2014 Senate PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

The Road Ahead in 2015: A public policy and regulation roadmap for in-house counsel
The Road Ahead in 2015: A public policy and regulation roadm - presentation


Presenters. Darry Sragow. Partner. Public Policy and Regulation. 1 213 892 2925. darry.sragow@dentons.com. John Russell. Principal. Public Policy and Regulation. 1 202 408 6392. john.russell@dentons.com.

2014 Student Senate Orientation
2014 Student Senate Orientation - presentation


Where am I?. What is this group that I joined?. What is the Senate?. From the Constitution. Consistent with actions and policies by the regents of the University of Minnesota, all matters relating to the educational and administrative affairs of the University are herein committed to the president, the Faculty Senate, the University Senate, and the several faculties. .

Senate of the Whole vs. Representative Senate
Senate of the Whole vs. Representative Senate - presentation


SMCCCD District Academic Senate. Revised Fall . 2016. Definitions. Senate of the Whole. Representative Senate. Who is a Senator?. Every faculty member. Representatives of areas described in bylaws. How are senators chosen?.

AlabamaRepRepRepAlaskaRepIndDividedArizona - pdf


STATE Total Seats Total Senate Senate Dem. Senate Rep. Senate other Total House House Dem. House Rep. House other Legis. Control Gov. Party State Control RepRepRepIllinoisDemRepDividedIndi

The Legislative Process Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists
The Legislative Process Missouri Association of Nurse Anesth - presentation


Missouri Legislature. 2 Chambers. Senate. 34 . members. Four-year . t. erms. Lieutenant Governor is president and presiding officer. House of Representatives . 163 members. Two-year terms. Presided over by Speaker, who is chosen by members.

Senate Session
Senate Session - presentation


Region . C Conference. February 18, 2017. Olivia LeBlanc, Region C Senator. Kate Van Dellen, . Region C . Senator. Liberty Schmidt, Region C Senator. Kate Hull, Deputy Speaker of the Senate. FY17 Winter Senate Meeting Agenda.

Duties of the Faculty Senate
Duties of the Faculty Senate - presentation


Exercise of all powers vested in the Faculty Council by the Board of Supervisors of the LSU system. Stewardship over and guidance of the educational functions, programs, and missions of the University.



2013. Senate Website. RYERSON ACT. Sets the objects of Ryerson . University. (. 1. ) The . advancement of learning, and the intellectual. , social. , moral, cultural, spiritual, and . physical development .

Keeping Your Senate Involved, Engaged and On Course
Keeping Your Senate Involved, Engaged and On Course - presentation


. John Freitas, . Los Angeles City College, Area C Representative. Ginni. May, . Sacramento City College, North Representative. Faculty Leadership Institute. San Jose Marriott . June 11-13, 2015. Welcome!.

Senate 101
Senate 101 - presentation


California State University, Los Angeles. Prepared by Nancy Warter-Perez. Preamble to Constitution: General Principle. The . orderly participation of faculty in . policy making. , and a . clearly defined organizational structure .

The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are t
The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are t - presentation


Disclosure. Neither Andrew Friedman, nor any law firm with which he may be associated, is providing legal or tax advice as to the matters discussed herein. The discussion herein is general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. It is not intended and may not be regarded as legal or tax advice, and financial advisors and other recipients of this information may not rely upon it (including for purposes of avoiding tax penalties imposed by the IRS or state and local tax authorities). Advisors should consult with their firm’s legal and tax counsel as to matters discussed herein. Clients should consult their own legal and tax counsel before entering into any investment, annuity, estate planning, or trust arrangement, and financial advisors should advise their clients to do so..

Intro to the Foothill College Academic Senate
Intro to the Foothill College Academic Senate -


President . Isaac . Escoto. Vice President/CCC Faculty Co-Chair . Rachelle Campbell. Secretary/Treasurer . Katherine . Schaefers. Why are we here?. Title 5 gives us the power and responsibility to make recommendations to our Board of Trustees regarding .

Senate 101: Silver lining of Governance
Senate 101: Silver lining of Governance - presentation


Debbie Weatherly. 4CS President. Title 5-Section 51023.5(a). The governing Board shall adopt policies and procedures that provide district and college staff the opportunity to participate effectively in district and college governance..

Academic Senate Fall 2017 Retreat and Social
Academic Senate Fall 2017 Retreat and Social - presentation


The . Role of . the Academic Senate. in Influencing . College . Decisions. A Brief History of the Academic Senate. 1963—Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 48 officially “provides . . for the establishment of academic senates ‘for the purposes of representing [faculty] in the formation of policy on academic and professional matters. . .’”.

Faculty Senate Bylaws Revisions
Faculty Senate Bylaws Revisions - presentation


October 9, 2014. 1. Administrator Membership. Motion: Amend Article IV: Members:. Proposed: Sec. 2. Elected Members. There shall be 132 elected members as determined and apportioned according to the provisions of Article V, Sec. 1. All Faculty, as defined in Article III, Sec. 1 and who are included in Senate apportionment, shall be eligible for election to the Faculty Senate.

The Senate
The Senate - presentation


Size. Constitution says each state must have TWO senators. First Senate had only 22 members when it first met in 1789. 26 members by end of First Congress in 1791. 100 senators today(50 states). Framers believed Senate would be more enlightened and responsible.

House and Senate Differences
House and Senate Differences - presentation


The smaller Senate encourages deliberation and debate. It discourages specialization on particular issues because senators serve large, often diverse, statewide constituencies. In the Senate, less power is concentrated in the leadership’s hands..

The Student Senate
The Student Senate - presentation


Why do we need a student senate?. Mansfield had a turn out of 26% at the last election.. What do our students know about politics?. Video of students. Our students have a right to voice their opinion and to be heard. .

United States Senate The
United States Senate The - presentation


Senate. How does the size of the Senate differ from the size of the House?. How have States elected senators in the past and present?. How and why does a senator’s term differ from a representative’s term?.

Reprinted from Mark O. Hatfield, with the Senate Historical Office, Vi
Reprinted from Mark O. Hatfield, with the Senate Historical - pdf


U.S. Senate CollectionWe understood each other's needs. We respected each other's opinions. We kept each other's confidence. Our relationship in the White House held up under the searing pressure of t

Reprinted from Mark O. Hatfield, with the Senate Historical Office, Vi
Reprinted from Mark O. Hatfield, with the Senate Historical - pdf


U.S. Senate CollectionOnly the President lands on the south lawn.

Senate Meeting Summary
Senate Meeting Summary - presentation


March 9, . 2016. March 9, . 2016 Summary. Special Order of the Day - Robert L. Caret, Chancellor, University System of Maryland, “The USM: A Stronger Maryland Today And Tomorrow” . Chancellor Caret noted that he is a believer in shared governance and working together as professionals. He plans to visit every campus every year to talk with members of the campus communities about their needs..



GILLIBRAND for herself Mr OINOVICH Mr L IEBERMAN Mr S CHU MER Mr L EVIN Mr C ASEY Mr K YL and Mr V ITTER submitted the fol lowing resolution which was consid ered and agreed to S R ES 571 Whereas Congress previously expressed its concern for



940 Introduced by Senator Leslie February 27 1997 An act to amend Section 1361 of and to add Section 18629 to the Penal Code relating to crimes LEGISLATIVE COUNSELS DIGEST SB 940 as amended Leslie Crimes intimidation of witnesses and victims 1 Exis

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