Tsunami Earthquake PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Earthquake & Tsunami Hazard
Earthquake & Tsunami Hazard - presentation


Agenda. Agree how we work within the Earthquake and Tsunami group. . how to . trigger. the System. (for EQS and TSU). GMPEs (or in term of MMI) vs population density for EQs. Expected tsunami height for .

Earthquake Safety 6 th  Grade Earth Science
Earthquake Safety 6 th Grade Earth Science - presentation


Earthquake Risk. Earthquakes are likely wherever plate movement stores energy in the rock along faults.. Geologists can determine earthquake risk by locating where faults are active and where past earthquakes have occurred..

HOW TO HELP AND SAVE - presentation


HOW TO HELP AND SAVE OUR CHILDREN AND OUR PEOPLE FROM THE EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI DISASTERS? Subanar Fadjar Shadiq SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics Yogyakarta, Indonesia On 26 December 2004 , in Banda

Vulcanicity - presentation


Intrusive. Extrusive – Types of Volcano. Volcanoes. Case Studies . Volcanoes in the UK . Intrusive . Intrusive landforms . Batholiths are large bodies of intrusive igneous rock . Formed when magma cools and crystallizes beneath Earth's .

Largest Earthquakes since 1900
Largest Earthquakes since 1900 - presentation


More than one or two – it’s a dangerous surface. Richter . Scale - logarithmic. . Earthquake Magnitudes . Effects.  . Less than 3.5. . Generally not felt.  . 3.5-5.4. .

Sumatra 2004 Quake and Tsunami
Sumatra 2004 Quake and Tsunami - presentation


By: Conrad Ricks, Liz Anderson, Melissa Prater & Michelle Carleton. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b011vg9w. Source: http://cempaka-nature.blogspot.com/2009/12/indonesias-next-big-quake-due-under.html.

Public partnership between Japan and Mexico
Public partnership between Japan and Mexico - presentation


on . disaster mitigation . of . large . earthquake and tsunami hazards: . the . SATREPS project. Yoshihiro Ito. Disaster Prevention Research Institute, . Kyoto University. Earthquake & Tsunami . Disaster.

Maximilian Dixon , Program Manager
Maximilian Dixon , Program Manager - presentation


*Brian Terbush, . Program Coordinator. Keily Yemm. , Program Coordinator. September 6, 2017. Emergency Management Division:. Earthquake, Tsunami, and Volcano Program. emd.wa.gov. Do not try to run!. At > 20% of G it will be difficult .

Tsunami - presentation


The name ‘tsunami’ is Japanese. . It means harbor wave. . Tsunamis used to be called tidal waves, but they actually have nothing to do with the tides.. The sudden displacement of huge amounts of water causes tsunamis. .

Japan Earthquake Videos  3/11/11
Japan Earthquake Videos 3/11/11 - presentation


Tsunami Hits Sana Cruz Harbor_NW side. Cowells. Time Laps. Surge looking east, upper harbor. 2:37. U-Dock Floats Away. Trough hits Morro Bay. Kona Harbor . Hawai. time-laps . Major flooding in Japan / unique footage.

Tsunami Forecast Software
Tsunami Forecast Software - presentation


Nancy N. Soreide, . D.W. Denbo, Y. Wei, D. . Arcas. , V.V. . Titov. NOAA Center for Tsunami Research. NOAA PMEL, Seattle, WA. NOAA Center for Tsunami Research. Chile tsunami event (Feb 27, 2010) . YouTube video embedded in slide .

The Orphan Tsunami of 1700—North
The Orphan Tsunami of 1700—North - presentation


American and Japanese Clues to a. Giant Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lecture . Series. Presents a Seminar. . Abstract. One . winter's night in the year 1700, a mysterious tsunami flooded.

CCM Question #2
CCM Question #2 - presentation


. . Hanah Allen. The Peruvian National Park Service would like to construct an Andean Visitor Center near Lima, Peru at the Coastal Town of Callao. The construction site being considered is essentially on the coastal plain. This portion of Peru is very prone to earthquakes and tsunami..

A 8.0 magnitude earthquake occurred offshore in the Solomon
A 8.0 magnitude earthquake occurred offshore in the Solomon - presentation


Magnitude 8.0 SOLOMON ISLANDS . Wednesday, 6 February, 2013 at 01:12:23 UTC. Australia. Magnitude 8.0 SOLOMON ISLANDS . Wednesday, 6 February, 2013 at 01:12:23 UTC. Tsunami model amplitude information is shown colour-coded to the scale. Filled colours show maximum computed tsunami amplitude in cm during 24 hours of wave propagation. Black contours show computed tsunami arrival time. .

Coastal Hazards:
Coastal Hazards: - presentation


Tsunamis. Homework Questions. Would you live in an area at risk for tsunamis? If so, where?. What level of risk from tsunamis is acceptable to you? (How would you know if the risk was assessed accurately?).

READI Working Group Meeting
READI Working Group Meeting - presentation


. Agenda. 4:00 . Program Manager(s) Slot . (NASA,NSF). 4:10 SIO Overview (Yehuda). 4:20 UC Berkeley Overview (Ingrid). 4:30 CWU Overview + GPS Cockpit Demo (Tim). 4:50 Time Series Comparisons . (Yehuda).

NTHMP Annual Meeting San Diego, Ca.
NTHMP Annual Meeting San Diego, Ca. - presentation


February 6 - 10, 2012. Kevin J Richards. Hawaii’s Activities 2011. . Mapping & Modeling Status. Tsunami Advisory Group. Hawaii State Earthquake Advisory Committee. NTHMP Activities.

Tremors - presentation


By Grace and Evie. Contents. Volcanoes. Earthquakes. Photos and videos. Home. Volcanoes. Volcanoes can be formed in many different countries. At 6,893 m high the highest volcano in the world is Ojos del .

CS 5984:  Team 5 Final Presentation
CS 5984: Team 5 Final Presentation - presentation


New Zealand Earthquakes. Edward A. Fox. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 24061. Thanks to NSF: IIS-1619028. November 29, 2018. Alex Bochel, Jun Lee, Rohit Kumar, William Edmisten. Approach and Implementation.

Robert J. Lillie
Robert J. Lillie - presentation


Elk River Estuary, Washington. Exchange of . Pedagogies . & . Action Team Planning. Working Together . in Coastal Communities to Engage Students, Visitors and Residents on Earthquake and Tsunami Science and Preparedness .

Disaster Research Writing your introduction
Disaster Research Writing your introduction - presentation


Draft a thesis statement. For essays, declare your main idea and purpose in a thesis statement. . Your thesis statement can appear anywhere in the introduction paragraph.. Your introduction should appear after an attention-grabbing hook..

Forward/Introduction Chapter 1: Tsunami
Forward/Introduction Chapter 1: Tsunami - presentation


Elder Angela Burns. September 23, 2015. Agenda. Recap. Forward and Introduction. Tsunami . Learning Objectives. Students will synthesize . and incorporate the . materials studied . into everyday life..

The Japanese Tsunami
The Japanese Tsunami - presentation


Year 8. Bell Work- Notes in Back of Book. Do you recognise this Newspaper?. What’s it about?. Where were you when this happened?. Lesson Objectives. . I understand what a tsunami is and can explain how it is caused.

Tsunami - presentation


Waves part 2. Tsunami. Tsunami terminology. Japanese term meaning “. harbour. wave”. Also called “seismic sea waves”. Created by movement of the ocean floor by:. Underwater fault movement. Underwater avalanches.

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