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Int Math 2 Vocabulary Linear nonlinear increasing decreasing rate of change growth rate domain range continuous discontinuous discrete relation function inverse function inverse of a ID: 603570

determine function functions inverse function determine inverse functions cost graph recursive turnpike explicit linear rate equations miles quadratic exponential




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Functions Unit Review

Int. Math 2Slide2


Linear, non-linear, increasing, decreasing, rate of change, growth rate, domain, range, continuous, discontinuous, discrete, relation, function, inverse function, inverse

of a

function, composition of functions, exponential, quadratic, piecewise, absolute value, step, square root, explicit equations, recursive equations, vertical line test, horizontal line test.Slide3

Compare and contrast each set of terms

continuous, discontinuous,




inverse function, inverse

of a

function, composition of





piecewise, absolute value, step, square


explicit equations, recursive


rate of change, growth




vertical and horizontal line testsSlide4

Use precise vocab to describeSlide5

The cost of tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike is based upon the number of miles traveled on it. If you travel 95miles or less the cost is an initial fee of $.50 and $.10 per mile. After 95 miles the cost per mile drops to $.05 . Determine a function that models the total cost of driving on the Turnpike.

Sketch a graph of the scenario.

Determine my cost if I get on the Turnpike at mile marker 60.5 and get off at 93.4.

Determine the cost to drive the full 112 miles on the Turnpike.

How far can I get on $2.50.Slide7

Determine inverse of functions and note if it is an inverse function


(9, 2) (5, 7) (6, 2)


Y =

Graph y = 4x + 7 and its inverse


Testing for inverse functions

What are some ways we can determine if a function’s inverse is a function?Slide9

Use composition of functions to determine if the set are inversesSlide11

Identify the parent function and describe the transformations of the following

functions. Graph each.


a. a(x)=3x


+1 b. b(x)=5x+4





c. c(x)=|3x|-6 d. d(x)=

+ 2    


f. f(x)= (x+5)




Graph using transformationsSlide13

Determine 2

functions that describe the following graphSlide14

Write a

linear and exponential explicit and recursive function

that uses the following points.

(0, 1) (1,


Justify why each function works.Slide15

Determine a quadratic that will pass through (5,7) and (2,10)Slide16

Determine a recursive and explicit

The population of Kansas city grows by 3% each year. It is currently at 154,872. Model total population by number of years passed.

A photographer charges $150 for a 1 hour session and $1.35 per print. Model total cost given number of prints purchased.