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Molecules - presentation


of Life. Tina . Šantl-Temkiv. Department of Bioscience. Department of Physics and Astronomy. Aarhus University. What. is . life. ?. Homeostasis. Organization. Metabolism: anabolism & catabolism.

Section 5.3—Molecules in 3D
Section 5.3—Molecules in 3D - presentation


Bonds repel each other. Bonds are electrons. Electrons are negatively charged. Negative charges repel other negative charges. Bonds repel each other. Molecules arrange themselves in 3-D so that the bonds are as far apart as possible.

Biological molecules
Biological molecules - presentation


Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids. Is it made of carbohydrates?. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates. Organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio.. A carbohydrate with 6 carbon atoms would have….

H2 and other molecules
H2 and other molecules - presentation


2. Potential curves involved in the Lyman and Werner bands (Roueff 00). 3. The H. 2. molecule. Symmetrical, . no dipole. Quadrupolar transitions ΔJ = . +. 2. Light. molecule => low inertial moment and high energy levels.

Life’s Structure: Building the Molecules
Life’s Structure: Building the Molecules - presentation


All life uses 6 major elements. If we survey the molecules from which life is constructed, we find six that are found in all living things and have often been described as the ‘building block’ elements of .

Activity 2.2:  Molecules Cells Are Made Of
Activity 2.2: Molecules Cells Are Made Of - presentation


1. Unit Map. 2. You are here. 3. Facts and questions about organisms. Some things we know:. All organisms are made of cells. All the functions of organisms are done by cells working together. All cells are made of molecules.

There are blue molecules on the left red molecules on the r
There are blue molecules on the left red molecules on the r - presentation


1) What happens next?. Why?. 2) How can you maintain more blue molecules on the left . and. more red molecules on the right?. DO NOW. Answer . questions #1&2 . on your worksheets.. Put in a pump that would pump the blue molecules to the left and the red molecules to the right..

A slow source of  molecules for high resolution spectroscopy
A slow source of molecules for high resolution spectroscopy - presentation


Marina Quintero-. Pérez. Paul Jansen. Thomas E. Wall. Wim. . Ubachs. Hendrick. L. . Bethlem. Motivation. Why. . cold. . molecules. ?. Long coherence times. High precision measurements . COLD . = low velocities.

Molecules     molecules ISSN  httpwww
Molecules molecules ISSN httpwww - pdf


mdpiorg Synthesis of Mixed Carbonates via a ThreeComponent Coupling of Alcohols CO and Alkyl Halides in the Presence of K CO and Tetrabutylammonium Iodide Min Shi and YuMei Shen State Key Laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry Shanghai Institute of

MO Diagrams for  Diatomic Molecules
MO Diagrams for Diatomic Molecules - presentation


Chapter 5. Friday, October 9, 2015. Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules. What happens when we move to more complicated systems? Consider O. 2. .. The Lewis dot structure famously predicts the wrong electronic structure for O.

Molecules of Witchcraft
Molecules of Witchcraft - presentation


Andrew Nguyen and Anthony Haynes. Sorcery and Herbalism: the basis of Witchcraft. Prior to 1350 and the height of the Roman Catholic church, witchcraft was simply sorcery, and it was an accepted part of life having been ingrained in culture for centuries. .

Carbon-Based Molecules Part 1
Carbon-Based Molecules Part 1 - presentation


Biochemistry. Objectives. SWBAT describe the bonding properties of carbon atoms.. SWBAT compare carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.. Starter. We have talked about carbon based molecules in other units. I want you to take a couple of minutes and make a list of the carbon based compounds we have touched on in this class or you have heard about in other places..

Are Nitrogen Molecules Really Larger Than Oxygen Molecules? ect to
Are Nitrogen Molecules Really Larger Than Oxygen Molecules? - pdf


The reason that O2, despite a larger MW 32, has a smaller diameter than N2 MW 28, lies in the electronic structure of the molecules. As indicated by quantum mechanical theory of molecules, the electro

Ultrafast Electron Diffraction from Molecules in the Gas Ph
Ultrafast Electron Diffraction from Molecules in the Gas Ph - presentation


Martin Centurion. Department of Physics and Astronomy. University of Nebraska – Lincoln. 1. Outline. 2. Diffraction from aligned molecules:. 3D molecular images with sub-Angstrom resolution. Imaging of transient structures: Molecules in intense laser fields..

Molecules, 662-673 molecules
Molecules, 662-673 molecules - pdf


NMR Detection of Isomers Arising from Restricted Rotation of the C-N Amide Bond of -Formyl-toluidine and N,N

PIB and Highly Conjugated Molecules
PIB and Highly Conjugated Molecules - presentation


(14.7). Conjugated molecules have alternating carbon-carbon single and double bonds. π-electrons can move freely along all carbon atoms in the conjugated portion of the molecule. The 1D PIB model can be crudely applied to the energy states of a polyene (e.g., β-carotene).

Biologically Important Molecules
Biologically Important Molecules - presentation


Biologically Important . Molecules. . There are four biologically important groups of molecules found in living organisms.. . . They are:. Carbohydrate. . . Biologically Important . Molecules. .

Hyperfine-Changing Collisions of Cold Molecules
Hyperfine-Changing Collisions of Cold Molecules - presentation


J. . Aldegunde. , . Piotr. . Żuchowski. and Jeremy M. . Hutson. University of Durham. EuroQUAM. meeting. Durham. 18th April 2009. TexPoint fonts used in EMF. . Read the TexPoint manual before you delete this box.: .

Abiogenesis Abiogenesis – creation of life from non-living molecules
Abiogenesis Abiogenesis – creation of life from non-living - presentation


NOT THE SAME AS EVOLUTION. First life. 3.6 Billion years ago. First life was likely simple. Bacteria-like. Single-celled, no organelles. Early Earth. Early Earth had . NO OXYGEN. Atmosphere had CO2, Carbon monoxide, nitrogen, water, hydrogen.

Electrophoresis - presentation


Ayat. . Zawawi. Principle. Factors affecting the distance of movement. Application. Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE). Hemoglobin Electrophoresis. Objectives. Electrophoresis is a process distinguishing and isolating different compounds from each other. .

CHE2060 4:  Physical
CHE2060 4: Physical - presentation


. properties & interactions. Daley & . Daley. Chapter . 4:. Physical Properties. 4.1 Physical properties of organic molecules. Solids, liquids & gases. Melting point. Boiling point.

Stereochemistry and Chirality
Stereochemistry and Chirality - presentation


Penny Commons. Brendan Abrahams. February STAV . Workshop. Copyright issues. We have replaced the images with their . urls. . Please just click on the . url. and copy the image into the PowerPoint. Any free images have been left in place..

C1C2C3 - presentation


04 properties of hydrocarbons. 10. 4 . Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons.. (a) . Which elements are found in a hydrocarbon?. Put rings around the names of the two correct elements.. carbon.

Simon - presentation


Duri. . Xixi. Hong. . Joseph . Lustig. Aleksandra . Porebska. . C-. Src. Kinase Inhibition: . A Promising Route in Kidney Cancer Treatment. Outline. Overview of c-. Src. Activation/VEGF pathway.

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