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Ensembl - presentation


. RNASeq. Pipeline. Steve Searle. Outline of Talk. What the . Ensembl. . RNASeq. pipeline does. Ensembl. Pipeline infrastructure. How we’ve modified the process as its scaled . up. Cloud version.

Get into your genes:
Get into your genes: - presentation


The . EnsEMBL. Project. Michael Gray. Bristol & Bath Perl Mongers. DNA makes RNA makes protein. EnsEMBL. REST API. API from . perl. Friday 20 September 2013. http://. www.jeansforgenesday.org. /.

How to go from SNP data in Ensembl to getting KASP markers?
How to go from SNP data in Ensembl to getting KASP markers? - presentation


Welcome to . PolyMarker. !. http://polymarker.tgac.ac.uk/. How to use Biomart to find SNP markers www.wheat-training.com. Options:. Design your own primers. Download pre-designed primers for SNP data.

EBI web resources II:
EBI web resources II: - presentation


Ensembl. and . InterPro. Yanbin Yin. Fall 2014. 1. http://. www.ebi.ac.uk. /training/online/course. /. Homework 3. Go to . http://www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro/training.html. and finish the second online training course “Introduction to protein classification at the EBI” and then answer the following questions:.

Large-scale Data Processing Challenges
Large-scale Data Processing Challenges - presentation


David Wallom . Overview. The problem…. Other communities. The pace of technological change. Using the data. The problem…. New telescopes generate vast amounts of data. Particularly (but not limited to) surveys (SDSS, PAN-STARRS, LOFAR, SKA…).

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Ensembl eStae� 0; 뀀  倀 - pdf


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