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Causes of the 1054 split of the Christian (Western and Eastern Church). Early Christianity. Possibly as for the 1. st. century CE Christians were a sect of Judaism. Church centres on the concept that Jesus was God’s son and was sent to earth, was crucified and then ascended into heaven. ID: 502172 Download Presentation

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The Great Schism

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The Great Schism

Causes of the 1054 split of the Christian (Western and Eastern Church)


Early Christianity

Possibly as for the 1st century CE Christians were a sect of JudaismChurch centres on the concept that Jesus was God’s son and was sent to earth, was crucified and then ascended into heaven



Three Main branches of ChristianityRoman CatholicEastern OrthodoxProtestants


Byzantine Empire


Tension Rises

Diocletian divides the empire into two Eastern (Constantinople) and Western (Rome)730 CE Byzantine Emperor Leo III banned the use of icons, Why?What is an icon?


Norman Invasion

Around 1020, the Normans (or Vikings) invaded the Southern half of Italy.Pope Leo IX of Rome tried to defeat the Normans but lost.The Normans captured the Pope and began closing down churches in the Southern half of Italy, which was controlled by the Byzantine Empire.


Tension Rises

The Byzantine churches spoke Greek and had different customs than the Roman church. The Normans made the churches they conquered use Latin rituals.Emperor in the east made the Latin churches over there use Eastern customs.


The Division

Eastern churches did not like how the Pope of Rome claimed himself to be the head of the Christian church. The Eastern church believed the patriarch (bishop) of Constantinople should be the head.In 1054, the Western Church added the filioque to their creed which included the “Holy Spirit” in the Christian Trinity.


Divisive Solution

In 1054, Pope Leo IX of Rome and the Patriarch/Bishop of Constantinople decided to excommunicate each other.Excommunication a person is not allowed to receive sacraments and have no hope of entering heaven, according to Christian beliefs.


Creation of Orthodox Christianity

The result of the 1054 Schism --division between the Roman and Eastern Orthodox Church.Orthodox means dedication to the traditional faith.The Eastern church believed they followed traditional Christian beliefs unlike the Roman church they viewed Roman Church as greedy and too close to Judaism.




Eastern Orthodox Beliefs

Eastern Orthodox Christians are not considered Apostolic (key word “apostle) because they don’t follow the divinity of St. Peter.

They do not recognize the supremacy of the Pope.

The two churches have never gotten back together but did reconcile their differences in the 1900s.



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