Special Recognition Ross Jean Ross has a positive attitude and always welcomes new challenges. He is willing to dig in and help wherever necessary. Ross is a valuable team player and very much appreciated on the ESS SIS team. - PowerPoint Presentation

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Special Recognition Ross Jean Ross  has a positive attitude and always welcomes new challenges.  He is willing to dig in and help wherever necessary.  Ross is a valuable team player and very much appreciated on the ESS SIS team.
Special Recognition Ross Jean Ross  has a positive attitude and always welcomes new challenges.  He is willing to dig in and help wherever necessary.  Ross is a valuable team player and very much appreciated on the ESS SIS team.

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Special Recognition

Ross Jean Ross has a positive attitude and always welcomes new challenges. He is willing to dig in and help wherever necessary. Ross is a valuable team player and very much appreciated on the ESS SIS team. -- Lesley Grider

Kim Wagner Kim is always willing to help with a great attitude, she is very knowledgeable or willing to research if she isn't sure. She is always pleasant to work with. -- Anonymous

Joshua Page It is hard to put in words just how much Joshua means to our unit. In one word, unselfish. He is unique and well deserving of recognition. -- Anonymous

Julie Kamarauskas I'm the luckiest person at IU to have you as my manager! Thanks so much for your incredible leadership! --Sherry Barnhart

Don Harris This guys keeps this place running like a top. I sleep well at night knowing he is at UITS. -- Anonymous

Davis Mayanja Always professional, always shows leadership and is great with customer service --Anonymous

Troy Chastain Making Configmgr and other initiatives GO. --Anonymous

Gary Cummins Gary is one of the "good guys" who gets the job done. UITS is blessed to have him on staff. --Anonymous

Stacy Shonk Making the Configmgr system work with the help of Microsoft and others. --Anonymous

Kim Bruner Your tireless efforts working on Capital Assets do not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do. --Anonymous

The UITS ERP Team - Financial Systems and HRMS A toast to the two awesome- est teams in the known universe! --Melanie Ebdon

Amanda Chambliss Amanda is a talented writer and editor who does a fantastic job of keeping everyone on track. We appreciate her many skills . --Anonymous

Bonnie Smith Bonnie is a great support, she is always there to help fill in or just to give an extra hand. I really appreciate all that she does and that she is always there if I need her. --Anonymous

Joann Farris Since I started working with UITS over three years ago, Joann has always been an inspiration. She is always going above and beyond to help make everyone's lives a little easier, even if it makes her life a little more complicated. With her retirement right around the corner, I think she highly deserves some special recognition. --Erin Case

IT Support Services Team @ Southeast Every member of the UITS Support Services Team @ Southeast has gone above and beyond the call of duty in preforming their jobs and demonstrating their commitment to supporting academics on our campus! I am so honored to work shoulder to shoulder with a group young professionals who care! -- Steve Bennison

Danny Clements Congratulations to Danny on his promotion to Associate Director of IT Support Services @ Southeast! Danny is a strategic thinker who always strives to the best outcome possible! -- Steve Bennison

Lee Staton Congratulations to Lee on his promotion to Director of IT Media and Communications @ Southeast! Lee is an artist of masterful communications ! -- Steve Bennison

Beth Nolen Beth , please cut back on your awesomeness. You are making the rest of us look bad. ;) --Anonymous

Lynda Johnson Thank you so much Lynda for working against the odds to get a privacy room set up at the IT Building. It's been a long and difficult journey, and your efforts are very much appreciated ! --Kim Murday

Victoria Neely Victoria is always willing to pitch in cheerfully! --Anonymous

Ceci Jones Thanks for always being ready and willing to jump in and help! --Anonymous

Jessica Samuel Congrats on becoming IT Training's assistant manager! And thank you for mentoring me, still, as I embark on new projects at work and keeping me from going off on "bunny trails" on my projects. --Beth Nolen

Peter Ermey I'm so glad to have you as part of the IT Training team! You're a great addition to the video development team, and the video team couldn't have gotten as much done this year if it weren't for you . --Beth Nolen

Dan Finch Dan is a great staff member and works hard to get issues resolved quickly. His work with the IU Print team extends beyond the South Bend campus, and is greatly appreciated. You Rock, Dan! --Anonymous

Kevin Jackson Kevin works quietly to keep things moving on campus... Literally! He ensures workstations are delivered in a timely fashion and all record keeping is accurate for the units. Thanks , Kevin! --Anonymous

Jeff Morris Jeff is critical to our PeopleSoft environments. He works hard with a smile on his face while he makes sure the PeopleSoft environments (SIS and HRMS), that are critical to all people of Indiana University, are operational at all times. He is also very entertaining with his weekly PeopleSoft refresh emails . --Anonymous

Matt Disbro Matt provides excellent customer support for our vended applications. Matt has a positive attitude and always goes above and beyond to help make sure the critical PeopleSoft (SIS and HRMS) and other systems are running 24/7. We are lucky to have him as part of the UITS team. --Anonymous

UITS Finance Office Special thanks to the Finance Office staff for all of the hard work that each of you do. You are all rock stars ! -- Doug, Rhonda and Breda

Henry Gabriel Henry is a pleasure to work with. His calm, pensive demeanor and willingness to tackle any project make him a great asset to the UITS Finance Office. He has made a huge impact in the AP area since coming on board as he and his staff continue to create efficiency in the department. Thanks Henry and the AP Team !! --Anonymous

Kim Wagner Kim is so helpful and thoughtful when working at the front desk. It's a pleasure to see her every morning ! --Anonymous

Teresa Velasquez She fosters a positive and helpful learning environment. --Samuel Ashcraft

Matt Zink Goes the extra mile to make sure UITS Student Outreach is a successful program at both IU and IUPUI. --Anonymous

Brian Richwine The master of dinosaur noises, garlic cookies and office positivity. We love you Brian! Be sure to ask him "What's up?" You'll hate the response. --Anonymous

Arturo Contreras You are such a huge help and great employee. Your ability to say it in gifs is uncanny and hilarious. I very much enjoy working with you. Thank you . --Maria

Andy Evans Mr . Wizard. --Anonymous

Alicia Hosey " Bubba is my best good friend. And even I know that ain't something you can find just around the corner." --Forrest Gump (aka Maria)

Izzy Jarvis Good luck to you on your next chapter. We will miss you. --Maria

UITS HRO Staff appreciation is not a one day event, but every day for the UITS HR team. No one works harder and cares more about making this where you want to come to work every day. Thank you to Lynda, Dave, Juliana, Jackie and Kris ! --Deb

Andrew Marsh Andrew has been an amazing addition to the CAITS team and in general to the IU community. His insight, determination and work ethic is highly valued, and warmly welcomed by many of us here at IU. --Anonymous

Kim Wagner Great person, kind and dedicated. --Anonymous

Carol Choksy Influences students to go above and beyond on their work and career in an indescribable way. Carol’s positive attitude everyday makes it easier to ask questions and talk to her after class. --Michael Breunig

Tom Mason Tom is a fantastic IT instructor, always able to take very complex subject matter and make it relatable and understandable. He works very hard to create great learning experiences for IT Trainings customers across IU ! --J. Samuel

Beth Nolen Beth is an excited and committed team member who brings positivity to all of her projects and teams! Her excitement about IT topics is contagious, and she passes this excitement on to her learners as she creates and delivers training for IT Training. --J. Samuel

Greg Hanek Greg brings a ton of knowledge and a commitment to quality to our IT Training team! --J. Samuel

Peter Ermey Peter is a quick study and is really great to work with. He brings lots of creativity to our IT Training team and helps create innovative training solutions our learners need. --J. Samuel

Jason Fickel Jason is always asking the questions that need to be asked, and is a great advocate for learners' perspectives as we design training and make plans within IT Training. He is an important part of our team! --J. Samuel

April Law April learns quickly and is a skilled training developer. She is a great member of our team at IT Training ! --J. Samuel

Ella Liderman Ella has experienced a huge amount of change in her team, her roles, and her responsibilities and has made great strides to improve not only herself, but the overall team ! --Anonymous

Dessa Evans Dessa is AMAZING! Thanks for all you do for UITS ! --Anonymous

Kaci May Kaci is the BOMB! She's wonderful and always gets the job done! --Anonymous

Rose Stephens I can't say enough great things about Rose, she is always so helpful and cheerful. Thanks for all you do Rose ! --Anonymous

Seth Garrett, Caleb Garrett, Mike Reichwein , Ken Dunn, Leroy Marburger Great job on the Data Center network upgrade and Campus 100G project! More network bandwidth for all at IU to use! -- Mark Spencer

David Bickel David is a stalwart and cheerful volunteer, willing to trek around the parking lot counting cars by himself when no one is available to help. --Anonymous

The Facilities Gang Charlie , Kim, Brayton, Jake you are all fantastic! Thanks for taking such good care of us ! --Anonymous

Justin Zemlyak Consistently exceeding expectations to save the day. --Anonymous

Doug Chambers Doug gets it done....and with a smile! Thanks Doug! --Anonymous

Anna Lynch Leading by example one challenge at a time. --Anonymous

Laura Klein, Haiyan Li, Brian McGough, Pairoj Rattadilok , AJ Ragusa Thanks for all of your work this past year in getting the Campus Network Portal live for IT Pros to use for Data Center requests. --Mark Spencer

David Goodrum Amazing mentor and leader! --Anonymous

James Dickerson, Mike Serie Thanks for all of the efforts in getting Clearpass going this year. Another good step in making wireless better for all at IU. --Mark Spencer

Kim B and Jace Thanks for your wonderful work on the dock...all you do is greatly appreciated. --Anonymous

The Living Healthy Team A big THANK YOU to all on the UITS Living Healthy Team. I love all the ideas you come up with to help keep us fit! Nice Job! --Anonymous

Scott Michael Can you say MATLAB license ? WOW! --Anonymous

EITS You all ROCK! Thanks for a job well done! --Anonymous

UITS Admin Team Thank you so much for all you do ! --Anonymous

Austin Lord One word - AMAZING! Thanks for everything you do! --Anonymous

Kenneth Jones Thanks for all the help you've provided! It's greatly appreciated. --Anonymous

Kelly Scholl Kelly is a tremendous resource for faculty. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help wherever needed. --Anonymous

Steve Egyhazi Steve always goes above and beyond to implement creative solutions and resolve customer problems quickly. --Anonymous

Ross Wilkerson Ross's depth of knowledge, combined with his calm and patient demeanor, make him the model of excellent customer support. --Anonymous

Nate Pairitz Nate willingly accepts every challenge and tackles every problem with his technical expertise and can-do attitude. --Anonymous

John Wright John develops innovative solutions with speed and ease. His technical proficiency is unmatched. --Anonymous

The Admin Team! Without them, it wouldn't get done. Smiles , creative ideas and hard work result in the best support anyone could ask for. Thank you Katie, Julie, Rudeana, Heather, Robin, Janice, Lisa, Kaci, Tammy, JoAnn, December, Bonnie, Josh and Kim! --Deb

Tina Bradley Guess who keeps the trains running on time? She's also a creative problem-solver, compassionate leader, great "next door neighbor" and friend. Thank you, Tina! --Deb

Ian Barclay Ian Barclay has continuously gone the extra mile to make sure customers get the support they deserve. He cares about the people he works with, and comes in every day ready to help whomever needs it . --Anonymous

Daphne Siefert-Herron Daphne is the kind of boss who inspires her staff to go above and beyond, who is generous with praise and tactful about constructive criticism. She makes work fun even during stressful times, and she has helped facilitate a true team environment at ITCO. --Anonymous

Helen Malin Helen works hard to stay objective and on the mission in the face of 100 student employees. She is graceful, understanding and also not afraid to stick to the rules. As a student, I like knowing that she is my supervisor for I can count on her. --Anonymous

Sam Stalion Sam is the kind of colleague you wish for. S he's talented, she's creative, she's conscientious, and she's just an all-around cool person. I'm so glad she's here! --Anonymous

Bob Flynn Bob has been working hard on not only getting me on-board, but also attending various IT conferences! Lately he has been feeling extremely under the weather, but is still working to ensure that the vital role he plays in the Statewide IT Conference is fulfilled. Go Bob! --Precious Price

Lynda Johnson Lynda is always helpful. She is quick to lend a hand or help answer a question even when it is not an HR issue. --Joshua Sullivan

Aaron Buck Aaron has been incredibly helpful and diligent at scheduling hourly consultants at the Support Center both during and after Fall Rush. --Trevor Kirtman

Jeff Pollock EITS provides great support, and I especially like how Jeff often takes an extra minute to explain things to me in plain language and suggest quick fixes I can try on my own in the future. --Joshua Sullivan

Jose Camacaro Latouche Please welcome our new talented Global Configmgr Admin! --Anonymous

Stacy Shonk Bringing her skills to the Global Configmgr team has helped them immensely . --Anonymous

Michelle Hartman Michelle is a great resource for my team and has always gone the extra mile to help . --Anonymous

Robin Ingram Robin's big smile is how many folks at IUPUI connect with UITS when they come to the desk to pick up a token or phone, and behind the scenes she is a constant problem solver. --Joshua Sullivan

Dan O'Bryant Your dedication helped get us to where we are today. It is employees like you that make all the difference. Although I have moved on to another unit, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your years of service and help. We are better because of you. Thank You. --Gary Browning

Lora O'Connor Dedicated , respected, insightful. Lora excels in her passion for improving systems at IU, is appreciated by her staff, and leads in innovation at the Vice President for Research IT Office. She strives for excellence at every opportunity - thank you for caring so deeply about your work, your staff, and Indiana University ! --Anonymous

Odessa Evans No matter how busy, Dessa is always willing to help. Even when she does not know the answer, she will help to find the contact who has the answer . Dessa consistently goes the extra mile with a great attitude . --Anonymous

Ian Barclay Ian’s work ethic is beyond anything I've seen. He tries to help us all the time . --Anonymous

Will Radell Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication in providing instructional technology support to the faculty and staff at IU Northwest. --Randy Newbrough

Kathleen Weidner I know that sometimes it feels like no one notices all that you do. I wanted to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you, my friend .” From someone who notices and appreciates. --Former "Game On" Emcee

Daniel Janicki Even though you have only been with us for a short time, you have done a great job in diving right in and providing excellent support to our faculty and staff at IU South Bend. It is great to have you as part of our UITS team! --Randy Newbrough

Tim Ryder Tim's work ethic is second to none! He strives to leverage and improve operations at the Vice President for Research IT Office and is tremendous with his staff. He is always willing to learn and share knowledge. His respect for the present while aggressively seeking future opportunities to partner across the IU IT environment is what sets Tim apart as an example of great IT leadership ! --Anonymous

Juliana Tagliaferri Juliana has been a good resource for us as we've made changes in our department. Thank you for being available to talk through the issues and come up with a game plan . --Anonymous

Cherie Dodd Congratulations Cherie on getting the entire IU Kokomo campus transitioned to using Canvas by the start of the Spring 2016 semester. Your dedication and hard work in making this happen long before Oncourse was shut down was remarkable ! --Randy Newbrough

Paul Sharpe Direction , leadership, friendship. Words just can't describe how much you are appreciated. Thank you for being dedicated to IU and your staff . --Anonymous

Phil Mikulak Thank you for being a friend and mentor. You are always appreciated and I really enjoy your analogies . --Anonymous

Jason Kaetzel Jason has been super responsive and active on all of my tickets. I like that he requests specific standards of the work being done and is sure to do things the correct way. Overall, I enjoy working with him within CAITS . --Anonymous

Sheryl Swinson Thank you for all you do to keep the IT Pros informed ! --Anonymous

Douglas Walter Doug is a talented developer who codes quickly and effectively. He is sure to understand the requirements before implementing code. Doug is an excellent colleague . --Anonymous

Gretchen DeHart Thank you Gretchen for continuing to offer excellent support to the faculty of IU East during this transitional time on that campus. You have continued to offer excellent and uninterrupted service and you are appreciated ! --Randy Newbrough

Andrew Korty Thanks for being such a cool boss ! --Anonymous

CACR S taff The staff at CACR are a great bunch of people, an outstanding hard working group. KUDOS to all… --Anonymous

Kael Kanczuzewski Thank you Kael for your work in maintaining faculty support at the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning during a time of staff shortages and leadership change. Your positive attitude and work ethic have helped make these transitions smoother while still providing excellent support. --Randy Newbrough

Sally Jamerson Thank you, Sally, for all the great work you do for our IUPUC faculty and staff. Your positive attitude and "can do" spirit is recognized by both faculty and colleagues and is much appreciated! --Randy Newbrough

UITS Colleagues Thank you to all of my UITS colleagues on all of the IU campuses. It is truly a pleasure to work with all of you on each of the IU campuses that I visit as part of my position. Your dedication to the faculty, staff, and students is what makes our organization so great! --Randy Newbrough

Kelley Cantrell Kelley is always a delight to be around...and she's super smart too ! --Anonymous

Jim Julovich Thank you, Jim, for your excellent support and dedication to the faculty and staff at the IUB Kelley School of Business. The work you do is very much appreciated! --Randy Newbrough

Rhonda Inman Rhonda always makes time to help me when I have a question...and that's quite often! --Anonymous

Dulce Ruiz Lemus Dulce is a delight to be around...kind, fun, and always in a good mood! --Anonymous

Nubli Kasa Nubli always goes the extra mile for his teammates. This often involves many late nights and practicing extreme patience. I wanted to let him know that we all really appreciate everything he does for our team. --Anonymous

Sarah Couch Sarah is extremely helpful, and is one of the most kind and empathetic people I know! --Anonymous

Henry Gabriel Henry is the absolute best...extremely capable, honest, and hard-working! --Anonymous

Dessa Crane The Finance Office is so lucky to have Dessa ...she's helpful, fun, and always makes an effort to see the best in everyone! --Anonymous

Heather Pawluk Heather knows her stuff! She's always willing to go the extra mile to ensure all her ducks are in a row. Also, she's super nice :) --Anonymous

Breda Lane Breda truly cares about each and everyone. She's a joy to work with, and her kindness is much appreciated! --Anonymous

Jeff Stahl South Bend Server Master. --Anonymous

Anna Lynch eDS and UITS are more than just a job for Anna. Her meticulous attention to the whole person is inspiring. --Anonymous

Kathy Kennedy Kathy Kennedy is my supervisor. She is dedicated to her job and customers, and works hard Monday through Friday. She deserves recognition more than anyone I know. --Anonymous

Juliana Tagliaferri Juliana is kind, approachable, professional, and such a wonderful person in general. I appreciate all that she does for HR matters and think the world of her. I'm happy to count her as a colleague. --Anonymous

Aimee Crass Thanks for the support you provide for our department. You make work fun and I'm happy to call you my friend! --Joy

Todd Duke Best Boss award!! Thanks for all you do to make our department and campus better! --Joy

Katie Burnworth Great to work with! --Anonymous

Dan Finch Thanks for all your help and support! Whether IU Print or networks - it's great to have you to talk to! --Joy

Kevin Ahlgrim Always making IT happen ... --Anonymous

Kevin Ahlgrim Keeps our phones working! Well mostly... Thanks! --Anonymous

Rachel Frend You rock!!! I can't tell you how much we appreciate all that you do for IT Training. You definitely make my job easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you! --Donna Jones

Denise Brown Denise , you are a valuable member of the IT Training team, and we appreciate all that you do. Your energy, kindness, and dedication are impressive. Thank you so much! --Donna

Jen Oakes Jen , you are such an important part of the IT Training team. I honestly don't know what we would do without you . Your technical skills keep us afloat, and you have become a top-notch trainer and teacher. On top of all that, you are fun to work with, and considerate and kind. Thanks for being you! --Donna

Dave Nichols It's hard for me to believe that you have only been a part of our team for a year and a half. It seems as if you have been working for IT Training forever. Perhaps that's because you fit in so well. Not only are you a hard worker and a great trainer, but you are also smart, helpful, considerate, and easy to work with. What a combination! Thanks for all that you do . --Donna Jones

Kim Murday You have contributed so much to IT Training and to the university in the last few years. I honestly believe that your work with Canvas has had a huge impact on this educational institution, and you should be very proud of that. Thanks for all that you do. --Donna

Diana Borecky D iana came on board at CACR in the relatively recent past and has been an amazing efficient, friendly, engaged new addition to the CACR family. It has just be awesome to have her as part of our team. --Craig Jackson

Susan Sons Susan is an inspirational, innovative, driving force at CACR. It is a real honor to work by her side. --Craig Jackson

Robert De Roeck You may be one of the smartest people that I have ever known! I am always amazed when I think about the number of EdCert exams you pass every year and the number of times that you have been asked to present at Microsoft events and other prestigious conferences. We are so lucky to have you on the IT Training team and as a UITS employee. Thank you. --Donna

Von Welch The most effective, most supportive manager I've ever known. Von not only does great work, he enables great work. --Anonymous

Wayne Husted On behalf of the rest of the STC Operations team, I want to tell you how much we appreciate the endless hours of service you dedicated ensuring the summer upgrade projects were completed on time. We all admired your ingenuity in creating opportunities for the staff and hourly employees to work together as a team. I was personally impressed with the way you kept everyone motivated and focused, even in the face of several obstacles. Thank you for giving this company your best. May you enjoy this type of success in all your endeavors . --Clinton Wade

Todd Kirk You deserve high praise for the way you handled the outreach portion 3D printing program at IUPUI. You kept a cool head with an untried team, and your spontaneous responses to difficult questions were awesome . Your future looks bright . --Clinton Wade

Nicholas Bannister-Andrews I appreciate Nicholas's calm, unflappable demeanor in stressful situations. --Anonymous

Lane Bowman Lane is great to work with! He responds to questions promptly and helpfully. --Anonymous

CACR For designation as a Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure as a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CACR ) --Anonymous

Lee Staton I consider myself very fortunate for having a chance to work Lee Staton . Working with Lee has been a great learning experience for me. I really value his knowledge and his insight, but most of all his friendship!! --Kathleen Weidner

Craig Jackson and Von Welch CRADA (collaborative agreement) with CRANE NWSC. --Anonymous

Marlon Pierce and Suresh Marru Science Gateways Institute funding. --Anonymous

ITCO Thanks for being just generally fantastic and wonderful! --Anonymous

Finance Office Thanks for all the work you have done in the past year through BRE and budget changes and all manner of things to improve our fiscal operations. --Anonymous

Dan Finch The Professor. --Anonymous

Chuck Aikman Chuck’s greatest strength is trusting his people to do their jobs. Responds to blockers and paves the way for productive, creative work. --Julie Thatcher

Therese Miller, Marlon Pierce, Richard Knepper XSEDE2 funding. --Anonymous

Barb Hallock and Abhinav Thota Barb…. G et the "I survived editing with Craig" award for the year... Thanks for initiating and leading two very fine technical publications. --Craig Stewart

Eric Wernert and Mike Boyles Distributed VR strategy, execution, and enhancements. --Anonymous

Robert Henschel , Marlon Pierce, David Y. Hancock, Therese Miller Congratulations on promotions! --Anonymous

Jae Kim Love working with Jae! His humor is always well timed and perfectly executed. --Anonymous

The entire Jetstream team Jetstream acceptance and implementation. --Anonymous

Tassie Gnaidy and Eric Wernert Thanks for turning CyberDH into a thing.. and making so much out of it this year! --Anonymous

Alicia Hosey Ordinary people come and go in our lives, but Alicia Hosey is one of a kind and deserves a Hershey bar for all of her hard work !!! I truly enjoy working with her - thanks for being my special colleague. --Kathleen Weidner

Yvonne Wittman and Natalie Lyon A shout-out to Yvonne and Natalie. Thank you for helping me keep my "stuff" together. --Maggie

UITS IU South Bend What a great bunch of people I get to work with on a daily basis...makes coming to work enjoyable!!! --Kathleen

ITCO I would like to thank everyone in ITCO in particular Daphne and Brian for making me a part of their team!!! I really enjoy working with all of you!!! --Kathleen Weidner

Stephanie Cox Thanks for a great service and for toughing our long year while short on staff. --Craig & Matt

Kristy Kallback -Rose & Stephen Simms Thanks for all your work toward a re-vamped storage architecture and keeping what we have going. --Anonymous

Matt Allen Thanks for jumping into the fray.... --Craig and Dave

Jason Sykes Classroom Tech Guru. --Anonymous

Robert Quick Thanks for making the Campus Queue a functioning reality! --Anonymous

Richard Meraz Thanks for maintaining and improving ABITC ! --Anonymous

Therese Miller T hanks for doing one more job than usual this past year! --Anonymous

Tom Doak and all of NCGAS Congrats on a great year! --Anonymous

Robert Ping and everyone in PTI Thanks for another great year of high-impact education and outreach activities, especially Robot Camp!!! --Anonymous

Jim Yocom Media Mogul. --Anonymous

Tina Bradley You truly are a great person, boss and friend…not to mention a great cook! Thank you for always supporting me in my crazy endeavors, for giving me space and flexibility to be creative, and for being the type of leader I can look up to. I also want to thank you for making the best snickerdoodle cookies in the world. =) --Anonymous

Kathleen Weidner The Queen of Regional UITS Communications. --Anonymous

Kevin Ahlgrim Mr . Congeniality. --Anonymous

Sue Baker Super Supporter for South Bend. --Anonymous

Daniel Janicki Faculty's Best Friend. --Anonymous

Gary Allison Windows build par excellence. --Anonymous

Michael Fletcher Leader of the Band. --Anonymous

Phil Mikulak Numbers Guy and Network Meister. --Anonymous

Jake DePoy Mr . Linux. --Anonymous

Lindsey Cook Lindsey is always upbeat, helpful, and great at what she does. It's a pleasure to work with her! --Lee Staton

Amanda Hanson Amanda's new to our group and followed a high-performer without missing a beat! Great job!! --Lee Staton

Monica Haynes We're so lucky to have Monica on our team! She's tops at web customer service and planning! And she's fun! --Lee Staton

Allen Tucker Stepping up and Taking Charge! Way to manage two positions! Double duty is hard work. HELPNET is lucky to have you. Keep up the hard work. --Kelly

Darren Russell On our team he's 'The Closer'--as in closing job tickets and getting things done! Thanks Darren! --Lee Staton

Daniel Daily Yes , you are Linux Dinner party of one. Yes, you are your TEAM and the LEAD. Way to shine bro! Taking on all the Linux new migrations and juggling Splunk Admin. So many Hats One Guy! ( RedHat pun intended) HELPNET is lucky to have you! Kick BUTT at Splunk Conference 2016 ! . conf 2016 Speaker ! --Kelly

Damon Hathaway New Roll new responsibility. You are handling it LIKE A BOSS! Whoot ! Welcome to the CEN-SYS team. Glad to have your help right now. HELPNET is lucky to have you! --Kelly

Derrick Russell Derrick tackles tough projects and always keeps his cool. So glad he's on our team. We appreciate him! --Lee Staton

Halim Chambers Halim takes the skimpiest customer input and then creates award-winning videos anyway! The Force is with him! --Lee Staton

Nick Ray Hardly anybody ever thanks the boss: Thanks Nick, for believing in us!! --Lee Staton

Chris Deweese Ode to Chris and how we love thee, let us count the ways...SCCM, Migrations, WUS, Secunia , SNOW, ARMS, Secondary Tier Script Master, King of bs1000, and oh yeah, we kinda like your personality too. HELPNET is definitely lucky to have you. --Kelly

Ron Alcacid Ron , the silent ninja solving tickets and closing projects with stealth. Nobody knows cen -sys better then you do. It is incredible how you have patiently put up with all of us all this time! HELPNET is lucky to have you! --Kelly

Deb Hoeing " The best administrative professionals aren't just supporting players. They add value in a way that makes them critical to an organization's success." Your insight is a value add that does not go un-noticed! HELPNET is lucky to have you! --Kelly

Alicia Hosey Thanks for helping all the campuses make Game On! so great every year! --Lee Staton

Julia Sanders Julia takes major projects on tight deadlines -- seemingly impossible hurdles -- and gets the whole team over them. Thank you, Julia, for supporting IU students with Online Orientation! --Anonymous

Anna Lynch Thank you for believing in work-life balance, and for modeling it to your team. It's so refreshing and motivating! --Anonymous

Amy Price Amy is a joy to work with. She cares deeply about doing what's right by other people, and about doing good work. --Anonymous

Technology Center Consulting Team The Technology Center Consulting teams at IUPUI and IUB continue to take on any challenge and help students with any technical issue. I am always amazed by their patience and resourcefulness as they work through any issue. --Marsha Egan

Diana Borecky Thank you for all the travel planning, event arranging, and a constantly great attitude! --Von Welch

Leslee Cooper Thanks for all your leadership! --Von Welch

Ryan Kiser Thanks for staying on top of all our systems and data! --Von Welch

Kael Kanczuzewski Kael has held down the fort like no one can! He helps IUPUI faculty navigate the switch to Canvas, while also helping them improve their courses along the way. --Anonymous

George Stevens George works tirelessly to ensure that UITS events requiring media, streaming, and related technology go smoothly and professionally. He IS the hardest working man in show business (no offense, James Brown)! --Anonymous

Amy Starzynski Coddens Thanks for your leadership in our education and training. --Von Welch

Zalak Shah Welcome to IU! --Von Welch

Anurag Shankar Thanks for keeping us HIP. --Von Welch

Kathleen Weidner Kathleen is a wonderful colleague on the Communications Community of Practice! --Lee Staton

Vince Cannon Vince always goes above and beyond the call of duty in the many professional visual and media design service areas that he specializes in. He is passionate, thoughtful and creative. Vince always meets and often exceeds his client's expectations . --Anonymous

Randy Heiland Thanks for your leadership with Science Gateway security! --Von Welch

Craig Jackson Thanks for your leadership in collaborating with Crane! --Von Welch

Susan Sons Thanks for your leadership with OSG security! --Von Welch

Mark Krenze Thanks for your leadership with SWAMP security! --Von Welch

Scott Orr Thanks for maintaining IU's NSA/DHS CAE and CAR! --Von Welch

The Finance Office Thanks for keeping us running! --Von Welch

Alain Deximo , Vince Neal, and Kyle Gross Thanks for your help supporting the SWAMP! --Von Welch

Mary Nell Shiflet Thanks for helping out and your great attitude! --Von Welch

Doug Chambers Thanks for getting us in and out safely. --Von Welch

Colleagues in UISO and UIPO Robert '); DROP TABLE Students . --Von Welch

Andrew Behringer Andrew is extremely creative and brings amazing ideas and hard work to his projects--especially his work on the Security First initiative. --J . Samuel

Laura Reed Laura is a creative thinker and is a wonderful member of our team at IT Training! --J . Samuel

Nicolle Krause Thanks, Nicolle, for your hard work! You are a joy to work with. -- Myriam

Michael Griffith Michael , thank you for your important contributions to the IU Northwest campus! -- Myriam

Sean McMullen Sean , many thanks for all your efforts and dedication. We are fortunate to have you at IU Northwest. -- Myriam

Nicolle Hanson Your contributions have been of great importance to IU Northwest. Thank you for your great work and dedication! -- Myriam

William Radell At IU Northwest, Will is the "go-to guy" for so many things. He is a hardworking, conscientious person who always does his best for those he serves. --Christopher Young

Nick Ray As a leader Nick identifies opportunity, sets expectations, and celebrates successes! --Steve Bennison

Sarah Engel, Ceci Shrock , and Daphne Siefert-Herron Thanks for making our work look great! --Von Welch

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Special Recognition Ross Jean Ross has a positive attitude and always welcomes new challenges. He is willing to dig in and help wherever necessary. Ross is a valuable team player and very much appreciated on the ESS SIS team. - Description

Special Recognition Ross Jean Ross has a positive attitude and always welcomes new challenges He is willing to dig in and help wherever necessary Ross is a valuable team player and very much appreciated on the ESS SIS team ID: 761164 Download Presentation

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