BB Marketers Roadmap to SEO Success STEP PLANNING RESEARC Business goals Search personas Keyword research TRACKING STEP STEP STEP Onpage optimization Content creation Site accessibility PR Link

BB Marketers Roadmap to SEO Success STEP  PLANNING  RESEARC Business goals Search personas Keyword research TRACKING STEP  STEP  STEP  Onpage optimization Content creation Site accessibility PR Link BB Marketers Roadmap to SEO Success STEP  PLANNING  RESEARC Business goals Search personas Keyword research TRACKING STEP  STEP  STEP  Onpage optimization Content creation Site accessibility PR Link - Start

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BB Marketers Roadmap to SEO Success STEP PLANNING RESEARC Business goals Search personas Keyword research TRACKING STEP STEP STEP Onpage optimization Content creation Site accessibility PR Link

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B2B Marketers' Roadmap to SEO Success STEP 1 PLANNING & RESEARC Business goals Search personas Keyword research TRACKING STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 On-page optimization Content creation Site accessibility PR Link building Social media rafc & leads Pipeline & ROI CONTENT OPTIMIZATION OUTREACH & PROMOTION MEASUREMEN Keyword ranking Competitive ranking Page optimization score Inbound links Shares & likes Estimated click value
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Step 1 Planning and research Your trip to SEO success starts with some key planning and research activities. Take the time upfront to

understand your business goals and needs of your target audiences. Those factors directly feed into your keyword research. Business goals which product or service offerings are priorities for your business? What lead split are you aiming for by product line? What types of leads are you trying to capture and how do they match with the different parts of your sales cycle? i.e. early stage leads from content downloads, webinar registrants for mid-funnel leads, free-trial leads for people in the evaluation phase of their buyers journey. How many visits and leads do you expect from your SEO and

other inbound marketing campaigns? Search personas how many different types of buyers are you trying to reach through your SEO efforts? What is their role in the buying process? What pain points do they have? What type of information do they consume? Where do they go to find informa tion? And most importantlywhat keyword terms do they use to search on? We recommend developing search personas to answer these questions. Here are some great resources to help you get started: 5 Steps To Building a Search Persona Building a search persona (Webinar) Answering the questions above will enable you

to create a strategic SEO and content plan that will guide the rest of your journey. HOW OPTIFY CAN HELP Optify provides some great tools to aid your planning and research efforts. Use Optify to gather competitive intelligence, get keyword suggestions and determine what current content is driving traffic and leads.
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Keyword research Your keywords are a foundational element of your SEO and inbound marketing efforts its essential that you choose them wisely. This means taking a strategic approach to your keyword research, an approach that differs from building a paid search

list. Get this critical step right and youll maximize both traffic and leads from your inbound campaigns. Youll be looking for keyword phrases that are highly relevant to your business, have good search volume, are not too competitive and directly support your conversion goals. Your list should also contain a mix of terms across the keyword spectrumsee the illustration below for more details. If all of this sounds like a tall order, read 5 Steps to Building a Strategic B2B Keyword List . This how-to guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to develop a great keyword list. SEO

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Step 2 Content optimization You have a plan. You have a strategic keyword list. Youre now ready for step 2 of your journey. Great content is the

foundation of SEO successcontent that attracts and engages your audience, meets their needs and leads them through the sales cycle. But great content alone isnt enough. It needs to be optimized so that search engines have the best chance of finding it. Creating great content In step 1 you determined what content elements you need to meet your business goals and how they align with your target personas. Your content can and should take many different formsthis will help you cover all parts of the sales cycle and maximize reach. In fact a recent benchmark study found that B2B marketers

deployed an average of eight content tactics to achieve their goals*. Your Web site and Blog are the foundation of your content platform, with both playing key roles in attracting and engaging your audience. Other content elements such as white papers, videos, presentations and webinars are important for your site, and also lend themselves well to distribution on third party sites. If these pieces are optimized well they can help both improve your SEO rank and drive more traffic. As you go about creating content, dont overuse keywords. Remember that youre writing for humans not bots or

spiders. Always strive to write great content that your target audiences will find useful. This not only makes good business sense, but may also support your ranking goals given Googles recent announcement of their over-optimiza tion algorithm. heck out the resources below to get some ideas and tips on producing great content: Content that works for B2B marketers Ten tips for creating great content The basics of blogging as a tool for B2B marketing B2 B Conten t Mark eting Us age (by Ta ct ic 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 01 00 79% 74% 65% 63% 58% 56% 52% 51% 46% 31% 31% 30% 25% 22% 20% 16 16

15 14 10 Ar ticles ocial Media (other than blogs) Blogs eNewsletter Case Studies In-P erson Ev ents ideos hite Pa per We binars/W ebcast Microsites rint Magazines rint Newsletter eBooks odcasts Mobile Co nten igital Magazines Vi rt ual Conferences Tr aditional Media Research Repor ts Branded Co ntent To ol * Information and chart from B2B content marketing, 2012 Benchmarks, budgets and trends by The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.
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HOW OPTIFY CAN HELP Use Optify to see how well your pages are optimized and find out exactly what you need to do to improve your

page score to increase rank and traffic. On-page optimization Youve created great Web pages, Blog posts and other content elements. Now its time to optimize that content to make it easier for search engines to find. Optimize around just one or two keywords to maximize your chances of success. For your core Web site content or pillar pages use the strategic keyword phrases that are closer to the head of the SEO distribution curve. Blog posts and other content items are a great place to use terms that are more long tail in nature. See the diagram called SEO keyword diversity for B2B

marketers for more information on this point. The resources below contain information about all aspects of on-page optimization. Youll learn how to approach key meta tags including title, description and image alt tags. Youll also get some great tips on optimizing PDFs and videos. SEO 101: What is a Pillar Page? SEO Best Practices: 10 Tactics to Rank Higher The Changing Face of SERPs: The Durable Elements of SEO 7 Tips for Optimizing Video For Search Theres SEO gold in your PDFsmake sure you optimize them Site accessibility Site accessibility refers to things your Web team can do at the

site level to make your Web and Blog content as accessible as possible for search engines. Check out these resources to learn more about crawling and indexing, site maps, the effects of page load speed and URL structure. Six tips for improving your websites accessibility How Many Homes Does Google Think You Have? Five Ways to Optimize for Googles Sitelinks Update Seven Steps for Stellar SEO During a Site Redesign 6 Tips for Improving Your Page Load Speed to Rank Higher
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HOW OPTIFY CAN HELP Optify has some great features to help you with your outreach and promotion efforts

including a link suggestion tool to help you garner new inbound links and Twitter for Businessa great way to syndicate your content. Step 3 Outreach and promotion On page and site level optimization will only get you so far with your SEO efforts. To really boost your SEO rank and to maximize traffic you need to dedicate time and resourc es on your outreach efforts. Link Building The number and quality of inbound links to your site are key factors for search engine algorithms. Having great content that can be found will garner you some inbound links as people write about your content and

link back to your site. But to really grow the number of high-quality inbound links you need to take a proactive and systematic approach to your link-building efforts. Discover how to get more quality inbound links while avoiding shady tactics by reading the inbound marketing guide for link building PR Your PR efforts are a key part of your outreach program, and go way beyond targeting traditional media outlets. Explore the resources below to learn how to maximize the results of your PR efforts from both your core media contacts and from the Blogosphere. Top Ten Tips for Optimizing Your Press

Release for SEO 7 Tips for Optimizing Your New Press Page for Press and Search 31 Tips for Getting Your Stories Found in Google News
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HOW OPTIFY CAN HELP Use Optify to track and report on the metrics that matter most for your inbound marketing efforts. From keyword ranking to closed-loop ROI reporting, Optifys powerful tracking and analytics engine gives you the information you need to make informed marketing decisions. Optify integrates with to give you a closed-loop view of your inbound marketing efforts Social media Social media has revolutionized the way

information is found, consumed and shared. Promoting your content via social networks has a direct traffic benefit, but increasing evidence suggests that social influence (how much your content is shared and liked) also impacts your SEO rank. Get insight on how to get the most traffic and SEO benefit from your social media and Blogging efforts from the resources below: How Social Has Turned Search On Its Head 5 Tactics to Help Your SEO through Social Media How Social Media Has Revolutionized Search Marketing (Webinar) Step 4 Measurement To determine whether your SEO and other inbound

marketing efforts are really success ful you need to measure not just traffic and leads, but pipeline and ROI. This level of closed-loop reporting requires tight integration between your inbound marketing and CRM platforms. With this type of solution in place you can report on the number of leads, opportunities and sales along with the associated costs and conversion rates. Tracking There are dozens of metrics that relate to SEO and inbound marketing, all of which tell part of the story. Its important to determine upfront which metrics are important to your business, so you can establish

benchmarks and track progress. Metrics such as keyword rank, number of inbound links and overall page score tell you what areas need attention and where to prioritize your efforts. They indicate the progress youre making towards your ultimate goal of generating more traffic, leads and opportunities. To see which SEO metrics we recommend you keep track of read the Top 10 SEO metrics that B2B marketers need to understand to generate more leads.
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INBOUND DEMAND TRACKING & ANALYTICS SALES ENABLEMENT EMAIL NURTURING Create a flow of high quality leads into your marketing funnel

with enterprise-class SEO and social marketing. Get full insight into what influences your buyers and the path they take to find and evaluate you during their research process. Nurture your house list with email campaigns and get detailed intelligence about what every lead does after they receive your emails. Help sales reach prospects and engage with them early in the sales process with visitor intelligence and prospect alerts. THE OPTIFY INBOUND MARKE TING SUITE About Optify Optify delivers an integrated top-of-the-funnel solution for marketers responsible for fueling their companys growth.

Optify helps professional B2B marketers reach more buyers and generate more demand for their products or services month-after-month. The Optify Inbound Marketing Software Suite brings together the enterprise-class SEO, social marketing, website analytics and tools that B2B marketers need to increase awareness of their business, influence buyers across social networks, and engage with prospects at the earliest point of their buyers journey. NEXT STEPS 3VTUBN 4JVQGBGUJBM ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Build Your SEO Campaign in 15 Minutes (PDF) *UBUJBM4&0 1%' XUXGBG4&31T has altered

the Organic CTR Curve (PDF)

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