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Period 3 June 3 2013 My Family Roots Mothers maiden name Kefauver Fathers last name is Dutrow Kefauver is German and Dutrow is German My ancestors on my mother and fathers side come from Germany France Wales and Ireland ID: 615198

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Cole DutrowPeriod 3June 3, 2013

My Family RootsSlide2

Mother’s maiden name: Kefauver

Father’s last name is: DutrowKefauver is German and Dutrow is GermanMy ancestors on my mother and father’s side come from Germany, France, Wales and Ireland.Everyone in my family speaks English.Early 1700’s.I don’t know of any specific items they left behind.Toms family came to the United State to farm. One was a surveyor and explorer.They became true Americans when they stayed and worked the land.

Personal Family HistorySlide3

Interesting Item from Home Country

French bayonet from great


grandmother Zola Staley’s ancestors that came to America from France.Slide4

1661 – Captain William Toms


The first Toms family came to America when three brothers sailed to North Carolina from Wales. One brother named William Toms returned to Wales almost immediately to become a part of the expedition on the ship named “Guianna

” under Sir Robert Carr and Colonel Nichols which conquered the Dutch at New Amsterdam. William then went with Sir Robert to attack the Dutch settlement on the Delaware River. The Dutch surrendered. For his assistance William was deeded a grant of land in Delaware. The Toms River in New Jersey was named after Captain William Toms.

The Year Was 1661…Slide6

Toms River, New Jersey

Toms River Township

(or simply Toms River) is a township in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States, and the county seat of Ocean County. On November 7, 2006, voters approved a change of the official name from the Township of Dover (or, Dover Township) to the Township of Toms River, effective November 14, 2006.Much of the early history of the village of Toms River is obscured by conflicting stories. Various sources list the discoverer of the town as either English captain William Toms, farmer and ferryman Thomas Luker, or a Native American named Tom.Slide7

Toms Family Tree

Jill Rebecca (1971- ) married Jason Dutrow (1969- ) Jacob Toms (1767-1854) married Magdalena Ligenfelter (1768-1852)Madeline Malinda Toms (1914-2005) married Harry T. Creager, Jr. (1915-2004)

Laura Luette Creager (1951-





Michael Kefauver (1950- )

Claude Evers 1876-1952


Annie Grossnickle (1876-1964)

John Henry (1830-1906)


Malinda Sensenbaugh(1838-1887


Jacob Toms, Jr. (1796-1887)


Mary Floyd 1805-1878

John & Catherine Toms – First Toms family in Maryland 1744

Cole Stephen Dutrow (1997- )Slide8

John and Catherine Toms were living on a farm in Prince Georges County near Myersville. The farm was named “Mistake, My Friend.”

Prince George County was later divided and Frederick County was formed.

John and Catherine had a son named Jacob who was born in 1767 and died in 1854. He married Magdalena Lingenfelter (1768-1852).After the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key regularly visited the Toms Farm and lead the singing for locals worshipping in the old barn.Myersville, Maryland 1744…Slide9

The first Toms farmhouse and barn was built in the early 1700’s.In the early 1800’s a second farmhouse was built in front of the old one. After it was completed the old house and barn were torn down.In the early 1900’s a third farmhouse was built in front of the second one. After it was completed the second house and barn were torn down.

My great grandmother, Madeline Toms, was born in this house in 1914. This house still stands today.

This is the House that Toms BuiltSlide10

“Mistake My Friend” FARMSlide11

John Henry & Malinda Toms

Great, Great, Great Grandfather & GrandmotherSlide12

Madeline and Janice Toms

On the Farm - 1918

My Great Grandmother Madeline Malinda TomsSlide13

Claude & Annie Toms Family - 1918

My Great Grandmother Madeline Malinda Toms



Grandmother and Grandfather Annie and Claude TomsSlide14

Claude and Annie Toms had eight children, two sons and six daughters. One son died at the age of two. All of their daughters got married and moved away from the farm. Their son William married late in life and did not want to continue farming. That was the end of the Toms farm legacy. Claude and Annie sold the farm and built a little white house and chicken coop above the farm on a hill beside the reservoir off of


Road in Myersville. Claude died soon after. Toms Farm Sold 1950Slide15


Athletic Field

Maryland School for the DeafOriolesSlide16

In the fall of 1868, 34 students arrived at MSD. Some walked, some arrived by carriage or on horseback. Their accommodations were stark-two abandoned stone barracks that had housed captured Hessian soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

My great

great grandfather, Harry Thomas Creager, Sr. attended MSD beginning in early 1880. He was a great athlete at the school and throughout the state of Maryland. After he graduated, he stayed at the school and worked as a master of the older deaf boys. He met my great great grandmother, Zoe Staley at the school. She cared for the younger boys.Maryland School for the DeafSlide17

1963Maryland School for the Deaf Athletic Field Dedication

in Memory of

Harry Thomas Creager, Sr. Slide18

My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Harry T. Creager, Jr. and Madeline Toms CreagerSlide19

1893 Baseball

My Great

Great Grandfather Harry Thomas CreagerSlide20

Harry Thomas Creager, Sr.

Maryland School for the Deaf Baseball


MSD Football 1909

My Great

Great Grandfather Harry T. Creager, Sr.Slide22

The story goes that Harry Creager’s mother and father from Third Street in Frederick bought a dining room table from the Staley family in Adamstown, Maryland.

The Table of Two Families

My great great grandfather Harry had eight brothers. Their kitchen was small and the brothers kept hitting their legs on the corners of the table when they sat down to eat. One day they got a saw and cut off all four corners.Later, Harry Creager married Zola Staley in 1915. The table was used by both my great great grandfather’s and great great grandmother’s families. In the 1970’s my great grandfather had the table and routed the edges to smooth it. My mother now has the table and it is in our living room.Slide23

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