Thylakoid PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Photosynthesis Autotrophs/ producers
Photosynthesis Autotrophs/ producers - presentation


Why?. Energy = the ability to do work. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only . transformed . Electromagnetic energy (sun) .  chemical . . bond energy heat energy. Increase in order.

Photosynthesis Objective
Photosynthesis Objective - presentation


SWBAT Describe the process of photosynthesis. Bellringer. What are the products and reactants of photosynthesis?. Adenine. Ribose. 3 Phosphate groups. Cell Energy:. Cells usable source of . energy. is called .

Photosynthesis & Respiration
Photosynthesis & Respiration - presentation


Energy. Capacity to cause change. Kinetic. Energy associated with relative motion of objects. Thermal Energy. Energy associated w/ random movement of atoms or molecules. Potential. Energy that matter possesses b/c of location or structure.

Photosynthesis Textbook pages 97 – 103
Photosynthesis Textbook pages 97 – 103 - presentation


Photosynthesis . process used by plants using light energy to create sugar (glucose, C. 6. H. 12. O. 6. ) from carbon dioxide (CO. 2. ) and water (H. 2. O). oxygen gas (. O. 2. ) is produced as a waste product and the light energy used is stored as chemical energy.

Light and
Light and - presentation


Life. APh/BE161: Physical Biology of the . Cell. (. Behrenfeld. , . Falkowski. et al., . Science,. 1998) . The . stoichiometric. equation for photosynthesis tells us the key idea of the process. .

History of Photosynthesis
History of Photosynthesis - presentation


1. Photosynthesis. Involves the Use Of light Energy to convert . Water (6H. 2. 0). and . Carbon Dioxide (6CO. 2. ). into . Oxygen (6O. 2. ). and . High Energy Carbohydrates. (sugars, e.g. Glucose) & Starches.

Quaestio: What happens during light dependent reactions?
Quaestio: What happens during light dependent reactions? - presentation


Nunc Agenda: Write the formula for photosynthesis. Quaestio: How do plants capture the sun’s energy?. Nunc Agenda: What do you think photolysis means?. The Plant Cell. Chloroplast Structure. Chloro.

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