SU 80-9 MM Training 2017-2018

SU 80-9 MM Training 2017-2018 SU 80-9 MM Training 2017-2018 - Start

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Troop MM Responsibilities. Maintain the Troop Account. Submit the Troop MM report 3 times per year. Manage the Troop budget. Reconcile Troop account Monthly. As the Troop MM you are responsible for the funds in the account. Any fees due to bounced checks from the troop or overdraft are yours to pa.... ID: 683811 Download Presentation

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SU 80-9 MM Training 2017-2018

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SU 80-9 MM Training



Troop MM Responsibilities

Maintain the Troop Account

Submit the Troop MM report 3 times per year

Manage the Troop budget

Reconcile Troop account Monthly

As the Troop MM you are responsible for the funds in the account. Any fees due to bounced checks from the troop or overdraft are yours to pay back.

If you have a problem don’t wait to speak up. Contact the SUMM as soon as possible.

Document, Document, Document!!!




Troop MM Appointment Form

Troop Money Earning Approval Form

If you do not have these please see SUMM


Money Earning /Funding Troop Activities

Troop Dues

Fall Products

Cookie Sales

Donations **

Money Earning Activities

** nothing over $99


Not Allowed


Games of Chance

Direct solicitation of cash

Product demonstration parties ( direct sales)

Restaurant Fundraisers

Only who have participated in Cookies and Fall products sales may host a money earning event. To host you must submit a budget and flyer to the SU Team at their meeting 2 months prior to your event. Please see the event hosting packet on the SU website under the MM tab for more information.

** Daisy Troops should do age appropriate events only**


Troop Funds/Individual Girl Accounts (IGAs)

Troops who are at the Daisy, Brownie, and Junior level have joint funds. That means the money in troop belongs to all girls no matter what. Money in a joint troop does not travel. If a scout leaves the troop for any reason they do not take any money with them. If the troop disbands and the girls find other troops within GSCNC then the total remaining balance is divided equally among the girls and that girls portion will go to her new troop. The rest of the money will go into the SU account and remain held there for 1 year in case the troop reforms or the girls are placed in other troops in GSCNC. If a troop totally disbands and no scouts are placed into new troops in GSCNC then the money goes into the SU account and is held for 1 year also.

Troops at the Cadette and above levels can have Individual Girl Accounts or IGAs. This means that each girl has her own money inside the troop. Any money earned by that girl will be used with that girl only. If a scouts leaves the troop for another in GSCNC then her money goes with her regardless if the old troop is still active or not. This is kept track of via a simple spreadsheet by the leader or MM.

In both cases money is never given directly to the parent or scout. Money can only be sent via check to the new troop. If the scout leaves the troop and does not remain a scout or moves to another council the money stays with the troop. There are no refunds to parents or scouts from troop funds. The only exception to this is if a parent paid the troop for an event and the event was cancelled then the troop may refund the parent. If a parent pays the troop for an event and the scout chooses not to attend then the money is not refunded.



Capital one does not take pictures of deposit slips and put them online like BB&T . This means if you make a counter deposit you will need to be extra careful when documenting deposits. On the back of the counter receipt from the bank document what the money was deposited for. This will save a lot of head aches later. When using the mobile deposit on the app there is a place to write a memo. Use that to designate what the funds are for. You will not remember at the end of each month who paid what for what. Make it easier on yourself and your MM. Keep Cookie deposits separate. It is much easier to determine what goes with cookies if other troop money is not mixed in.

Tip: If you deposit in the ATM the receipt will print with pictures of the checks.

$150 cookies Lisa

$75 cookies Sarah

$300 Giant Booth Sale

$24 PPD

$24 Craft fair

$100 Dues

$12 PPD Lisa

$8 craft fair Lisa, Sarah, June, Mary

$20 dues Sarah, Mary

Cookie Money Only broken up by girl and booth sale.

Troop deposit broken up by category and girl

Troop deposit broken up by category

You can deposit money at any capital one location, a capital one ATM, or via the mobile app (checks only)

Lisa PPD



Mobile Banking

Click to view statements

Click here for account info

Get the app

Click to view transaction history


Mobile Deposit

Add a memo (optional)

Click here for deposit

Click here to take a picture of the check

Type in amount

Please note that mobile deposit is 1 check at a time. It can be very time consuming for multiple checks.


Online Banking

To log in to your online banking go to

Click the

“Capital One Bank”

Enter user name and click continue

Enter password and click sign in


Using Online Banking

See transaction history here


Viewing/Printing Statements

Click here to view statements

Select the statement you wish to save or print


MM Report

Reconcile Account Monthly

Every charge must have a receipt

Must be turned into SUMM 3 times per year

Must turn in report and receipts.

Once approved the report is made available to troop parents


Filling Out MM Report


This should be your beginning balance.

Stop at red when submitting to SUMM

All transactions for each month should be in the corresponding column.

Blank MM Reports can be found at the SU website

Start here and fill in your Troop Number, who prepared, and date.


Troop Income

You have a troop with 10 girls.

Let’s fill in the Troop Income part of the MM report.

Below is the troop income for Sept-Dec.

Starting Balance $25

$10 per girl in troop dues in Oct

2 girls for Powder Puff Derby at $12 in Nov

Parents paid $2 for Craft Fair all paid in Nov

You took in $200 in Nut sales in Oct

Troop Income is money taken into the troop via dues, money earning events, donations, etc. For service unit events s ( Juliette Gordon Lowe B-day , world thinking day, craft fair ) the troop will pay with one check made payable to SU 80-9. Each event requires a separate check. If parents are paying for the event then the parents would pay the troop and the troop will write one check to the SU. All checks to your troop should be made payable to Troop #####.


Troop Income



$100 in Troop Dues

Starting Balance $25

$10 per girl in troop dues in Oct

2 girls for Powder Puff Derby at $12 in Nov

Parents paid $2 for Craft Fair all paid in Nov

You took in $200 in Nut sales in Oct




$200 in Nut Sales

$20 for craft fair

The total row should total here

The columns should total here

$24 for PPD


Troop Expenses

Now that you have filled in the income it is time to do the expenses.

Still working with our troop of 10 girls. Use the below to fill in the expenses.

Check to craft fair for $24 in Nov

Check to PPD for $24 in Nov

ACH for Nuts of $100 in Nov

$50 Debit card to Michael’s for Crafts in Dec (requires receipt)

$12 to Walmart for Snack in Oct (requires receipt)

Troop paid $2 each for all to attend cookie rally in Dec

Troop Expenses is money going out of the troop. This can be in checks for SU events, patches, craft supplies, snack, field trips, bridging, cookies, fall sales, badging materials, parties etc. Anything you can think of that is for your troop or to participate in a girl scout activity can be paid with troop funds. You must have a receipt for every expense and turn that in with your MM report. The only exceptions are if you are writing a check to the SU or another troop. In that case the check is the receipt.




Troop Expenses



$24 for craft fair




$12 Snack

$20 for cookie rally

$50 crafts

$24 for PPD



The white boxes should match the balance on your bank statement for that month. This is Auto populated.


This should be the total expenses for that month.




The grey boxes is were you put the balance on the bank statement for that month. Use this to compare to the auto populated box above it to determine if an error exists.

The yellow should match your balance for the end of the reporting period.


Finished MM Report


Cookie Money

If you are having trouble collecting from a parent let the SUCM know as soon as possible.

Do not withdraw cash from your troop account for any reason. If you need Cash for the booth cash box either use money from girls sales or take money from your personal account and get reimbursed via check from the troop.

Cookie Money is collected at time of delivery

All cookie Money is deposited into your troop account

Council will make Ach withdrawals at scheduled times

Checks and Money orders should be made payable to your troop

“Tip” money is considered a donation and should be logged in the donation part of your MM report




Cookie Money

These green boxes should match your deposits for cookie money.

These green boxes should match your ACH withdrawals in


for cookie money.


All donations go here including cookie booth tips.


Disbanding Troops

Let the SUM and SUMM know as soon as possible

Try to find new leader/co leader

Turn in all checkbooks, receipts, and debut cards to SUMM

Provide SUMM with a list of girls and their IGA balance (if applicable)

If your Troop is disbanding all funds will be held at the SU level for 1 year or be distributed evenly to new troops within GSCNC if your scouts are placed.


Dos and Don’ts

Do budget your troop funds

Do document everything

Do keep all receipts

Do reconcile your account monthly

Do ask questions and speak up if something is not right

Do treat your troop account like a business

Don’t spend troop funds on personal items

Don’t write checks to yourself for reimbursement. Have the SUMM or another signer on your account sign it for you.

Don’t withdraw cash for any reason

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your MM report

Don’t withhold deposits especially checks

Don’t add or subtract lines in the MM report this will corrupt the formulas. Each row can be used for more than one event.

Don’t use a new MM report for each period. You should use the same MM for the entire scouting year.




Troop MM Training 2017-2018

By signing my name below I acknowledge receipt of Troop Money Manager training. I understand all the roles and responsibilities of the Troop Money Manager.

Print Name:


Troop #:


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