Thank you for coming to and for takin

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Thank you for coming to and for takin

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Thank you for coming to and for taking a look at the lessons I have added.These lessons are the result of years of teaching Sunday school at an Elementary level. God has richly blessed me in being able to share His Word with thousands of young people. It is now my privilege to share them with you. Please feel free to use them with your class, wherever God has planted you. The only think I ask is that you drop me a line and let me know who you are and how the lessons are working for you. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.samueldselby@gmailGod Bless you, Sam

God Bless


Bible Story-time

Basket Case (Moses and Miriam)




Basket Case


olunteers needed today:The “Nile River Players”1. Pharaoh 2. Moses’ Mother3. Moses’ Sister Miriam4. Pharaoh’s Daughter5. Action Partners (4)6. Narrator (N1) (Good reader)

Action Partners: When N1 says “Pharaoh”, you make a mean scary face. When she says “River”, you make a flowing river with your hands. When she says “Mother”, you hug yourself. When she says “Baby” you swing your arms like you are holding a baby.


Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

Our Story begins:(N1) “Once there was a very mean Pharaoh. In fact, this Pharaoh was so mean, he commanded that every baby boy who was born to God’s people should be thrown into the Nile River! What a terrible Pharaoh, right?”


Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

(N1) “Now, in this Pharaoh’s kingdom, there was a dad and mom who were members of God’s people and who had just had a boy child. That baby boy was later named Moses. And when the mom looked at her baby, she knew she could not throw her baby into the river, Instead, the mom hid her baby for three months”.


Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

(N1) “And

for three months, the baby was safe.


one heard him or saw him. But then something changed. The baby


bigger. And louder. And pretty soon, the mom


hide him anymore. So, she used her imagination to figure out what to do. Instead of

throwing him in


river, his



a basket and

put him inside

it so he would be safe from the water. Then she put the basket in the



Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

(N1) “And you will never, ever, never guess what happened next. That mean old Pharaoh had a daughter. And that daughter found baby Moses in the river. But she wasn’t mean like her dad. The Bible says she felt sorry for the baby. She wanted to help him, but she couldn’t take care of him by herself.”


Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

(N1) “Now, baby Moses had a sister named Miriam. And Miriam had been standing close to the river to see what would happen to her brother. When Miriam saw the girl holding her baby brother, she had an idea! Miriam asked her if she wanted her to bring a woman who could take care of the baby. The daughter answered, ‘Yes. Please go.’”


Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

(N1) “So, Miriam ran to find someone who could help. And guess who she found? Her mom! So Moses’ mom got to take care of him after all. Moses was saved from being thrown into the river, and he grew up to do be a very important man who helped lots of people who God loved.”


The End

Let’s thank all of our Nile River Players!


Basket Case Exodus 1:22–2:10

So, let’s see if we can think of all the ways that creativity helped solve a very difficult situation:


Moses’ mom saw a problem: she didn’t want to throw Moses in the river. So, she figured it out! She got a basket and put him in the basket instead



And Miriam saw a problem: Pharaoh’s daughter couldn’t take care of baby Moses by herself. So, Miriam used


creativity to figure out that Moses’ mom



So, not only was Moses saved from being thrown in the river, but his own


got to take care of him.

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