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Health Care Facility Outreach Voting

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Health Care Facility Outreach Voting

Municipal ClerkSVRS Election Administration Training“SVRS Focus” of HCF Outreach





HCF Outreach

SVRS Training AgendaOverviewDefinitionsHCF SVRS Profiles

Preparing for HCF Outreach Voting Day Activities

Entering HCF AB Applications into SVRS

The HCF Outreach Voting Day

Return of HCF Outreach Voting Materials to Clerk

Preparations for General Election HCF Outreach Voting





Health Care Facility Outreach Statutes & RulesM.S. 203B.11, subd

. 2

“During the 20 days preceding an election, the election judges shall deliver absentee ballots only to an eligible voter who has applied for absentee ballots to the county auditor or municipal clerk under section



. 1


All elections means ANY election including a stand-alone special election

Need to use trained election judges who have additional hour of HCF Outreach Voting training

Unless the Municipal Clerk has been delegated as an election judge training authority, the

county auditor shall

provide the extra hour of HCF Outreach Voting training


M.R. 8240.0100


Each training authority shall attend training on adult education methods conducted either by the OSS or county auditor


M.R. 8240.1100




“Health Care Facility” meansa hospital, sanitarium or other institution licensed under

M.S. 144.50

a nursing home licensed to serve adults under

M.S. 144A.02

Unsure if the facility is considered a nursing home:


check the MN DOH website at

select Facilities & Professions


croll down and select “Nursing homes in your area”


ype in a zip code and it will list facilities considered to be “nursing homes” and their addresses

Keep in mind that “nursing home” facilities might only be a portion of an overall residential community/campus

M.S. 203B.01,


. 4


HCF Profiles in SVRS


HCF Profiles in SVRS

At the beginning of each year:Review for any new facilitiesdoesn’t happen often due to moratorium M.S. 144A.071

Review for closures or status changes of current facilities

Inquire as to staff changes and new contact information

Phone number changes/street name changes, etc. for current facilities

Add or update SVRS residential facility profiles if needed


HCF (Residential Facility) SVRS Profiles

Correct & Updated Profiles = easier process for entering HCF AB Applications & printing HCF AB LabelsFound under ProfilesResidential Facility


The First HCF (Residential Facility) Profile Screen in SVRS

The first screen that appears will not have any information availableSelect the “Search” button to review all profiles that existThe next screen will provide additional buttons


Adding a HCF Profile

Add a new HCF (residential facility)


Add a new HCF into SVRS


Complete all fields as much as possible. Some info might be “the same” in multiple fields, but, different fields are tied to different reports or labels.

Click the “Continue” button in bottom, right corner when finished.


Add a new HCF into SVRSFinal Review Screen

If all is well, click “Submit” button.


Updating a HCF Profile

Under Profiles in left menuChoose Residential FacilityYou need to click “Search” button to view existing facility profiles


Updating a HCF Profile

Update a HCF (residential facility)

1. Click on the blue box to

the left

of the name of the facility to highlight it (the line turns light-yellow)

2. Then choose “Update”




Updating a HCF Profile

Make changes as neededClick “Continue” buttonReview ChangesIf all looks good on the final review screen, click “Submit” button


HCF Employee Entry & Updates

Municipal users are not able to add or update HCF Employee informationPlease have health care facilities share their employee information with the County Auditor


Preparing for HCF Outreach Voting Day Activities


Preparation for HCF Outreach Voting Day

Review each year’s election calendar with contactsMight not be any elections…It’s good to keep in contact and verify so they are not wonderingWork with contact to


facility’s residents registered to vote, on a continual basis, so they are in SVRS well before absentee voting begins for an election


Preparation for HCF Outreach Voting Day

As election draws near, send/deliver AB Applications to HCF contactSuggestion: A couple of weeks ahead of the outreach dayCollect completed & signed AB Applications well in advance of the HCF Outreach Voting Day

Review and work with contact to resolve any application issues


Preparation for HCF Outreach Voting Day (cont.)

Remind contact that those applying to AB vote at that location:Need to reside in the nursing home portion of a campusConsider the location their



that election

Have not already applied or plan to apply for an AB ballot (not HCF AB) with the assistance of “helpful” family members

Room numbers are not necessary

Suggestion: Do not list room/suite numbers within nursing homes


Preparation for HCF Outreach Voting Day (cont.)

If there will be a primary and general election, andIf a person believes they will be a resident of that facility for both the primary and general elections:

They will select “both elections” on the AB application

If a person is “unsure”, they should only choose the upcoming election

and complete another application for the next election if needed


Entering HCF AB Applications into SVRS


Example HCF AB Application


Steps to Enter HCF AB Application Info into SVRS

Double check that the facility’s profile is up-to-date before entering apps for that locationThis will make application entry speedier

Select AB Records under Absentee Ballot


Steps to Enter HCF Application Info into SVRS – Already Registered Voter

Search and select the voter registration record for HCF AB VoterSelect the Registered Voter record and click Express AB-Registered button




Steps to Enter HCF Application Info into SVRS – Already Registered Voter

Double check that the record matches what is placed on the applicationIf a common name, make sure you have the “correct” personThere are more “Ruth Hanson”s in the State of Minnesota than you realize

Choose Health Care Facility for Delivery Primary and Delivery General (if appropriate) – “A”

Choose the facility from the drop down menu by Health Care Facilities – “B”

Only those facilities within the precinct of the voter will “display”

Click Submit-Print Later or Submit-Print Now – depending upon your process




Printing HCF AB Labels “Now”

If the HCF Voting Outreach Day is one day away or that day, then it might be a good idea to print “now”But, if the date is farther away, suggest to print “later”Click “Submit-Print Now” buttonMake sure to print a label for the correct election

Choose “Print





” button - there is no need to print a return address label


Print “Now” Dymo Labels

APP labelPlace on applicationENV#2 labelPlace on Registered Voter Signature Envelope in voter name and address section (top of envelope), aka the #2 envelope

Mail To: label

Extra label, not needed

Please note that the type of AB Ballot is “HCF”


Completing the “official use only” section of HCF AB Application

This is a suggested practice:Now that the application has been submitted, complete the official use only section of the applicationMark the appropriate box(es) for


or non-


Received date is the date the application was received.

If they have requested both primary and general ballots on the application, it is the same date


Completing the “official use only” section of HCF AB Application

This is a suggested practice:Ballot issued date is the date the ballot labels are printed and placed on the signature envelope in preparation for HCF Outreach Voting at that facilityThe General ballot issued date and initials will be filled in later if those labels are printed later

Usual-Common Practice: Initials are the initials of the person printing the ballot labels, not the person entering the application

Circle HCF for both primary and general ballots if applicable


Completing the “official use only” section of HCF AB Application

Only use the Replacement section if a replacement ballot process takes place. Very rare in the case of HCF votingAdd precinct name and school district name in the correct boxes in the bottom, right corner

NOTE: Whether labels are to be printed Now or Later… complete most of the “official use only” section upon “submitting” the application information into SVRS

Complete the ballot issued date and initials when labels are printed


Printing HCF AB Labels “Later”

Click “Submit-Print Later” buttonThe label will be placed in a queue to be printed as a batch laterUse this process if you want to enter many applications and then print Avery labels

You may print “


” labels for later as well

We will demonstrate Avery labels for this presentation

When you are ready to print the batch of labels, select “Standard Reports” under Reports


Printing HCF AB labels “Later”

Choose Local AB in the Report Category drop down menuSelect AB Labels AveryChoose the Appropriate Report Parameters


Printing HCF AB labels “Later”

Suggested Report Parameters:Just your city should be the only choice under MunicipalityLeave “District Type”, “District” and “Precinct” blank

Choose the correct Election



only” should be checked, “Replacement…” and “Both…” unchecked

Select “County entered”


“Municipality entered”

so no labels are “lost”

This makes the label unavailable for county, but, that should be


Select all categories under Application Received Via so no labels are “lost”





Health Care Facility (HCF) under “Regular Application Delivery Method”

Choose the correct facility


Printing HCF AB labels “Later”

Suggested Report Parameters (cont.):Leave “UOCAVA Delivery Method” categories unchecked

Leave “Domestic/International” category check marked as Both

Select all categories under Group By

Leave the “Sort


category of “AB Record ID” unchecked

Choose to “Save for 90 days” and name the report the facility’s name, election name and date

i.e., Sunshine Shady Oakes Primary 8-12-2014

Click “Run Report Now” button


Printing HCF AB labels “Later”

Suggested Report Parameters (cont.):It might give you another warning. It is okay to continue.

Click “Run Report Now” button again if needed

Labels will pop up as an Avery Report (.pdf) to print

This example includes only one label, there will be more on the page if multiple applications have been entered and are waiting in the queue


Printing HCF AB labels “Later”

Mail To: Label - don’t useENV#2 Label – Place on Registered Voter Signature Envelope in voter name and address section (top of envelope), aka the #2 envelopeENV#3 Label – don’t use

APP Label – Place on application

Notice that the type of AB Ballot is HCF


Steps to Enter HCF Application Info into SVRS –

Non-Registered Voter


Search and make sure there is not an existing voter registration record

If there is no record, record for another address, or it is challenged for any reason, the voter is considered NON-registeredEntering an


HCF AB Voter Application into SVRS

Nothing Found




Entering a

NON-Registered HCF AB Voter Application into SVRSIf there was a record with a different address or challenged, you will select that voter registration record

Click on the voter registration record (the row will turn yellow)

Click the “Add Regular/


– Registered” button above the voter record


the “Add Regular/


– New” button found lower on the screen



in the next screen and this will “trigger” a


AB ballot to be scheduled and the appropriate labels will be printed

“Tying” this application to the voter record is


the database shares this information statewide – “this person has applied for an absentee ballot”


This NON-Registered Example

The example that we provide for this presentation, the HCF AB Applicant does not have an existing voter registration recordClick the “Add Regular/Pres – New” button found lower on the screen


Entering NON-Registered HCF AB Application Info into SVRS

Enter all the data applicable to:Application InformationApplicant InformationYou don’t need to type anything into Residential Address… because… see next steps….


Health Care Facility

in the drop down menus Delivery…

The Health Care Facilities for that precinct will be made available in a drop down menu – choose the correct facility

Click the “Use HCF as Residential Address” button

It places the residential address of the facility into the Residential Address fields for you!


Entering NON-Registered HCF ABApplication Info into SVRS

If all looks good on the screen, click the Continue buttonMake sure that it says in red, “SEND NON-REGISTERED…” in the Materials field.

Then choose “submit print now” button or the “submit print later” button based on your usual procedures


NON-Registered HCF AB Labels

Whether you print Now or Later or whether you print Dymo or Avery labels, you will receive an extra label for NON-Registered AB votersThe VRA label is to be placed on a blank EDR Voter Registration Application and sent with the NON-Registered #2 envelope for that voter


Warning Messages

If you receive warning messages of any kind, stop with the application’s entryRead the messageIf the message is that the person is going to receive non-registered materials and that is correct, continue with the application’s entry into SVRS

If the message is in error, it could be that the information that is being typed into the AB record does not match the voter registration record

Work with the county auditor’s office to resolve the issues if needed


Warning Messages (cont.)

If the warning message is similar to “another application exists,” contact the county auditor’s office and work with that office to resolve the issueThe county auditor might have to work with another county to resolve the issue

They will provide instructions to you, if you should enter the application or not


The HCF Outreach

Voting Day


Items for HCF Outreach Voting Day

Prepared absentee ballot materialsUsual practice is to have:Labels placed on the Name and Address of Voter section of #2 Signature Envelope

EDR voter registration applications with corresponding non-


voters’ VRA labels - it has voucher documentation area on backside of form

Make sure there is a ballot and secrecy envelope for each prepared #2 envelope

Blank AB applications

“Unlabeled” Registered and Non-Registered Signature envelopes

For those who haven’t completed an AB application ahead of time

Extra secrecy envelopes


Items for HCF Outreach Voting Day (cont.)

Extra Election Day Registration Voter Registration ApplicationsIncludes the voucher documentation on the backside of the application

Bucket or box for misc. administrative materials

Secure ballot transfer case

Seal on the case when it leaves

Master list – specific to nursing home


Certified List of Employees – facility specific

Extra seal in the case for return

Ballots for each prepared #2 signature envelope

Extra ballots for spoiled ballot replacements & additional voters


Items for HCF Outreach Voting Day

(cont.)Seal “cutter” (scissors or wire cutter)Paper clips

Ballot pens

Signature guides and magnifying glasses

Election Judge Oath Signature Sheet

Copies of voter assistance law

Copies of determining residence law


HCF Outreach Voting Materials Log

Have outreach judges who are picking up outreach materials sign a log that lists:Number of ballotsMaster listOther materials


Before Voting Begins at Facility

Make sure outreach election judges have taken and signed the election judge oathSeparate prepared #2 signature envelopes from extra voting materialsPay careful attention to prepared #2 signature envelopes with similar namesJohn Hanson v. Joe Hansen

If multiple teams of judges, pair judges with different major political party affiliations


Before Voting Begins at Facility

(cont.)Work with facility staff to have reasonably separated voting stations that provide privacy as much as possibleWhen residents arrive to vote:

Ask for their name and clarify if you have any questions

Remember to


the assistance of election judges

A person can choose to vote their ballot on their own


Activities at the Facility

If a voter does not have a prepared #2 AB envelope, they HAVE NOT completed an AB application and they are required to do so before they are able to vote at location

Make sure the new AB voter resides within the nursing home portion of a campus


Living residents need to apply for a


absentee ballot

Provide to them an application and have them complete it

– make sure they list their apartment/unit number

Tell them you will bring the application back to the AB office and they will mail out an AB ballot packet to them

Make sure to deliver those applications to the AB office immediately upon your return to the office


Activities at the Facility

Prepared HCF AB Ballot #2 Envelopes and EDR VRAs:Labels found in Voter Name and Address portion of Signature EnvelopeRegistered - make sure to complete the signature envelope documentationNON-registered - make sure to complete the signature envelope documentation


complete the EDR VRA as well!!!


Voters Who Do Not Have a Prepared #2 Signature Envelopes

Complete AB ApplicationReview Master List to determine if the person is a registered, non-challenged, voter at that facility’s addressIf yes, registered materials


f no, NON-registered materials

Write name and address in that portion of the #2 Signature Envelope

If NON-registered, complete the Election Day Registration process and the EDR VRA



HCF AB VotersWhether they have a prepared HCF AB #2 envelopes or not, they must complete an EDR VRA

HCF Voting Registration (EDR VRA)

HCF residents often don’t have ID

HCF Employees may vouch for unlimited number of residents

On list


Employee badge

An HCF resident who is a registered voter in the precinct (not vouched for that day) can vouch for up to eight other residents

“The proof of ID used” information is documented #2 NON-registered signature envelope and if a voucher was used, the backside of the EDR VRA

must be completed as well



Vouching by a health care facility employee is the most often method of proof of id/address for non-reg AB voters residing at a HCFCheck the certified employee list and verify that the vouching employee is on the listIf they are not on the list, ask to view a badge

Usually, it is one or two employees who have provided this service for voters for many years


Double Check all Voted AB Ballot Packets

Whether the AB #2 signature envelope has been prepared ahead of time or notMake sure that EVERYTHING is completed on the #2 signature envelope!

and an EDR VRA has been completed if necessary

Voted envelope packets have:

A voted ballot sealed in a secrecy envelope

The secrecy envelope is sealed in the completed and signed #2 envelope

If an EDR VRA is present (non-


), it is right next to secrecy envelope


the #2 envelope

You do not want the AB Ballot Board to have to reject an HCF AB ballot


Ready to Return to Clerk’s Office

Prepared HCF AB #2 signature envelopes that are:Completed and signedInclude a secrecy envelope with a voted ballot sealed in itIf non-registered:

the completed and signed EDR VRA is right next to secrecy envelope/ballot WITHIN the #2 signature envelope

Newly completed AB applications

All other materials


Return of HCF Voting Outreach Ballots and Materials to Clerk


At the Clerk’s Office upon Return

HCF Outreach Voting Elections Judges:Turn in:Completed “prepared” AB ballot packetsU

nused “prepared” AB ballot packets

Newly completed applications and associated completed AB ballot packets

Unused ballots

Master list

Other materials

Sign a log that the materials

that went

out with election judges have been returned


When Outreach Materials are Returned….

Mark completed “prepared” AB ballot packets as “received” in SVRSPlace the completed “prepared” AB ballot packets in storage for AB Ballot Board review

Enter newly completed applications and print labels

Follow SVRS entry directions listed in this presentation

If it is a non-registered ballot packet, make sure that EDR VRA is in the #2 envelope

Attach labels to corresponding envelopes, applications and EDR VRAs (if present)

Mark these ballot packets as “received” in SVRS

Place these ballot packets in storage for AB Ballot Board review


When Outreach Materials are Returned

(cont)….Put away unused ballots

Store and retain outreach voting activity documents & materials

Put away any office supplies and


Unused “prepared” AB #2 signature envelopes will be addressed later in this presentation


Marking Ballots as “Received”


Either scan or type in

the Ballot ID number


Marking Ballots as “Received”in SVRS

If you are typing in the Ballot ID number, you will need to click the “Record Ballot” button after each entryIf you are scanning/


the Ballot ID number, it will automatically record

Once you are done with recording

all ballots



the “Receive” button


Marking Ballots as “Received”in SVRS

Double check that all ballots have been marked as “received”

If all looks “correct”, click the “Submit” button


AB Ballot Board Review

All HCF Outreach Voting completed AB ballot packets are to be delivered to the AB Ballot Board within 3 days of votingIf they are rejected for any reason…Very rare, but, if so, follow replacement ballot proceduresMark accepted ballots as “accepted” in


Marking Ballot as “Accepted” in SVRS

Select Action: “Accepted”Scan or type in Ballot ID numbers


If Prepared #2 Signature Envelopes are Returned as Unused

Suggested practice:Update the ballot within the AB record as “spoiled” and do not re-issue a ballot.Make a note in “comments” of the AB record






If Prepared #2 Signature Envelopes are Returned as Unused (cont.)







If Prepared #2 Signature Envelopes are Returned as Unused




If Prepared #2 Signature Envelopes are Returned as Unused




Preparations for General Election HCF AB Outreach Voting


Preparing for General Election HCF AB Outreach Voting

Well before the 20 days for the General’s HCF outreach voting, send AB applications to HCF contactAny new residents since the primary election will need to complete an application and choose General OnlyDouble check with HCF contact if anyone who has a HCF AB application on file is no longer a resident of the facility for the General election

Spoil any ballots for those with a ballot record and are no longer a resident


Entry of New HCF AB Applications for General Election

Suggestion: Wait to print AB labels for prepared #2 signature envelopes as a batch “later” after….Entering any new applications into SVRS in preparation for General election outreach votingComplete the new application’s “official use only” area for the General ballots sections only


Printing HCF AB Labels for the General Election

Gather the applications for the HCF that were received before the Primary and were marked for “both” electionsBefore printing labels, review the “both elections” applications and find those that were marked “non-


” for the primary election:

Search SVRS and determine if that voter has now become registered since that time

If so, update the AB record through the “Non-linked AB process” (instructions in this presentation)

Make sure to note in the “office use only” section that the voter will be sent registered materials for the General election

If not, double check that the AB record is going to produce a label for non-registered materials


all the HCF AB labels using the “print later” process described



Printing HCF AB Labels for the General Election

Place the APP labels on the applicationsIf it is a new application, there will only be one APP label on the application

If it is an application from the Primary, a 2


APP label will be placed on the application

Applications for both primary and general elections: Complete the “official use only” General ballot area’s “ballot issued date” and “initials” sections


Non-Linked AB Records Process



Type in AB Record ID found on APP Label on application

(see below)

APP label’s

AB Record ID


Non-Linked AB Records Process (cont.)

1. Double check that it is the correct voter record. If so, click the “Link” button.

2. You will receive a “This record has been Linked successfully” message in red at top of screen.


Non-Linked AB Records Process (

cont).Double check that the AB record is now considered “registered”If so, the correct set of labels will print when you complete the batch printing process


“official use only” Examples for General Election HCF Outreach Voting

Application for General OnlyApplication for both Primary and General elections


Retention of HCF Voting Materials

The voted HCF ballot packets are sent to the ballot board and then become ballot board/central counting center materialsUnused ballots are placed back with the AB ballot stockUnused envelopes that do not have identifying information, return to stockUnused envelopes with identifying information should be kept with all other forms/documents used and written upon during the HCF Voting Outreach process; specific to that location/date

Consult the organization’s retention plan

Usually retained for 22 months (

M.S. 204B.40



If you have questions….

First work with your county elections office for assistance with election laws and the technical aspects of SVRSIf you have further questions about election law

, please contact the OSS Elections Division at

or 651/296-9073

If you have further questions

technical questions about SVRS

, please contact the OSS Elections Division at

or 651/297-4848

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