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Gender Stereo-Typing, Morality, and Self-Esteem. Observe Three different situations and report your findings on Gender Stereo-typing, Morality, and self-esteem. Assignment Objective. Task One. Boys. Ages 3-7. ID: 219492 Download Presentation

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Awareness Activity Assignment

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Awareness Activity Assignment

Gender Stereo-Typing, Morality, and Self-Esteem


Observe Three different situations and report your findings on Gender Stereo-typing, Morality, and self-esteem

Assignment Objective


Task One


BoysAges 3-7Playing offensive and defensive football positionsInfluenced by the coach to play certain positions

Playing Flag Football

High self-esteem – very confident in how they play the game.

Good sense of morality – the children behave with sportsmanlike conduct


Sampson County Flag Football Positions




Summary One

With the coach’s help the children were able to play their given football positions. The coach showed no bias in the racial backgrounds. This allows the children to feel equal to each other. The kids have fun and are well prepared in using their positions when the time comes to play another team.


Task Two


TransformersLegosHot Wheels CarsPower RangersToy GunsTrainsToy Tools

Barbie DollsBaby DollsKitchen Play setsDress-up ClothesPlay Make-upPrincess ToysLalaloopsy

Types of Toys




Toy Section

Boy’s Isle

Girl’s Isle


Display setup

Isles set up based on child’s gender indicating gender stereotyping

Bright color designs to attract child’s attention

Low priced items are located on top shelves

High priced items are located at eye level and on low shelves so that children see them first to promote higher sales


Self-esteem ToysVtech - Move and Crawl ElectronicJengaScootersBikesThese toys promote self-esteem because they give the child a sense of accomplishment.

Self-Esteem And Morality toys

Morality Toys

Fire trucks

Police Cars


Doctor play sets

These toys promote morality because firemen, policemen, emt’s and doctors all help people in need.



Baby dolls are now coming different races, such as, white, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian

Barbie dolls are now available that look and dress gothic.

GI Joes are now available in different races,


Summary Two

Shopping at Wal-Mart for toys can be quite a hassle if children are present during the purchasing process. This is due to the fact that the higher priced toys are located at eye level and on the lower shelves. This allows easier access for the children to grab and beg their parents to get them the toy. By doing this, Wal-Mart promotes higher sales. The toys are also separated by gender on each isle, and are now available in multicultural backgrounds.


Task Three











Deacon/Babyface Boretti/Store Owner (all voiced by same person)

Ranger Knudsen,/Woodsman/ Fishman/Specter ( all voiced by same person)






Shows kids how to do things they may think are impossibleLooking for something scaryRiding a jet skiHow to open up and not be so shyTeaches children they have what it takes to do the right thing

Shows kids that even they can help catch the bad guyChased and captured the bad characters and turned them into the policeUsed the money that was found on repairing and combining both camps instead of being greedy and keeping the money for their selves

Self-Esteem & Morality





Movie had kids from several different backgroundsBlackAsianWhiteHispanicRichLess or moderate incomeGothic NerdyDiva


Summary Three

In watching this movie I noticed several different cultures/backgrounds with the characters. I seen how the movie promotes self-esteem by showing children participating in many different activities. Morality is present in the movie when the kids track down and capture the men trying to scare every one away, and then when they call the police to arrest them. It is also present when the money that the criminal men were after is used to combine both camps instead of the kids using it on their selves.

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