does Riptide have?What is Mist?What are some of the reasons Annabeth gives for why Poseidon and Athena don’t get along?According to Grover, why did Percy’s mom marry Gabe?Percy says he’s not going on the quest to retrieve the lightning bolt. What’s his real reason for going?

How does Percy sneak to the front of the bus?

Why doesn’t Percy leave the bus when he has the chance?

How do Percy, Grover and Annabeth lose their luggage?Slide20



Olympian Travel Agency. Percy Jackson has ten days to from New York to Los Angeles and back again, and he can’t use air travel. Is this possible? Try to use internet sources to “book” a trip for Percy and his friends using buses or trains.

How much would the trip cost? How long would it take? Try these sources to start: (for trains) (for busses)Slide22


Read the chapter

Read the PowerPoint

Write the journal entryWrite a summaryDo the exercise related to vocabularyDo the study questionsDo any extra assignments in folder for this chapter

Shom More....