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For example kettles should have been regularly descaled or an iron cord should have been stored as recommended by the instructions EXCLUSIONS Morphy Richards shall not be liable to replace or repair the goods under the term ID: 8962 Download Pdf


For example kettles should

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Morphy Richards shall not be liable to replaceor repair the goods under the terms of the1The fault has been caused or is attributable to2The appliance has been used on a voltage3Repairs have been attempted by persons other Slow Cooker Two year guarantee ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED INCLUDING THETo protect against the risk of electricalPRODUCT.damaged leador plug, or after an applianceway. Contact Morphy Richards for adviceon examination, repair, electrical ormay cause fire, electric shock or injury.KEEP YOUR APPLIANCE AWAY FROMANY HOT BURNERS AND HEATEDwater, or other hot liquids.pot is empty.immersing in water.14Never touch the outer enclosure of theSAVE THESEIMPORTANT : THE PLUG REMOVEDENGAGED INTO A LIVE SOCKET OUTLET. 3 Glass lid Ceramic crock pot Base Control knob The control knob on the slow cooker offers a low, high of 4.5 litres. of 2.5 litres. The MED (MEDIUM) setting is the standard setting forslow cooking with this product. This gives you anaverage of 6-8 hours cooking time.However if you wish to extend the cooking period, youcan use the LOW setting and if you wish to shorten thecooking period you can use the HIGH setting. water, with a sponge or a dish cloth, rinse thoroughlyand dry.IMPORTANTWATER. on a dry, level, heat resistantDo not use on the floor. not try to brown or pre-cook food in the slow cooker. set to the OFFposition, plugSet the heat control to low, high or medium andCOOKING AS IT REMAINS right up to date with this modern, cookingand full of flavour.IMPORTANTmaintaining an even temperature. To get the bestcooking results, do not remove the lid during cooking,cooking, you may need to cut down on the amount ofthe slow cooker.slow cooker. Do’s and Don’ts forfreezer, microwave or on a gas/electrical hob.(You can leave water in the pot to soak).purposes.This unglazed area is porous, thereforewill soak up water, this should be avoided.pot and add boiling liquid/gravy. Select the settinglow, high or medium.on low. 4-6 hours on high and 5-7 hours on medium.quicker. A degree of ‘trial and error’ will be requiredto fully optimize the potential of your slow cooker.Vegetables usually take longer to cook than meat, sofood in the crock pot.juices this also reduces the fat content if separatedif the time is limited, but improves the flavour. of the pot and fully cover withwater. If necessary cut in two pieces. Joint weight1 kgmedium sized slow cooker1.5 kglarge sized slow cooker time please refer to the cooking guide in the table below.volume has been included on page 11. which are: Working capacity 4 1/2litres / 8 ptsThis allows a 3cm space between the top of the cook pot andthe food. litres / 4 pts(NOTE : THE MODEL NUMBER CAN BE FOUND ON THE RATINGPLATE UNDERNEATH THE PRODUCT)2.5 litres4.5 litres30g55gbutter60g100gstreaky bacon, chopped1 large2onion, finely chopped12clove garlic, crushed34sticks celery, chopped300g500gpotatoes, peeled and cubed2 medium2 large34cabbage leaves, shredded3 medium4 roughly chopped1.252.25litres chicken stocktbsp3 tbsptomato puree tsp3 tspworcestershire saucetbsp2 tbspparsley, finely chopped75g150gpasta shells2-3 tbsp3 tbspparmesan cheese, gratedthe crock pot. Add remaining ingredients except the parsley,minutes before serving add the pasta shells and parsley.2.5 litres4.5 litres125g200gsmoked bacon, chopped12large onion, finely chopped34carrots, finely diced24sticks of celery, finely sliced200g400gorange lentils1100ml2 litreschicken stock3 tsp4 tspworcestershire saucepinchpinch11bayleaf1 tsp2 tspbasil1 tbsp2 tbspparsley, finely choppedVegetable soup2.5 litres4.5 litres30g60gbutter1.25kg2.2kgmixed vegetables, e.g.potato,onion,carrot, parsnips, celery, leek, tomato30g60gflour1100ml2 litres1tsp2tspPeel, wash and cube or slice all the vegetables. Melt butter in ain a pan on the hob. Thicken it with the flour.2.5 litres4.5 litres48chicken portions30g60gbutter50g60gseasoned flour34 largeonions, chopped46carrots peeled and sliced12green pepper, de-seeded and chopped1tsp3tsp1tsp3tsp500ml1 litrechicken stockClean, wipe and dry chicken, coat in seasoned flour. Using apan, fry the chicken in the butter until brown all over. Addonions and carrots and fry until soft. Add pepper, paprika,tomato puree, and the remaining flour, stir well. Gradually mix inwith the lid and cook for approx. 4-7 hours. 2.5 litres4.5 litres2 tbsp3 tbspvegetable oil2 small2 largeonion, chopped24sticks celery, chopped23carrots, sliced250g500gmushrooms, sliced12red pepper, de-seeded and sliced48chicken joints, skinned200g400gcan sliced peaches400g400gcan pineapple chunks5 tbsp10 tbsp1 tsp3 tsppaprika1 tbsp3 tbspsoy sauce1 tbsp3 tbspworcestershire sauce4 tbsp8 tbspmalt/wine vinegar litre1 litreboiling waterFry onions, celery, carrot, mushrooms and pepper in a pan.Add chicken joints and fry until browned all over. Drainpan. To make the sauce blend cornflour and paprika with soysauce to the boil, stirring continuously. Transfer all ingredientswith the lid and cook for approx. 5-7 hours.2.5 litres4.5 litres48chicken joints, skinned30g75gbutter12large onion, finely chopped125g250gmushrooms, sliced2 tbsp3 tbspcornflour500ml1 1tsp3 tsp22egg yolks5 tbsp9 tbspdouble creamall the juices are sealed in. Add the onion and fry untilcornflour, mixed herbs and seasoning. Bring to the boil, stirringlid on the slow cooker. Cook for approx. 5-8 hours. Justfew tablespoons of hot sauce mix well together. Pour this2.5 litres4.5 litres48chicken quarters30g75gbutter2 tbsp3 tbspflour12large onions, finely chopped33sticks celery, thinly sliced250g500gmushrooms, thinly sliced12clove of garlic, crushed375ml1 litrechicken stock4 tbsp7 tbspcream (optional)Toss the chicken in the flour, place in a pan and fry in theplace pot in the base unit. Place lid on the slow cooker. EnsureFricasse of Turkey2.5 litres4.5 litres48turkey portions12large onions, finely chopped30g75gbutter125g225gmushrooms, sliced400ml1 2 tbsp5 tbsp4 tbsp9 tbspthe remaining ingredients, except the milk and cornflour, andover the slow cooker. Cook for approx. 4-6 hour. Remove the2.5 litres4.5 litres1 kg1.5 kgpiece of topside11bouquet garni1tsp1 tspthyme1tsp1 tspblack peppercorns48shallots225g400gcarrots, sliced100g200gPut the beef into a pan and cover with cold water. Add all theremaining ingredients, cover and bring to a simmer. Seasononto the slow cooker. Cook for approx. 5 - 7 hours. Take theto make gravy. Cut the beef into slices and spoon a little of thecooking liquid over. Serve with vegetables and garnish withfresh parsley.IMPORTANTbe enough room to cover the meat with water. The shape ofthe meat is just as important as the weight. 2.5 litres4.5 litres30g75gseasoned flour24large onions, chopped12clove of garlic, crushed30g75gcooking fat500g1 kgtomatoes400ml1 litrebrown stock tsp3 tsppaprika tbsp3 tbsptomato puree24bay leaves tsp3 tspmixed herbsCut the meat into cubes and toss in seasoned flour. In a panchop tomatoes finely, add to meat with the stock, (blendedSeason to taste and bring to a simmer. Transfer all ingredientslid. Cook for approx. 5-8 hours. Before serving remove thebay leaves and thicken the sauce if necessary.2.5 litres4.5 litres2 tbsp3 tbspoil12large onions, chopped816black olives12clove garlic, crushed (optional)510tomatoes skinned, de-seeded and125g800gmushrooms400ml1 litredry red wine12bay leafand brown on all sides. Add all the remaining ingredients exceptthe parsley and bring to a simmer. Transfer all the ingredients intothe lid into the slow cooker. Cook for approx. 4-8 hours. Beforeserving remove the bay leaf and sprinkle with parsley.2.5 litres4.5 litres500g1 kgstewing steak, cut into cubes30g75gseasoned flour3 tbsp5 tbspvegetable oil12large onions, finely chopped11green pepper, de-seeded and chopped22carrot, peeled and chopped12sticks celery chopped1tsp3tsp3 tbsp5 tbsptomato puree3 tsp5 tspmixed herbs200ml400ml200g400gcan of tomatoes, roughly chopped200ml400ml3 tsp5 tspworcestershire sauceToss the meat in seasoned flour. Heat the oil in a pan and fryonions, pepper, carrot and celery until soft. Add the meat and frytomatoes, red wine and worcestershire sauce. Bring to a simmer.the slower cooker base. Place the lid onto the slow cooker. Cook2.5 litres4.5 litres2 tbsp3 tbspvegetable oil22 largeonions, chopped24cloves garlic, crushed11green pepper de-seeded and chopped500g1 kgminced beef tsp3 tspchilli powder tbsp3 tbsp tsp3 tspbrown sugar4 tbsp7 tbsptomato pureeand fry until lightly browned. Blend together chilli powder, flour,in slow cooker base. Place lid on the slow cooker. Cook forServe with boiled rice or baked potatoes.2.5 litres4.5 litres200g300gkidney2 tbsp3 tbspflour24large onions, quartered600ml1 litrehot beef stock200ml400ml3 tbsp5 tbsptomato pureetsp2 tspworcestershire sauce125g225gbutton mushroomsthe flour. Place into a pan with onions, stock, wine and tomatopuree. Bring to a simmer. Add the worcestershire sauce andthe base unit. Place the lid on the slow cooker. Cook for2.5 litres4.5 litres3 tbsp5 tbspVegetable oil2 medium2 large24large onions, chopped1.5 kgstewing steak, cubed3 tsp5 tspcurry powder3 tbsp5 tbspplain flour400ml1 3 tbsp5 tbspmango chutney75g125gsultanas200g400gtin tomatoes, chopped2 tbsp2 tbsplemon juiceseasoned flour, add to the pan and fry until lightly browned.Stir in the stock and bring to a simmer. Add remaining ingredi-ents and bring back to a simmer. Transfer all the ingredients tolid onto the slow cooker. Cook for approx. 4-7 hours. At the 2.5 litres4.5 litres700g1 kgminced beef12large onions, finely chopped34sticks celery, thinly sliced12cloves garlic, crushed3 tbsp5 tbsptomato puree1 tbsp3 tbspflourcan of tomatoes including juice250ml400ml125g200gmushrooms, sliced1 tsp1 tspmixed herbsbase of the slow cooker. Place the lid on the slow cooker.2.5 litres4.5 litres2 tbsp3 tbspoil12onion, finely chopped4 tbsp7 tbspflour tsp2 tsppaprika1.5 kgstewing pork, cubed12red pepper de-seeded and1 tsp1 tsporegano3 tbsp5 tbsptomato puree450ml1 12small carton of soured cream orflour, paprika, salt and pepper. Toss the pork in the seasonedpepper, oregano, puree and stock. Bring to the boil, stirring2.5 litres4.5 litres550g1 kgpork fillet4 tbsp6 tbspseasoned cornflour4 tbsp6 tbspcorn oil11 largeonion, chopped12cloves garlic, crushed12green peppers, de-seeded and68mushrooms, sliced46ripe tomatoes quartered600ml1 litrechicken stock4 tbsp5 tbsphoney2 tbsp3 tbspsoy sauce4 tbsp5 tbspcornflour2.5 litres4.5 litres48lamb chops2 large4onions, sliced tsp3 tspmixed herbs12large parsnip550g1 kgcarrots, thickly sliced1.5 kgpotatoes, quartered750ml1 litrehot vegetable stock23leeks, slicedpour over the stock. Bring to a simmer. Transfer all theCut pork into cubes and toss in seasoned cornflour. Heat oil inbrowned on all sides. Lower heat and add pepper, pineapple,preparing sauce. To make the sauce mix together chicken2.5 litres4.5 litres1.25kg2kglean pork, cubed50g100g1 tsp2 tspsalt3 tbsp3 tbspoil12large onions, chopped tsp3 tspcurry powder tsp2 tsppaprika400ml1 litrechicken stock2 tbsp3 tbspmango chutney2 tsp3 tspworcester sauce225g400gcan pineapple cubes, with24bay leavesToss the pork in the flour and salt. In a pan heat the oil andcurry powder and paprika. Stir well and cook for a fewboiling water. Place the crock pot in the slow cooker base unitIMPORTANTof the slow crock pot. It should fit into the crock pot so thatshould be enough room to cover the meat with water. The 2.5 litres4.5 litres425g800gcarrots, sliced125g225gparsnips, sliced12cloves garlic, crushed12bay leaf125g250gorange lentils, soaked for200ml400ml1.5kglamb leg fillet cubed3 tbsp4 tbspsoy sauce200g300gbutton mushroomsin the slow crock pot and season with salt and pepper. Pour inpepper. Place on top of the vegetables. Place crock pot into2.5 litres4.5 litres2 tbsp3 tbspoil12large onions, finely chopped34carrots, thinly sliced22leek, sliced3 tbsp5 tbspflour400ml1 3 tbsp5 tbspchutney2 tbsp3 tbspworcestershire saucechutney, worcestershire sauce and seasoning.Transfer allpaper.Vegetarian curry2.5 litres4.5 litres3 tbsp5 tbsp24large onions, chopped12cloves garlic, crushed3 tsp5 tspcurry powder275g600glentils200ml2 litrewh2 tsp3 tsplemon juice34carrots, diced22apple, peeled, cored and50g125gHeat the oil in a pan. Saute the onion, carrots lightly. Add the curry powder. in the stock, lemon juice, salt, pepper and lentils. Bring to theto the crock pot and place into the slow cooker base. Stir inthe apples and sultanas. Place lid on the slow cooker. Cookfor approx. 2.5 litres4.5 litres25g40gbutter100g150gpudding rice100g150g1 litre1 litrestir. Place crock pot on the slow cooker base and cover with2.5 litres4.5 litres275g500gdried mixed fruit, such as apples,30g60gsultanas30g60graisins20g35gflaked almonds3 tbsp5 tbsp625ml1 3 tbsp5 tbspcdiscolour, put them at the bottom. Cook for approx. 5-7 hours.Transfer the fruit to a serving dish and allow to cool. Cool the gtooz50.2100.351003.550017.6(1Kg)35 mltofloz501.71003.4200750017(1L)35 wash by hand in hot soapy water. Do not use harshWash the glass lid in hot soapy water, using asponge or dish cloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Morphy Richards products are intended for household use only.The Company, therefore, reserves the right to change the specification of its models at any time.South Yorkshire, England, S64 8AJ448/8117/01 Rev 3

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