Lesson 13 Figurative Lang.

Lesson 13 Figurative Lang. Lesson 13 Figurative Lang. - Start

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& Foils. -to identify literary devices and their effects. -to understand how a character foil enhances the understanding of the main character. Figurative . Language Review. Define the following terms in your R J Packets. ID: 686685 Download Presentation

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Lesson 13 Figurative Lang.

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Lesson 13Figurative Lang.& Foils

-to identify literary devices and their effects

-to understand how a character foil enhances the understanding of the main character


Figurative Language Review

Define the following terms in your R+J Packets



expression of sensory experience; using descriptive words to appeal to the five sense



direct comparison between two unlike things


A comparison between

two or more things using the words like or as


A figure of speech that gives human qualities to an animal, object, or idea


Exaggeration used to suggest

strong emotion or create a humorous effect


A reference to a well known person, event, or place from history, music, art, or another literary work


Figurative Language Review Questions

Romeo: “Love is smoke made with the fume of sighs”

What kind of figurative language is this?

What is the comparison or use of

figurative language?

One fairer than my love! The all seeing sun/Ne’er saw her match, since first the world begun


What kind of figurative language?

What is the comparison/use


Read through page 280 and let’s do the example question together.


Character Foils & PunsA foil is a character who provides a ______________________to another character.

A foil may emphasize another character’s ______________________ or may make another character look better by comparison.

A foil essentially is a character that ________________ and _________________ another character


A pun is a play on words.

Strong contrast

Distinctive traits




Read Act II, Scenes 3-4Time to read… graphic novel style!


Character Foils & Puns

You may have noticed Shakespeare’s use of wordplay in R&J. For example, Shakespeare makes liberal use of puns, or play on words, that have two meanings. In Act II, Scene 4, Mercutio and Romeo engage in an exchange in which Mercutio scolds Romeo for giving his friends “the counterfeit” the night before. Romeo, still on top of the world after spending the evening with his new love Juliet, goes along with


joke. The next several lines capitalize on the dual meanings of





Why do you think puns are known as “thinking man’s humor?”

In this scene, the wordplay between Romeo and Mercutio helps characterize their friendship and reveals contrasts between them. Compare the characters in the chart on page 281.


Figurative Language & Foil PracticeFor the remainder of class, you will complete the two worksheets on figurative language and character foils.


Exit Ticket (if time)When a character in a text is


the opposite of


character, yet complements that character, we say he or she is a character foil. Use your comparison chart on page 281 and write a 1-2 paragraph explanation proving how Mercutio serves as a character foil for Romeo (use

textual evidence).

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