Earthquakes PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Earthquakes and Being Prepared
Earthquakes and Being Prepared - presentation


Why you need to prepare for the next earthquake . Alaska has more earthquakes than any other region of the U.S. . And in fact is one of the most seismically active area of the world.. Great earthquakes (Earthquakes larger than magnitude 8) rock the state on average every 13 years since the 1900. .

Earthquakes & hurricanes
Earthquakes & hurricanes - presentation


. By : . Deavian. foster . Class : 5H. What is an earthquake?. A earthquake is a shaking of the earths crust and is a geological phenomenon . Earthquakes can cause intense vibration of the ground, soil liquefaction, and distortion of the ground. Earthquakes can happen almost anywhere but are most common along the boundaries of the tectonic plates. Earthquakes are primarily caused of movement of the tectonic plates. It lasts more than a few seconds..

Physical Results of Earthquakes
Physical Results of Earthquakes - presentation


They Shape Our Landscape. As plates move, we may feel these movements as earthquakes. If there were no plate motions, our planet would not look like home. There would be no mountains, no valleys, no plateaus .

Earthquakes and
Earthquakes and - presentation


Earth’s Dynamic Crust. Original Horizontality (law of superposition):. Assumption . that sedimentary/igneous rocks form in horizontal layers . Deformity. Folded: Layers are bent/curved. Deformity.

Earthquakes: Increasing Over Time?
Earthquakes: Increasing Over Time? - presentation


By: Dan Arrington. EAS 4480. Spring 2012. Image obtained from: Background Information. Richter Scale. Measures magnitude. Energy released.

Monitoring Earthquakes
Monitoring Earthquakes - presentation


Chapter 2 Section 3. Objectives. F.2.3.1. Explain how a seismograph works.. F.2.3.2. Describe how Geologists monitor faults.. F.2.3.3. . Explain how . seismograph data is used.. The Seismograph. Seismic waves cause the seismographs drum to vibrate but the suspended weight with the pen attached moves very little. Therefore the pen remains still and records the vibrations on the drum..

Understanding Earthquakes   with GIS
Understanding Earthquakes with GIS - presentation


William Mackaness, Carol Blackwood, Charlotte Graves. Institute of Geography. School of GeoSciences. University of Edinburgh. Drummond St, Edinburgh EH8 9XP. Earthquakes. Measure on a Richter scale 1-7.

Interior Processes Locating earthquakes
Interior Processes Locating earthquakes - presentation


Earthquakes. What if you knew the epicenter was . 572 . km from Vancouver?. Earthquakes. What if you ALSO know that it is . 884 . km from Prince Rupert?. Earthquakes. Finally, you also know that the epicenter is .

EarthquakeS - presentation


By. : 10 grade. What is an earthquake ?. Simply, earthquakes are the rumblings, shaking or rolling of the earth's surface. It is usually what happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another, or break apart from each other as a result of tension caused by prolonged energy build up. .



Content Purpose:. Explore the scientific theory of plate tectonics by describing how the movement of Earth's crustal plates causes both slow and rapid changes in Earth's surface, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and mountain building. .

Dealing with earthquakes and
Dealing with earthquakes and - presentation


other non-linear motions. M. . A. Floyd. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA. School of Earth . Sciences, University of Bristol. United Kingdom. 2–5 May 2017. Material from T. A. Herring, R. W. King, M. A. Floyd (MIT) and S. C. .

Seismology and Prophecy Role of earthquakes in prophetic events
Seismology and Prophecy Role of earthquakes in prophetic eve -


Creation. Flood. Crucifixion. Los Angeles sinking. Sixth seal. 58-0927 - Why Are We Not A Denomination?. When He got it all made, it was just a great big volcanic eruption. . He let them old . volcanics.

Deadly Earthquakes
Deadly Earthquakes - presentation


-Black. Shensi, China. When did this happen?. January 23, 1556. How many people died?. It is estimated that 830,000 people where killed in it.. The geological effects that were reported where ground fissures, uplift, subsidence, liquefaction, and landslides..

Chapter 6  Restless Earth: Earthquakes, Geologic Structures, and Mountain Building
Chapter 6 Restless Earth: Earthquakes, Geologic Structures, - presentation


. What Is an Earthquake?. An . earthquake. is the vibration of Earth produced by the rapid release of energy. Energy released radiates in all directions from its source, the . focus. . Energy is in the form of waves.

Global review of induced and triggered earthquakes
Global review of induced and triggered earthquakes - presentation


Miles P. Wilson. Gillian R. Foulger, Jon G. . Gluyas. , Richard J. Davies & Bruce R. Julian. British Seismology Meeting. 5. th-. 7. th. April 2017. 1. Disclaimer and terminology. Study background.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
Volcanoes and Earthquakes. - presentation


The Earths crust . The earths crust is in constant motion.. Volcanoes and earthquakes arise as sections of crust push . toghether. or pulled apart. Volcanoes and earthquakes are more common in certain parts of the world. By monitoring ground vibrations scientists can sometimes.

The New Madrid Earthquakes
The New Madrid Earthquakes - presentation


8.53. Write a narrative with supporting text describing the effects of the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-12 on the land and people of Tennessee. (G, H, . TN). Bell Ringer. : What might this map represent? Why do you think so? .

Comparing and contrasting earthquakes
Comparing and contrasting earthquakes - presentation


Comparing and contrasting earthquakes. Have compared the impacts of earthquakes on a . MEDC. and a . LEDC. .. Have considered development as a key issue in . earthquake response. .. By the end of this section, you will: .

Describing Earthquakes
Describing Earthquakes - presentation


Earthquakes are very difficult to predict.. Scientists understand why they happen, but it is very difficult to predict their . timing, exact location, and . strength. Pressure. build-up happens underground, over very long periods of .

Chapter 8 Earthquakes Earthquakes
Chapter 8 Earthquakes Earthquakes - presentation


Earthquakes result from sudden motions along breaks in Earth’s crust and can affect landforms and societies.. An entire branch of Earth science, called . seismology. , is devoted to studying earthquakes..

Destructive Forces: EARTHQUAKES
Destructive Forces: EARTHQUAKES - presentation


What are Destructive Forces?. A destructive force is a process that lowers or tears down the surface features of the Earth. . Examples of Destructive Forces:. Destructive forces can occur in many ways. The following are common examples of destructive forces:.

Earthquakes  Rocks Move along Faults
Earthquakes Rocks Move along Faults - presentation


An . earthquake. is a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden movement of large blocks of rock along a fault. Earthquakes occur along faults.. A . fault. is a fracture, or break, in Earth’s lithosphere, along which blocks of rock move past each other..

Ch. 19.3 – Measuring and Locating Earthquakes
Ch. 19.3 – Measuring and Locating Earthquakes - presentation


Essential . Questions. What are earthquake magnitude and intensity and how are they measured?. Why are data from at least three seismic stations needed to locate an earthquake’s epicenter?. Where are Earth’s seismic belts?.

Faults, Earthquakes and Uplift
Faults, Earthquakes and Uplift - presentation


Move it, move it !!. What are they?. Fault: a break or fracture in the crust of Earth.. Earthquakes: shaking or trembling of the earth caused by movement along a fault.. Uplift: upward movement of Earth’s crust..

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