Human Migration and Health care synopsis in a global world

Human Migration and Health care synopsis in a global world Human Migration and Health care synopsis in a global world - Start

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Human Migration and Health care synopsis in a global world

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Human Migration and Health care synopsis in a global world

Santiago Arias,


Fredric, Bernardo Gonzalez, Kayla Lockcuff



Gross Domestic Product (GDP) commonly used as indicator of country’s status, effectiveness or appealSocial Progress Index (SPI) is separate weighted combination of indicators based on holistic evaluation of country’s status

Want to compare indicators of country’s wellbeing with GDP and SPI to see correlation



Search for data relevant to main goal

Select data indexes and parse through selecting 133 countries containing SPI values

Use geospatial analysis to compare indexes and create visual or numerical system to indicate trends or correlations

Create Metadata/interpret information regarding all correlations or trends

Draw conclusions using Metadata, visual aids, and geographical relations



SPI (social progress index) obtained for roughly 133 countries used for comparisonGDP for all selected countries is obtained, along with GDP per capita in US DollarsTotal expenditure on health care as percentage of GDP is recorded for the selected countriesNet migration rate is obtained for the 133 countriesThe SPI, GDP, Healthcare Exp, Infant Mortality and Net migration will be used for as many countries as possible and complementary data may be gathered.


Main goal

Net migration is connected to quality of life

Correlate SPI and net migration and verify an indicator linked to both GDP and quality of life

Use indicators to bridge gap between a national wealth, and quality of life

Determine trends, indicators, or logical connections of migrations to GDP, SPI, and geography

Correlate health care expenditure and overall health like infant mortality rate to net migration



SPI trends are easily revealed by setting up classes or plotting them against other indicators such as GDP. A multitude of information can be made available through similar functions.


Net Migration vs. SPI

A clear correlation exists, but what drives it? SPI considers many aspects of human life. So this trend is expected but can now be quantified.

A clear Trend between SPI and Net Migration Rates.

SPI’s below75 tend to have an outflow of people

SPI’s above 75 all have an influx of people

Some outliers exist


Net Migration vs GDP per capita

Much like SPI net migrations tend towards positive for more prosperous conditions. Low GDP per capita outliers may be due to anomalies, such as war and famine.


Net migration Map

ArcMap classes can reveal much about geographical trends or allow one to make inferences.

The map reveals high influxes of people in certain regions, and areas of


. Much of Africa has a negative net migration rate.

(Correlates to low SPI and GDP values)


Net Migration and SPI explained



correlates between SPI and Migration rates, but cannot give information about geographical trends directly

The information provided from a class map of many nations reveals trends regionally and can empower users to make more educated inferences about what drives these migration rates

Classically high emigration rates of African nations are linked to low SPI and GDP values


GDP Per Capita

GDP per capita measures theoretical

avg distribution of wealthCorrelates more effectively with SPI than raw GDPConcentrations of wealth exists but are negligible

Helps to indicate expendable income of population


GDP per Capita

Trends in GDP per capita are clearly tied with geographical location. The red countries are those with a the lowest GDP per capita, and vice-versa for the green countries.


Health Care Expenditure

Displays correlation with increasing per capita health care spending there is increasing life expectancy

Most 3


world countries have lower life expectancies


Health Care Expenditure

Shows developed countries tend to dedicate a larger portion of GDP to heath care

Asia has some of the least GDP dedicated to health care


Health Care vs. Infant Mortality

Clear correlation between GDP percentage towards healthcare and infant mortality

Nations with higher infant mortality have lower percentages of GDP towards health care


Infant Mortality vs. GDP per capita

Infant mortality also correlates strongly with GDP per capita because both are so highly tied to health care expenditure


Symptoms like net migration and indicators like SPI, GDP per capita, and health care can reveal deep social issues with strong regional ties such as infant mortality

Endemic Problems



Many problems are endemic to regions, this may be due to geographic or cultural factors.

Health care is a considerably higher priority in the developed world, leading to lower infant mortality

Human migration patterns often follow regional trends. Emigrants tend to move to adjoining countries, so the rates tend to lessen farther out from a high



US deviation from GDP per capita vs. life exp. due to endemic obesity, suggests outliers hint to unseen causes



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